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Institut de Medecine Naturelle
37 Reviews
Categories:  Health and Medical  >  Physical Therapy-Massage Therapy

Rue du Beulet 1, 1203 Geneva, from Tuesday to Saturday

phone: 076 437 07 63
website: http://www.detente.ch
Hello, my name is Michel del Amor.
I'm a certified Naturotherapist since 2002 and trained here in Geneva in various schools (in Relaxing, Deep Tissue, Sport, Four hands, Massage for Couple and Pregnant Massage, plus Foot Reflexology, Reboutologie(c)=nerve and knots massage, Nutrition, Dorn therapy (complement to osteopathy, very soft adjustment), and Shiatsu (Japanese Massage). After that I completed some further training in Cellular Medicine, Phytotherapy (plants), Aromatherapy (essential oils) and Iridology (picture of the eyes for an health assessment, on a computer screen).

I fluently speak French, English, Spanish and Italian.

All of this allows me to be able to offer various services which I hope will satisfy your needs, from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

I hope to see you soon.

Member Reviews (37)
dina m
Nov 16, 2023 by dina m
Michel is extremely polyvalent has a vast knowledge and figures out your body's needs before you know yourself. I have had various different treatments with all positive results. Michel looks at the entire body and the different aspects working together. I highly recommend his natural medecine.
Amy Muedin
Nov 7, 2023 by Amy Muedin
Michel is an excellent reflexologist. I've gone to him a few times, first to address endometriosis issues, and now for perimenopausal issues including lack of sleep and hot flashes. I was feeling incredibly exhausted and desperate for relief but did not wish to take any pharmaceuticals. I am 100% better thanks to his reflexology which worked so quickly on me. I am so grateful to Michel for his care as I feel so much better now. I highly recommend him to everyone.
Milos Andjelic
Mar 14, 2022 by Milos Andjelic
I had an excellent foot reflexology session with Michel. The place is very welcoming - the temperature and lighting were just right and the soothing music puts you at ease right away. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience: I highly recommend it!
Edith B
Mar 20, 2021 by Edith B
I highly recommend Michel for foot reflexology and the deep relaxing massage but I most especially recommend him for the back relieving therapy if you suffer from back issues. I came to him with severe back pain to the extent that my daily activities revolved round my back disconfort. I had gone through countless sessions of physiotherapy, osteiopaths and back specialist with no succes of relieving my pain. Michel applied his Dorn therapy and withiin three sessions my back felt much better. For that alone I would award him 10 stars. Michel has a kind and empathic disposition which immediately puts you at easy. His practice is very clean and cosy.
Paulo B
Aug 1, 2019 by Paulo B
I will divide this review in two parts: part one - massage therapy; part two - nutrition.

Part 1

When I first met Michel I was completely distraught and in shambles. I am usually very talkative and positive but by then I could barely hold myself together.
When he asked me what brought me to him I simply could not speak and that had never happened to me before. I was at the brink of collapse.
Recently I had read a book entitled “The body keeps the score” by Bessel van der Kolk, which opened a new perspective on how trauma and other stored emotions could be released. Unlike the cognitive behavioural therapy approach where you speak your brains out in order to free yourself from, well, yourself, in this book something completely different was being proposed, namely, that, much more than in your mind, it is in your body that the past imprints reside. I was fascinated by this new perspective and had to try it first hand.
And this is how I got to Michel. He was a sort of a matter of last resort and what a resort he would become.
In the first session he assessed my issues and then calibrated my body as he applied some different massage techniques. During the following week I felt I had been trounced by a bulldozer but funnily enough it felt good in the sense that I started to feel the emotional releasing effects.
After our second session I was already starting to come back to life as Michel had given me more or less the same deep tissue treatment. Suffice to say that I left uplifted but aching once more.
After our third session I was already a new man.
I meet Michel every two weeks now and it was the best decision I ever took. Michel is not only extremely proficient at what he does but he is also immensely humble, gentle and respectful.

Part 2

After seeing the effects of Michel’s massage and learning that he was also a nutritionist I was curious to find out more.
I knew that the way I was feeding myself lately was less than desirable. My energy levels were way low, and I was putting up weight consistently but inadvertently.
My body was aching internally in a few places and I thought to myself: why not to try his nutrition program and see if it works some magic. Man, I am glad I jumped in.
After 1 month I feel that my youth is back. Energy levels are sky high and I am losing on average one kilo per week. Losing this amount of weight being a vegetarian is not easy.
The nutrition program is not geared towards losing weight but to eat well. Loosing weight is just an added bonus that comes as a consequence. The principle behind it is that if at cell level your food intake is proper, your body will let go of what it doesn’t need and if you are overweight you will inevitably shed weight.
As I have cut sugars entirely ( and for a sugar tooth as I am that was not supposed to be an easy task) I feel much lighter and flexible. The internal pain that I was going through is all but gone.
I feel that I have never tasted fruit before as my palate was so spoilt by artificial sugars. In general, food tastes much nicer, richer and complex now. And because of the balanced nutrition plan I am undergoing which is by the way, unlike a short term diet, supposed to last for life, I have no sugar cravings at all. Pretty incredible hey!

So, thank you so much Michel for everything you have been doing for me and I hope that some of you out there can also benefit from this wonderful practitioner’s skills.
Maria Halkias
May 28, 2019 by Maria Halkias
I highly recommend Michel! He was recommended to me as a "back" saviour and he definitely proved his worth! I went to Michel the first day I had my back accident and 3 days later as he said, the pain had subsided. I have completed my treatment with him and he gave me home-based exercises that help keep my back healthy! He always gives you an hour and if there is left over time he will give you a massage or a quick reflexology session so you leave his studio like a brand new person!
rere soleil
Nov 28, 2018 by rere soleil
I have seen Michel for years, and frankly he deserves a 6 stars.One doctor at the hospital told me I would be on morphine for 6 months for a serious hip problem, and another one told me I needed an operation. After seeing Michel I was able to put my foot down,and walk normaly.
I work at police and I have sent him several of my collegues who needed to get fixed. I also sent him a collegue of mine who could not get pregnant,and using reflexology she got pregnant 2 months later. I highly recommend him.
Nov 16, 2018 by safaribarbar
I have been going to Michel because of my frequent migraines and headaches. After 10 sessions I can say that the frequency has significantly reduced. It almost never happened during the last 25 years that I have been headache/migraine free for 2 weeks in a row, what a relief! (And belief me, I've tried many things). Recommended.
Nishanie J
Mar 14, 2018 by Nishanie J
I highly recommend Michel! He has done wonders when I have had issues, and all naturally, which is what I love the most. I dislodged my hip during an exercising session and I was in so much pain and could barely sleep, let alone walk without shooting pains going across my back. I was so nervous about the amount of pain I would have trying to get it fixed, and Michel re-aligned my hip without any pain or impact using the Dorn method! No pain killers, no medication and he did it in one session!

I also go to Michel for massages, reflexology and he also gives amazing advice on diet and natural remedies that can be used for wellness and wellbeing :) Really amazing and deserves way more than 5 stars!
Brigitte L
Oct 30, 2017 by Brigitte L
I have been going to Michel for a few years, and have recommended him to probably 8 people, all who have had similar amazing feedback. I started going for back and joint issues (knees and ankle). the 1st session blew me away, sorted out the core issue and now i go to Michel from time to time for mainly stress-related back massages.

I can share countless stories of how Michel has helped me or my fiends / relatives. What I learnt the most is that many issues can be healed naturally and avoid medication or surgical procedures that are often offered by conventional medicine.
Kyra Wilder
Sep 19, 2017 by Kyra Wilder
I just finished a series of sessions with Michel and I'm so glad I found him! I was having trouble with my lower back due to an old old knee injury (sports injury with cartilage damage). Anyways he went ahead and sorted out my back for me and then moved right on to my knee! Couldn't believe it!

Would recommend him to runners dealing with injury, I think if I'd found him 5 years ago I wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble injury-wise in the first place. Runners - Go get your alignment checked, like... right now!

And people with lower back issues, Michel is awesome, so much more than a massage, he's about long term fixes with amazing results. Highly recommend!
Martine G
Apr 17, 2016 by Martine G
I have been to Michel for back problems and had great improvment on my first visit. He applied the Dorn method and then a massage and the result was spectacular. As I am myself a therapist I can really appreciate good therapies and can greatly recommend Michel.
Shu Min H
Jan 11, 2016 by Shu Min H
Hello All! I can only recommend Michel Del Amor who has helped me so much in the past year. He is very generous, kind and always adapts the session to my general health state. I started to go to him as I had really bad lower back pains. We did first the Dorn Method in 3 sessions and it had already significantly reduced my pain. Now I go to see him about once every 3 weeks and every time he listens carefully and suggests a method (or two) adapted to me. Hence, I have now tested Reiki, reflexology and relaxing massages and it has been great each time.
Tanja D
Aug 25, 2015 by Tanja D
I have been going to Michel for about a year, and can recommend him as a competent, professional, sensitive and genuinely caring massage therapist. As I am not into alternative medicine I have not tried other forms of treatment with him.
Jelena N
Aug 19, 2015 by Jelena N
Michel really helped me with the back pains even just on the first visit. I am a doctor myself, so I didn't expect an immideate result for a chronic problem (I said to myself--let's be realistic), but when I went out from the cabinet, I realised that I forgot what it is not to have pain and have just remembered it! Very efficient! Thank you, Michel!
Eliane Ruster
Jul 31, 2015 by Eliane Ruster
Dr Love (aka Michel del Amor) is the second best thing that has happened to me in years. With the Dorn therapy he managed to free me from RSI in both my wrists of which I had been suffering for over 20 years and nothing or nobody else had been able to help. Nowadays I go for relaxing massages on a regular basis and I just love it.
Aileen  Potocnik
Jul 15, 2015 by Aileen Potocnik
Efficient and willing to listen. At first, I asked Michel for a standard massage. Later I had a long conversation with him about my body's needs. Above all, Michel is interested in helping each individual person.
Then I discovered that he is constantly taking courses on various kinds of therapy. I discovered "reboutology" which, among others, helped to cure my chronic migraines. He also applied reflexology and I can assure you that he is an expert and that the results are excellent.
I would recommend Michel to my friends and family. The friends I sent to him said they were as satisfied as I was.
Susan Mathews
Feb 23, 2015 by Susan Mathews
I have been going to Michel in the last 8 months, doing a mix of reflexology and shiatsu. It has been incredible and he is an excellent therapist. I had a bad fall two weeks ago, injuring my face and head. Since someone slipped on me, my back and shoulders were in considerable distress. One shiatsu session with Michel really helped combat the pain and made me feel normal again. Thanks to him, I feel more confident about my recovery.
Matina S
Jul 7, 2014 by Matina S
I have read the comments and can only agree about the fact that Michel is one of the BEST reflexologist I have met. He has helped me a great deal with joint pain and can and am recommending him warm-heartedly to my friends, customers and relatives.
Jun 6, 2014 by hay_
Michel is absolutely awsome! He is an amazing therapist. I had surgery some times ago, and Mike suggested a Reiki session, right after the surgery, and I can't tell you how surprised I was to see that right after he left, I could get off the painkillers I had been taking extensively! So I just wanted to repeat that Mike is a great therapist, and I can only but recommend him wholeheartedly.
Nov 27, 2013 by codoudiaw
Michel is very skilled. With two sessions of Dorn Method mixed with some massage, my leg/back problem was gone. It is a real blessing to have crossed his path.
trimi hamiti
Sep 25, 2013 by trimi hamiti
jarkin k
Sep 20, 2013 by jarkin k
I am in Geneva since 2006 and since then I was looking for a good physiotherapist who could help me with my neck and back problem. Last year I found this Institute of Natural Medicine and I am very glad that I met Michael del Amore. Michael is really a gifted man, very talented and intelligent. He did not simply apply whatever methods/treatments he had in his disposal but spent a good time asking me questions and listening to my story, he really wanted to find an individual approach in helping me. Reboutology treatment was one which helped me a lot in the beginning to get reed of a strong pain in my arm. It was really such a relief after I spent years without a tangible result with other physiotherapists and chiropractors in Geneva. Michael combined reboutology with several other methods like Dorn and shiatsu. I felt much better after just a couple of treatments. Since then I try to visit Michael whenever I have time. I have looked through other comments about Michael and agree with all of them, and understand these people very well. I appreciate Michal’s job very much and recommend to anyone who is stressed, has tension in the body and wants to improve the state of their spine, back, neck and shoulders and so on.
Michaela H
Apr 18, 2013 by Michaela H
Michel definitely deserves to be recommended. A great therapist, a great help, a nice relaxing place and a good sense of humour.
Paul Dummett
Nov 14, 2012 by Paul Dummett
I was recommended Michel by another therapist. I am already a Dorn therapy convert but I had 4 different treatments in one session to help issues from too much work on the laptop and old sports injuries. I Already feel better and I highly recommend his service and expertise and advice.
wendy spencer
Oct 14, 2012 by wendy spencer
I found the space very relaxing and Michel put me at ease
and was attentive to my needs and want. I went there twoice for reflexology and massage and the Dorn method wich unleashed my back pain. During reflexology Michel explained to me the different points we worked on in a way I could understand.I felt very relaxed, calm and had a good night sleep and felt the effects for a fiew days.
I recommend him as a therapist.
Kellie K
Oct 3, 2012 by Kellie K
I highly recommend Michel as a physical/massage therapist. He is professional, creative, adaptive, and attentive as he works with me to address my ongoing hip and neck issues. He combined treatments of the Dorn method, reboutology, Shiatsu, massage and reflexology to provide fast,effective, and enduring relief. He speaks and understands English very well and is very willing to spend time to discuss with me the nuances of my aches and pains and which treatment would best address those issues.
Virginie C
Aug 20, 2012 by Virginie C
Michel is a highly professional therapist. He takes time to offer a serious consultation before starting the treatment. Various methods are proposed (massage, Dorn method, reboutology, reflexology or reiki). Results are amazing and Michel managed to relieve my cervical and back problems in 3 sessions only. I particularly recommend reflexology which is a must with Michel. Well located in the Paquis/Cornavin area (easy parking or accessible by public transport) the Institut de Médecine Naturelle is a nice clean place with a zen atmosphere.
Perrin A
Jul 13, 2012 by Perrin A
I like to point the qualities of Michel. I went to see him to treat lower back issues. With his approach (the Dorn Method) and other tools, he, each time, was able to relieve me of my actual pains. I can only highly advice to see him in case of back problems.
May 20, 2011 by albatros
Michel was amazing with my back. After beeing in pain time to time on my back it became slowly but gradually a constant pain in all my back , all the time even when I was laying, it became unbearable after a while.After a good consultation Michel massaged me for an hour and It feels so much better I didn't know I could feel better again,Thanks Michel you are my best investment
Dec 6, 2008 by verbier1936
"Michel is a really good therapeut and does several kind of massages. Among them relexology ! I recommend you to go and see him if you want to feel good in your body and get rid of all kind of muscular pain, stress...."
Nov 22, 2008 by Oooz
Michel is a magician who can take away your stress and tiredness. I have been going for his massages for around half a year and it's always a great experience. Fully recommended!
Sep 29, 2007 by coquemont
"Micheal has been pestering me for a long time to get a massage, i finally did and it was great. definitely worth the money. i felt completely relaxed afterwards, although i did have oil in my hair, but he did warn me! i would definitely go back."
Mar 29, 2007 by gianni81
"If you want to relax and have a great moment, you should try Michel. Go there and you will never be disappointed. Highly recommended."
Mar 21, 2007 by benparsons
a professional approach to reflexology... a good reflexologist.
Mar 13, 2007 by Alady
"I had been feeling a bit out of shape and quite tense. I went for a relaxing massage and it was absolutely fantastic. Michel worked through all the knots and I felt so much better. To indulge, try the original scalp massaging techniques. I have also been there for a reflexology session which was way better than the ones I've had in some places (incl. Malaysia and HK). With both sessions, Michel picked up on the problems I had and tailor-made the session accordingly which I found really good. My idea of bliss would be a relaxing massage every week and a session of reflexology every month..."
Feb 4, 2007 by Angorine
"Massages change your life : it makes you feel good, healthy and fit. It also prevents you from all kind of thickness (stress, anxiety). Everyone should try Michel : he is great and knows a lot about various technics of massages . I've known this institute for 6 months now and it is the best moment of the week when I go there !!!
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Michel D
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