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Jana Dance Center
2 Reviews
Categories:  Sports  >  Other

23 rue du Prieur?

phone: (022) 732 47 56
website: http://www.janadancecenter.ch
Member Reviews (2)
devi k
Jul 2, 2015 by devi k
I contacted Jana Schindler, the director of Jana Dance Center 3 weeks before my husband's birthday party, which I organized for the 4th July, 2015.
She told me to write her an email so that she can organize two oriental dancers for the party. She also took my mobile no. We agreed on the price CHF 500 for 15 mins.
I wrote to her and waited for two weeks and when I didn't hear anything I contacted her again and that was on a Sat, one week before the party. Jana claimed she had problem with her computer and once again she took my mobile no. She promised to call me on the following Monday and again no call. I called her on Tuesday and that time the excuse was something happened to her mobile and that all numbers registered gotten lost!
I then told her that she is always having excuses and that she cannot be a professional. She then promised me that she will find the dancers somewhat and offered two choreographies for CHF 400 which will last for 10 mins. She called the same evening to confirm that she had found couple of dancers and made an appointment to meet me, on July 1 at the restaurant where the party would be.
She was late and not only that, she called me to ask where she can park her car! Also she was so disorganized she didn't know where we were supposed to meet. Finally she turned up 15 mins later and she looked around and we agreed on the timing etc. Then the music - she asked if the DJ would play the oriental music for her dancers (?). The owner of the restaurant offered to play the music on his PC/laptop. So he gave his email address to Jana. She wanted to give her (so called) business card to him, she went through her handbag for some time and said she may have forgotten to put them in her bag!!
At this stage, she said to the owner that the music will be emailed to him sometime that evening.
Next on July 2, the owner called me to say he had not received anything from Jana and asked for her email so that he can write to her. I gave it to him. Then I called Jana to alert her that I'd given the owner her email address. As usual she was going on about something but as I was in the middle of something and simply wanted to give her a quick call I told her politely that I had to go...and she said the 'P' word in French and next thing she turned her phone off.
In the meantime, she received an email from the owner and replied to him that the dancers were cancelled. I only knew that from the owner and when I sent her a sms (because her phone was still off) she replied by saying and I quote ' Communications are too complicated and too stressful I cancelled the dancers. Please find other people'
All this happened two days before the party.
Just be cautious if you deal with this lady, I don't think she's normal!
Another note, the school has her name but she claimed it's not her business.
She does not deserve the one star even!
Aug 27, 2008 by Acanthe
"Bollywood, oriental, gypsy, afro & co, flamenco, ballet, modern jazz, hip hop, claquettes, qi gong... I tasted a bit of everything ;-) and can recommend this multicultural, human school with friendly professionals. The school is located in les P?quis. A rare dance school in GE whose philosophy is: it is never too early or too late to learn and enjoy dancing ! . They also offer special courses for pregnant women as well as for children with overweight. Whoever you are, you will be warlmy welcome by Jana, an artist, the director and the scool's main teacher. More under: www.janadance.ch."
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