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Infinity Tactics, Professional & Recreational Firearms Training
19 Reviews
Group Events, Team Building
Are you looking for a special activity to bond with your team?
Are you organising a bachelor/bachelorette party?
Or do you and your friends just want to do something different and fun?

Organising a group event is a perfect solution for corporate events and team building, celebrating special occasions like a birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties or simply just having a fun and social time with friends and family before heading out to start your evening.

All you need to do is book the time for your group with an Infinity Tactics Instructor.

Infinity Tactics offers firearms training and courses that are intended for private individuals and groups (including social and corporate events). From beginners to advanced shooters, Infinity Tactics places an emphasis on safety and utilizes training techniques that are purposefully designed for recreational and competition shooting.
Member Reviews (19)
Sep 14, 2015 by DSS1
I attended this with a friend, and we really appreciated the professionalism of Mikko.
We had a great time.
Lionel T
Sep 6, 2015 by Lionel T
I attended the Introductory firearms training session with my friends and below is my review:

1. Mikko is an excellent and a patient instructor. He made sure we all learnt the importance of gun safety and also made sure we got precise information on every gun that we shot.
2. The whole course was a perfect mix of theory and actual shooting. I definitely enjoyed.
3. Mikko made us feel comfortable and made our experience more interesting and engaging by conducting a competition round. We loved it!!

Overall we had a great experience. I would recommend anyone who wants to try shooing to give this place a try. You wont be disappointed!
Gianluca B
Aug 29, 2015 by Gianluca B
I attended Mikko's introductory course together with a friend. Excellent experience and very knowledgable instructor. He is experienced, easy-going and always makes you feel comfortable!

Dominic Voisin
Jun 7, 2015 by Dominic Voisin
Great introductory course. Mikko is a very experienced instructor which comes over in his professional, knowledgeable & friendly manner. It was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to try out pistol shooting.
Sumit Thapliyal
May 9, 2015 by Sumit Thapliyal
I did the Beginners class and here is the feedback:

1. Excellent Instructor: Mikko is just great. I really felt that I am learning from an Armed Forces Officer. Experienced and very Sharp. each and every instruction was clear and precise.
2. Very good Course Structure: the right match of theory and practical...really learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot.

100% value for money and time.
This course is a must if you are interested in shooting.
Judit B
Apr 12, 2015 by Judit B

Great experience, thanks again!
I had a beginners/introductory course led by Mikko. He is a very good trainer, professional, passionate about his job, knowledgeable and friendly.
I would highly recommend to take a course with him to anyone, even those who never thought about trying shooting.
Froilan Z
Feb 16, 2015 by Froilan Z
Although I've gone shooting previously, I've never actually taken a course to learn "properly". Taking Mikko's introductory course was the best decision I've done as a recreational shooter. I've always just thrown lead downrange and hoped for the best. No consistency, no "science" behind the activity. In a way, I may have developed really bad shooting habits and with the introductory course, I feel I'm on my way to becoming a better, more responsible, and more consistent shooter. Mikko was very clear in his explanations, very attentive, professional and very very knowledgeable. I believe that having another participant was also a really good idea, as it does give you a break between shooting, to reflect and discuss, and share the experience with someone during and after the course.

If you're thinking of shooting but never done it before, I would definitely suggest that you go with Mikko for your introductory course.
Catarina M
Feb 15, 2015 by Catarina M
Attended the introductory/beginners course led by Mikko. Really enjoyed how the session was structured starting with a comprehensive safety brief and clear instructions on technique. After this we went straight into practice, shooting at a target placed at various distances. It was good having a session with another participant as I learned from his contributions and it also gave me a needed break between rounds. Apart from being incredibly knowledgeable, I found Mikko engaging and patient. Mikko is a sharp observer, provides precise and useful feedback which he communicates effectively. Would encourage any sane people curious about shooting to attend a beginner’s session with Mikko.
Jan 18, 2015 by Corrado
I completed the introducotry course. Really professional approach at all times intresting and never boring. Great guy!

I would defnetly recommend him as an instructor, if you want to experience this beautiful activity.
Peter O
Nov 25, 2014 by Peter O
What an amazing teacher. He took myself and some friends for a shoot with semi automatic rifles, a sub machine gun, and a shotgun. He was not only deeply experienced, but also very personable. He made the whole day fun, safe and a real learning experience. Highly recommended and would love to do it all again.
Michael N
Sep 29, 2014 by Michael N
I had very good time with Mikko and excellent introduction the shooting world.
Sep 17, 2014 by robertobravo
Mikko is just awesome!!! he's calm, patient and detailled but without being boring. He gives you absolute confidence, he's focused on safety and precision and let you enjoy this experience. I highly appreciate his advices and guidance. I recommend him to anyone that want to experience firearms. It was one of my best experiences ever.
Katherine I
Sep 15, 2014 by Katherine I
I had a wonderful time. It was my first experience with guns. Mikko takes you through all the safety tips and lets you do it with his close supervision.
Good activity for beating stress.

I will give 5 stars for outstanding professionalism with all people, good customer service and excellent training skills.

Highly reccomended!
Richard Chitwood
May 8, 2014 by Richard Chitwood
I had a great experience with Mikko! Very good on Safety and a lot of fun.
John R
Apr 25, 2014 by John R
Mikko is great! Safety always first, funny guy, and he makes it all fun. 5 stars!
Laurence Attouz
Apr 16, 2014 by Laurence Attouz
Mikko is a very good trainer, you feel yourself in good hands, on a safe mode. Groups are small so we have enough time to practice.
Usually we go out on the evening to share our feelings, some laughts and some drinks !!!
I highly recommend this activity to evacuate your stress and all negative feelings :)
Thanos D
Apr 16, 2014 by Thanos D
highly recommended!
Mikko combines effective training with fun but always under one flag:

i am not a beginner but will continue to take courses with him in order to improve my dynamic shooting technique!
Briony P
Apr 15, 2014 by Briony P
My introuction to shooting course was one of the best afternoons I have spent in Geneva. I was quite nervous before we started, guns are powerful and obviously pretty dangerous, but Mikkko put me at my ease and went through safety rules and taught us how to handle the weapons so thoroughly, which was really reassuring. I was interested by the psychology behind shooting, its a lot more than the point and aim I was expecting, and I was really satisfied to get decent results when I took this on board and really thought about what I was doing. The lesson went really quickly. Definitely want to go again and would recommend this to anyone.
Adrien F
Apr 15, 2014 by Adrien F
The best instructor in Geneva! For a kind of dangerous activity if its taking into consideration, he can lead us into a very safe and delightful moment of experience. A properly legitimate and respectable one and very good motivator. I've been addicted to shooting now, and no matter what, I feel better after I found a proper FOCUS on target. What my friends say when I came with the private group once? He has credibility!
Posted By:
Mikko Leinonen
Business Owner:
Mikko Leinonen
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