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Kinesiology practice
1 Review
Categories:  Health and Medical  >  Other
Keywords:  Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Touch For Health, ocular mouvements

Gemeindestrasse 26
Zürich 8032

phone: +41774557779
website: http://www.stop-stress.ch
email: [email protected]
Kinesiology is a set of soft energetic techniques that will help you to release your daily stress and stimulate your innate faculties of self-healing and increase your self-empowerement.
Kinesiology provide useful tools to deal with emotional stress, chronic pain, traumas, anxiety, fears, sleeping disorder, eating disorder, dependencies, conflicts in relationships and other stressful topics.
Member Reviews (1)
Mar 25, 2020 by Kyblux
I had 4 kinesiology sessions (2 by phone and 2 in person) with Lucie already and every time it proved to a right move. She helped me to unblock different emotional and mental blockages, which had negative impact on my life. Lucie gave me also some tools on how to deal with situations I believed I could change. She made me understand that I can change them with my own behaviour and difference in attitude. Once she unblocked a 4-months long back pain from a car accident followed by an unpleasant exchange with my boss at work. She worked with me to erase negative emotions related to this event and my pain has disappeared after 2 days, while multiple sessions with chiropractor prior to the session with her had no lasting effect. I warmly recommend Lucie and her therapeutic method which I believe works faster than classic psychological support or other therapeutic methods I tried so far.
Posted By:
Lucie P
Business Owner:
Lucie P
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