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1 Review
Categories:  Restaurants  >  French

Rue du Lac 7

website: http://www.lesquisse.com
My boyfriend and I went here after purchasing the BuyClub voucher for 80 CHF worth of food at dinner. We expected to to spend about another 40-50 CHF after taking a look at the menu. We ended up spending 110 CHF on top of the 80 that our food was "worth." In my opinion this place is outrageously overpriced, even for Geneva. Yes, the escargots were good (hard to ruin butter and garlic though), my chèvre chaud salad was nice, but the salad itself was wilted and tasted like it had been sitting in a Coop bag for days, the tuna steak that I ordered was dry and practically tasteless, and the side vegetables that were served (peas, carrots and asparagus) obviously came out of a frozen bag. My boyfriend enjoyed his carré d'aigneau, but at 42 CHF there should have been more than what appeared to be 140g of meat. Dessert was ok, nothing special. They were also very pushy with the wine (asked us several times if we wanted a bottle after making it clear that only I was going to be having wine). The place itself is cute and perfect for a date, so if you have the money to blow and you avoid the tuna, go for it, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend it. You can do much better in Geneva for better quality food at a lower price.
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Emily H
Feb 18, 2012 by Emily H
The food is very high priced, the Steak and Lamb are worth it. And the Chocolate cake will just make you die! YUM we spent 80chf on top of the voucher value for 2 people.

My issue is they were very rude when they found out we were using buy club and did not pay us any mind. You could tell the other tables were getting way better service than we were. The plates were chipped and broken, my wine glass was dirty, the bread basket was dirty with other food on it and they refused to give us free water....keep in mind we had already ordered 2 beers and 2 glasses of wine!
For a 52chf steak I would expect to have better service and more care taken to the presentation of the food. Come on is there not someone who looks at the way things are being sent out to the tables?

I do not think we would go back even though the food was good. They should not offer promotions if the are going to be rude to the people who purchase them.
Posted By:
Sarah T
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