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La Theiere qui rit (The laughing teapot)
13 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Other

15 rue de la Cite

phone: 022 310 36 47
Member Reviews (13)
Feb 25, 2011 by GHOSH
When I first arrived in Geneva, which was in 2006 it was a great find I thought in Old Town, but over time the place has deteriorated. The tea is good, atleast tea leaves and not lipton tea bags, presentation is nice. The music is ok, it has a nice old world decor, but the things they keep for eating there is not super. If you go during lunchtime, the quiche and soup are alright, but scones if warmed up with afternoon tea is fine too. I don't know it somehow has lost its charm and is nothing special. But if you are in that part of town and looking for something hot to drink in winter,try it out.
Nov 4, 2010 by Curtis
Same opinion as some other reviewers: a cozy place, but horrible service. Both my girlfriend and I have gone there on seperate occassions and come home with various stories of rude staff.
Guidone N
Apr 21, 2010 by Guidone N
Cosy place, good assortment of teas (though almost all of them are flavoured ones), service not really friendly (but not even that rude). Must try: scones with crème fouettée and jam.
caroline b
Mar 21, 2010 by caroline b
absolutely great ! the decor is fab, great choice of teas, good choice of cakes! lovely for an afternoom tea!
Mar 15, 2010 by ewan
Very very nice scones!

Barbara P
Mar 14, 2010 by Barbara P
We went there on a Saturday morning and I have to say I liked it. The choice of tea is huge and the hot chocolat is rather a lot for the price (especially in Geneva!). It's a cosy place in the old town and a nice contrast to other over-styled places. The service was ok, not great but not bad either. As it says on the door: pushchairs are not allowed which is clear as the place is not really spacious. But if you don't have kids and prefer a cosy place over a crammed and loud restaurant, you will like it.
Apr 1, 2009 by teadrinker
This is potentially a really cosy little tea spot but as mentioned the service is APPALLING. So rude and unfriendly.
Oct 30, 2008 by bobany
"Charming, warm and inviting. The tea is well-served and the chocolate cake is divine. The perfect place to relax and unwind with close friends."
Sep 24, 2008 by laetitiaa
"They ask me to leave my baby carriage outside, i was definitly not welcome and baby too!awful service"
Mar 1, 2007 by lovethiscity
"The place is charming and a welcomed break from other styles of cafes in the area. The food options are fine for a tea break, and seating comfortable. I prefer the window area at the front for light. I found the service to be fine - not particularly friendly, but sufficiently polite. Overall, worth a visit."
Jan 29, 2007 by sylwia
"Bad service can spoil even the best tea and the sweetest interior design. I went there once in the afternoon-very nice, smiling waiters and my impression was great. Unfortunately, I was unlucky enough to come back there another day at around 11am and... I've met the least polite and the most arrogant waitress in my whole life! the worst thing is she seems to be the manager or even the owner.... and she behaved in a similar way to everyone... I wonder if anyone has ever had the same experience or if it was only my bad luck..."
Jan 29, 2007 by hester
La Theiere qui rit has really gone downhill in the last couple of years and lost a lot of the charm and cosiness that it used to have... The service is not as nice either. It's a shame because it is a great location.
Jan 28, 2007 by eva77
"Tea-lovers, this is for you: the laughing teapot is a small caf? in the old town, serving a good selection of teas (but have coffee as well), scones and cakes as well as lunch. Nice pastel decoration, soft music, lots of newspapers and magazines to read. My preferred place for a rainy afternoon!"
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