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Keepmoving Services
66 Reviews
www.keepmoving.ch offers local and international removals with Swiss quality; packing, wrapping and storage services; all with reasonable prices.

They provide also new services as worldwide shipping by road, air or sea of all quantities. (UK once a week)
Reclocation offices and shipping forwarders are welcome.
Credit cards and bank transfers are accepted.

Just ask for a uncomplicated quote, send photos or film, free visits in the Geneva area are also possible.

Contact :
Ueli Weder & Keepmoving Team
[email protected]
skype: ueli.weder
Member Reviews (66)
Alun B
Feb 21, 2022 by Alun B
Ueli and his team are excellent.
Fabio B
Nov 23, 2019 by Fabio B
We made our move last summer.

Keepmoving service was cost competitive.
Service level was excellent. Arrived on time and finished quite soon (moving OUT + transfer within GE canton + moving IN) in ~8 hours including disassembling and re-assembling of mainly IKEA stuff, leaving a 3-room apartment (fully packed) with elevator into a multi-floor row-house.

Also taking out and in roof lamps was good (just specifically request it).

They also were capable to fix an unexpected problem in our new house (due to a floor renovation, the distance to roof was a 1-2 cm shorter and lifting up two tall wardrobes was an initial headache. They could manage calling in soon a specialist handy man).

We rented the boxes/tape for packing material a few weeks earlier and we could keep them for a few weeks after the move till we were finally done. (We chose to do the packing-unpacking on our own).

Ueli speaks many languages...movers primarily from hispanic world but fine with basic French and English as well.

I certainly do recommend this company, overall.
5-star for what concerned our case.
Jordan R
May 3, 2017 by Jordan R
Keepingmoving were awesome. Communications were easy and quick, and Ueli did some careful planning before we began. In addition to a 2-bedroom apartment move, I also had 1 odd item (a 110kg personal microbrewery) that didn't fit in the elevator and needed to go up 7 floors. Keepmoving arrived on time, moved all our furniture carefully and quickly, and made conservative decisions when logistics were tricky. They moved everything without a single scratch. Ueli and team were very friendly also. Prices were fair, and everything was decided upfront so there were no surprises. I can't recommend Keepmoving enough!
atlantida louise
Feb 9, 2017 by atlantida louise
Usually I don’t post reviews but this time I will.
Ueli from Keepmoving.ch was very professional! He arrived on time (even 5 min earlier). For me this is very important as had very little time to do all arrangements. He and his colleague moved my staff carefully and brought them to my new place at 8th floor with the same care.
The price was fair and with no doubt I will hire him if I need moving services again.
Dec 5, 2016 by Bryn
We hired this company to move us out of our second floor apartment to another second floor apartment. They knew the furniture included a piano. They assured us that, for an additional fee of $450, they would move our piano professionally (they claimed to have experience and know how to do it to prevent any damage).

This was patently false. They took the money, struggled with the piano for a bit, asked my husband to help them, damaged the legs (chipped the wood in various places, scratched it, and damaged the veneer with packing tape), and eventually got it into the truck. They delivered it to the new place, only to discover after several attempts (which led to more damage) that they couldn't get it inside. It sat outside on the terrace all afternoon, until 3:00pm when they gave up and said, basically, sorry, can't do it, it's my problem now.

I called a piano store and the actual professionals arrived, stripped off all the crap on it, and carried it inside in under 15 minutes without any further damage. Ueli still charged us $150 for the initial move out of the first apartment. I had to tell them I wouldn't be paying them the rest of the money. None of this was upfront on their part and they lied, from the beginning, about being "professional piano movers."

Maybe you don't have a piano. But I can't respect the professionalism of someone who lies about their expertise and damages one's property and doesn't offer any compensation. I would, under no circumstances, ever recommend them or hire them again. Had they been upfront, I would have simply hired a piano mover from the beginning; it would have cheaper, easier, and the piano wouldn't be damaged today.
Nov 28, 2016 by David JONES
Excellent complete service with a fair price! Ueli orchestrated my 70sqm3 move from GVA to Chaux de Fonds on short notice in more than a smooth way. His team organized the packing of everything in such a sensible way it seemed they knew my stuff better than me. Hardworking, friendly and autonomous, took down and remounted back all the furniture in no time and took excellent care of the piano. As I had to work, they also proposed to take care of the necessary cleaning/hiding holes in the former flat which came out perfect for the regie!! I warmly recommend Ueli and his Keep Moving services to everyone.
Lea S
Oct 20, 2016 by Lea S
I contacted Keepmoving Services for a bit more complicated moving - from Geneva to France with furniture storage in between. It all went very well: Ueli and his team came on time to pick up the furniture and boxes and everything arrived in very good shape in France. The only (small) thing to be improved: I needed to wait long for my invoice. Overall, I highly recommend their services.
Aug 9, 2016 by xaviero
From 5 stars to one, or none.
A moving company’s most essential attribute is reliability and punctuality. Today, even after confirming with Ueli 2 days ago, he stood me up. I had to pick up a sofa in St Jean, it was raining and he didn’t show up. His phone went directly to voicemail when I called more than 10 times during one hour of waiting. He called in the end, 2 hours later, and said he had had a problem with his phone and had written the wrong hour in his agenda. He wasn’t even very apologetic. I must say I have recommended his services to at least 12 people over the last 6 years, but I guess I will look for others from now on, and will not recommend him anymore.
Maegan M
Mar 30, 2016 by Maegan M
I can highly recommend their services. Ueli quickly replied to emails with helpful information (and was upfront about quotes/potential costs). Luis and his team showed up exactly on time, and moved the item carefully and efficiently. Great service and a very nice team!
Mar 29, 2016 by mdc68
Keepmoving just helped us move a few pieces of furniture.
Luis and Ueli provided perfect service -- they were responsive to my initial phone call; everything was organized quickly via emails; they were on time for moving day; they worked quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Totally honest, hardworking, nice guys. I can recommend them 100%!
Catarina M
Dec 2, 2015 by Catarina M
Recently moved to a new flat.
Prompt response from Ueli with good advice, clear and transparent pricing.
On the day of the move, everything went smoothly.
Cost effective and no unpleasant surprises when I received the invoice.
Great service from all. Highly recommend Ueli and his Team.
Dec 1, 2015 by CH K
- Quick to provide a quote arrange the move and schedule a weekend appointment on short notice. A lot of the other companies I contacted either never responded or responded days later.

- Showed up on time and were quick to get working. 3 individuals.

- Maximized the space on the truck and were gentle with all belongings. (Also wrapped/blanketed appropriate furniture).

- No damages.


- None of the workers spoke English, but luckily I was able to communicate with them through Spanish.

- A bit slow unpacking, but will give benefit of the doubt that it wasn't to milk the hourly rate but to be careful with the belongings and put them in the correct place.


Highly recommend the company. Great team of movers and great management.

5 Stars.
Nelly G
Aug 19, 2015 by Nelly G
Great service from the team, they showed up on time, were fast and reliable, and price is reasonnable. Would hire again!
Ivan K
May 12, 2015 by Ivan K
I can recommend Mr. Ueli and his team - they are
well organized and very efficient. They provided a great service for a fair price.

6 stars rating :-)


Lenka K
Mar 22, 2015 by Lenka K
Excellent service and I can only recommend Ueli and his team.
Communication with him was really easy and he provided me with all the information I needed regarding the procedure and documents necessary for a move from Switzerland to France.
They were extremely punctual, well organized and efficient. Ueli and his team were very friendly and really fun to work with.
If I move again I will definitely use their services and I highly recommend them to anyone planning a move.
Thanks so much again for all your help, Ueli and your team :-)
Azza G
Mar 19, 2015 by Azza G
Ueli and his colleagues helped us move from Geneva to Bonn, Germany. Ueli was well organized, helpful and accomodating as we were neither in Germany nor in Switzerland when we were setting it all up. We arranged everything by email, including payment and the paperwork for customs. On the day of the move they were on time and the whole disassembly and loading was smooth and on time (actually they were done alot faster and everything was packed and sent with very little damage). They arrived in Germany on time and again the whole process was very timely. He and his team were friendly and reliable and did a great job. On the day I gave back the apartment for the final inspection, he recommended a team he knew (marques-nettoyage.ch) mobile: 0792135218 and they got rid of all remaining furniture, fixed holes and did a very thorough cleaning, which I would also recommend for people who won't have the time and/or equipment for this type of cleaning.

All in all, both Mr.Weder and his team are trustworthy and reliable and I highly recommend their services.
Oct 2, 2014 by londonroma
Same experience as other reviewers. We booked them at very short notice and they found a slot at the weekend like we wanted. On the day they worked very hard, took great care with our stuff and were extremely professional overall. We will use them again without hesitation.
Daniel81 CH
Jul 14, 2014 by Daniel81 CH
An absolutely perfect service. I can recommend them 100%! They arrived for our move exactly at the time we discussed, worked extremely hard and efficiently non-stop at a very fair price. Finally, I would like to emphasize two more things: 1.) their flexible approach. We contacted them on rather short notice, plus the move was made on a day of the weekend. 2.) the treatment of our furniture, white goods and boxes. Everything was fastened professionally (you can see they have the experience), no tossing around, all items delivered undamaged. No cons here. I would not hesitate to hire them again in the future.
May 2, 2014 by Maltish
Used them once - they were recommended to me by a friend - very good service indeed.
Winter P
Apr 29, 2014 by Winter P
Having gone through a few subleases in my time, I have used Keep Moving several times for small moves across Geneva. Luis and Ueli and the team have always been responsive, flexible, friendly, careful, and good value. Would not hesitate to recommend them.
John B
Nov 19, 2013 by John B
Excellent service for a fairly large move across Geneva, with some challenging stairs and large furniture items. These guys showed up when promised, and did an efficient job including dismantling and re-assembly of furniture. Would also recommend the optional cleaning service in preparation for the état de lieu inspection: worth every penny.
Hamish Strathairn
Oct 16, 2013 by Hamish Strathairn
5 stars. They kindly brought along someone who spoke English for our move. Nothing broken and they were quick and efficient. They even put together a new piece of furniture I had bought. Would thoroughly recommend them...
Erin V
Oct 15, 2013 by Erin V
We found out about Keep Moving on glocals, so we thought it might be helpful to write a quick review.

They were very responsive and professional from the start. We used them for a move across town and also for the final cleaning. All services were completed in one day, and we passed the final inspection with no problems. We would definitely recommend them.
Vesna H
Sep 30, 2013 by Vesna H
I've contacted Keep Moving for a move on September 19. The movers never showed up. I called them several times and they promised to come 3 times that day - they never did, never let me know they wouldn't come or offer an alternative time. I've wasted most of the day waiting for them to come. Next day I moved my things myself.
Turns out the move was subcontracted out of Keep Moving and after it happened the owner was actually really good at communicating with me, explaining why and offering a free move in the future, but that doesn't change the fact that I didn't get the service I agreed to hire them for.
Lo S
Aug 18, 2013 by Lo S
We have used Keep Moving several times. They always provide us with the most competitive quote along with great service. Everything arrives clean and in one piece. They are incredibly flexible with delivery pick-up and drop-off times. We highly recommend them!
Stephanie H
Jul 3, 2013 by Stephanie H
We used Keep Moving when we moved to a new apartment last weekend. Some incredibly heavy furniture (sorry!) and quite a bit of dismantling/reassembling. The draws under the King Bed actually work smoother than when the big business movers first put it together last year! Nothing damaged. I saw they way they packed the van, they would be tetras masters - no empty space to make another trip necessary. They were efficient and very helpful (showing my boyfriend how to take down some tricky lights). They didn't speak english, but with my basic french and google translate for emails, we were fine.

I am actually hiring them for the final clean and would definitely use them again for future jobs, big or small.

May 28, 2013 by zezette
Ueli, Luis and Wayne moved all my stuff perfectly, record time, absolutley oustanding customer service (good communication before during and after the move), price defying all others (I even paid them a bonus as I felt they had earned it, and despite this they're still cheaper than others out there). No breakage, we've now unpacked everything and it was all wrapped up perfectly. If we move again, no questions, it'll be with Keep Moving ! I cannot be more emphatic in my recommendation.

Vielen Dank ! Gracias ! Cheers !
May 27, 2013 by szilvia
Ueli and his team (Wayne and Louis) were amazing! They did an excellent job with the move, IKEA runs & furniture assembly .. 3 days non-stop work with a reasonable price! They even had the patience to implement all my ideas/changes :) I highly recommend them!
May 15, 2013 by Mazanka
Ueli and his team did a great job moving us at a last minute. They also arranged a cleaning team for the etat du lieux and we had no problems with the inspection. I highly recommend them!
Jane Y
Mar 24, 2013 by Jane Y
They did an excellent job with my move. On top of that, they were quick to respond to emails, punctual, polite and professional. Nothing was a problem, they moved things around until I was happy with the placement of the furniture. I highly recommend Ueli and his team.
Job M
Jan 2, 2013 by Job M
We used Keep Moving services on 24th and 26th Dec to move our belongings to our new apartment. Their efficiency, attention to caution and fair prices are unfathomable. I would unreservedly recommend them to anybody in need of transport services!!
Maggie L
Jan 1, 2013 by Maggie L
We hired "Keep Moving" for a last minute move over the holidays to a new neighborhood. Luis and Juan were efficient, fairly priced, and extremely careful with our belongings. The team spoke French, English as well as Spanish. I would recommend them to anyone.
Amy O
Nov 6, 2012 by Amy O
I used Luis and Eddie for a move on Nov. 1 within Geneva. They were great. Professional and kind with attention to detail. HIGHLY recommend. Thanks for a great job!
Ann K
Oct 30, 2012 by Ann K
Yep, we used them to move in Lausanne. They delivered stuff from IKEA for us, did the move then helped assemble the furniture.

Took away so much stress, cannot recommend them highly enough. Brilliant service.
Oct 8, 2012 by Phoebe
I highly recommend Ueli and Luis for your move.
I called them one week before my move, it was very last minute for me. I had no problem reaching them, both by phone and email, they got back to me very quickly too, to organise the move on Saturday early morning.

Friendly and very professional. One more happy customer :)
Jonas P
Aug 19, 2012 by Jonas P
Ueli (who is Swiss BTW) and his co-worker of keep moving helped me move some bulky items including a large sofa that was very difficult to fit through the corridor / staircase on both sides of the move. But he got the job done! I'd definately recommend them!
Zhe Nie
Aug 16, 2012 by Zhe Nie
I highly recommend Ueli's team. They are very efficient, professional and friendly. I did a long distance moving from Geneva to Zurich. They really take care of every details and hard working. The price is reasonable. I am entirely satisfactory with their service.
Molly M
Jun 7, 2012 by Molly M
Great service! Ueli and his colleague have just delivered me the heaviest sofa-bed possible in a timely, stressless and scratchless manner. A friendly attitude and good communication on top of that. Definately will use their services again and would recommend them to anyone!
gerald m
Jun 6, 2012 by gerald m
Ueli and his team are professional movers. I had a large wardrobe picked-up at La Chaux-de-Fonds and they even paid the item out of their own pocket to ease the transaction.

Thanks a lot !!!
May 4, 2012 by G___
To add to the rave reviews- I would definitely recommend them to anyone! They were extremely efficient, and for the first time i've ever witnessed in switzerland - actually go over and above clients' expectations. I had quite a few problems to deal with and they were always willing to adapt and even came up with suggestions themselves on how to get around these which turned out to be a lifesaver!
Ueli & Team - FIVE STARS!
Apr 17, 2012 by joannaa
We used Uelli’s help several times. He and his employees are always professional, reliable and very efficient. Prices are reasonable and the quality of their service is just spot on. Important thing is they are flexible and customer orientated. Whatever needs to be done, they help with it. Highly recommended.
Anna O
Apr 5, 2012 by Anna O
Fantastic service!!! I would highly recommend them. We moved within Geneva and they were timely, fast, efficient, friendly - they packed all our fragile items for us as well. I could not have asked for a better service.

Big thank you to Ueli and his team!
Mar 28, 2012 by BCROVER
Keep Moving are FANTASTIC. Ueli and Henrik were beyond helpful. They were timely, efficient and really really careful with our furniture. Nothing was too much trouble.

If you need movers or IKEA collections please call them you will not regret it.

Thanks Ueli & Henrik you guys are amazing and really really professional.

Kate J
Mar 23, 2012 by Kate J
Cant even get hold of them, have tried to phone and sent emails but no response to either. Shame after having seen so many great reviews :o( Can only presume they no longer exist after seeing last review dated Jan 4th?
Jan 4, 2012 by misspeacock
Great friendly service at a reasonable price. They turned up when they said they would, took care over my possessions and did it all with a smile. My only gripe would be that it is sometimes hard to reach the guys by phone/ email. Having said that once we made contact organising the move went very smoothly. Would recommend.
Oct 5, 2011 by Onis
Effective, good price and works till late :-)
Aug 10, 2011 by Hazel
Ueli and Luis from Keep Moving worked like dogs for 13 hours last Friday to move me. They were fast, clean, efficient and very helpful. I left them at Conforama waiting for my sofa while I moved on to IKEA and they rejected the first sofa that appeared because the packaging was torn and they were concerned that the sofa might be damaged. They really care about doing a great job, not just doing the job. It was a stressful day but they made it bearable. Excellent service at an excellent price.
Aug 2, 2011 by Peaceful
I recently experienced my first move from one place to another in the Geneva area, and I was stressing about the packing, moving, cleaning, and move-out inspection. Ueli and his team made this so easy for us, and I highly recommend their service. (They even delivered boxes to us the night before the move!) The cleaning done after the move was very thorough and they even helped us pack things that were left over. The Keep Moving team is friendly, fast, careful, reliable, affordable, and very professional. Some of the best service I have experienced in Geneva; we were very pleased!
Jul 16, 2011 by david_h
I recenthly usd Keep Moving to move the contents of my apartment from Geneva to Nyon. I could not recommend them more highly and was very happy with the price.

I would certainly use them again.
Feb 28, 2011 by Translator
Excellent service -- Efficient, friendly, honest, great response time and reliable.

Keep Moving is probably the best personal services company I have used in Geneva over the many years I have been here.

Rafael responded to my message within several hours and arranged my move immediately. He even picked me up and took me to my storage unit.

I recommend them highly and will use them again!
Nick Shiroi
Feb 16, 2011 by Nick Shiroi
Great guys - helped us move a load of furniture across the city!! Everything was quick and easy

Would definitely use them again!!
Irene T
Dec 4, 2010 by Irene T
AMAZING-I highly recommend them. They did my case with a very short notice, worked on saturday, were BLAZING FAST, KIND, FRIENDLY, AND EXCELLENT PRICE. They took excellent care of all my stuff! Go for them, don't look anywhere else, can't beat this mix of outstanding quality and great price. Thanks, Keep Moving, you made my moving-day a pleasant day!
Aurélie M
Nov 15, 2010 by Aurélie M
We were happy with everything:
they were punctual, did move all the things smoothly, they kept in mind our own schedule and were very friendly. They gave us an estimation of how long would it take etc.

Honestly, don't hesitate to call them. Moving is hard enough...
Oct 19, 2010 by wilycoyote
Brilliant: everything everyone else said, and a very reasonable price, which even had to include some work on a Sunday.
Aug 21, 2010 by pazzer
Thinking this was going to be very stressful with 2 children under the age of 5 and a small baby I couldn't have been happier with the service we received. We used Keep Moving for the complete package. They packed up all our stuff moved it to our new place and even advised where they thought things would look good in our new house. They cleaned our old appartment which passed the etat de lieux on the first go. I would say don't even bother with getting quotes from other companies(I did) as theirs was the best quote by far. We also had a problem with our moving date and Ueli was quick to find a solution to get us moved before the end of our lease on old appartment. If I ever move again I know who I will be using.
Dana M
Aug 3, 2010 by Dana M
Raphael and his team are fantastic. They were punctual, enthusiastic, friendly and trust-worthy. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with a move.
lota v
Jul 31, 2010 by lota v
We just used Keep moving today. They are good and will adust to your schedule. very understanding. Ueli and Raphael were friendly too. I highly recommend them.
Jun 15, 2010 by Mclaire

How can i get in touch with them pls?

Jun 14, 2010 by Starlite
Ueli and Raphael are great! Prompt, friendly and are willing to adjust to your schedule. They helped me to relocate and were wonderfully kind and cooperative. If you don't speak a lot of French or are new in Geneva, and feel overwhelmed by all the apartment and relocating issues certainly call them to help you!! Reasonable rates as well.
Certainly 5 stars and more!
Thanks guys!

Jun 13, 2010 by nhienne
Have used this moving service 3 or 4 times now and always with great satisfaction. They can give a quote first and have always been punctual, efficient, thorough, and careful. Highly recommended!
Jun 8, 2010 by Federica
I used them several times with a very high satisfation.
Simply to move boxes from an apartment to another, to pick up furniture and appliances at Ikea and Conforama, they also built my furniture and made any sort of small household jobs such as fitting lamps and curtains bars.
Both Ueli and Raphael worked for me in these occasions and they have been professional, efficient and punctual.
Raphael in particular is very nice and also helped me translating things and talking to the customer service at Ikea and Conforama when I had an issue.
Prices very fair.
La Neice  Collins
Jun 7, 2010 by La Neice Collins
When I found out it took Ikea two to three weeks to deliver furniture and they didn't deliver on Saturdays or after 4pm on the weekdays I figured I was doomed to sleep on the floor of my new apartment for a month, or risk breaking my back moving and assembling the furniture by myself.

I ran across Keep Moving on the glocals website and I could not have been happier with their service. Raphael picked me up from work, drove me to Ikea, helped translate for me when the salesperson didn't understand my broken French or my English, and helped me pick out throw pillows. It was like having a mover, interpreter, and interior designer all in one! He then drove me back to the city and unloaded everything at the apartment (up two flights of stairs). It was midnight on a Friday evening by the time he was done, but he did an awesome job. This is by far the best customer service experience I have had thus far in Geneva and I would definitely use them again.

I highly recommend this company.
Kanika Lakhwani
Apr 29, 2010 by Kanika Lakhwani
I recently used them too and had a great experience. Going through a website i wasn't sure, but no doubt i'll be recommending them to my friends. Great service, very friendly and helpful!!
Apr 15, 2010 by sebasalbu
Just used Keep Moving, and it is hands down an outstanding moving service: they are reliable, punctual, careful with the stuff, and very reasonably priced. A very good value overall. Highly recommended.
May 17, 2009 by kschindler
"I've used Keep Moving 2 times and was very pleased with their service, flexibility and value for the price. I recommend this company for any move in the Geneva area."
Mar 26, 2009 by Sariza
"Great Moving/Relocation services: Fast, flexible, reasonably priced and all with nice genuine human touch (no matter how much I enjoy our beloved Geneva, coming accross with truly nice people in business is rare but here you have it ! :) - Highly recommended. They speak at least French, English, German and Spanish. Call Ueli at the above number for an assessment of your case - certainly worth your while!"
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