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Lady Godiva Pub
14 Reviews
Categories:  Night Life  >  Bars

"53, Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve Plainpalais, 1205"

phone: 022 328 2300
website: http://www.ladyg.ch
Member Reviews (14)
Mark C
Oct 30, 2015 by Mark C
Good place to meet new folks, bit pricey but fun
Chelsea Fairless
Jan 19, 2013 by Chelsea Fairless
I have been to this bar once, and I liked it's decor and atmosphere. When I went, we got our drinks quickly and the service was friendly. However, I found the music to be so loud that I couldn't hear my friends, and the entire experience was therefore somewhat soured for me. A guy showed up to play guitar, which was quite enjoyable, and I hope that that is a regular type of event. I would like to go again, to reevaluate my opinion and see if it's any better the second time around.
May 12, 2008 by zenbrain
"Lady Godiva is a good pub, with good selection of beers, very good food (really like that the sandwiches are big) and many screems for sports."
Nov 2, 2007 by YouMeCo
"I recently had my 'First Anniversary in Geneva' party and was warmly received by the management in arranging the venue and professional service by all the staff members working there. I've also eaten there on other occassions and found they have great wings, sandwiches are good proportions and generous portions of chips/fries. They also offer beer of the month deals. But I think for the beer lovers, it's more to do with the large selection of beers they have on tap that makes em happy!"
Oct 28, 2007 by lisaluna
"Characterless place with overpriced drinks and food (not tasty) - if the drinks ever arrive - as the service is slow.
Tried to give it a second chance and went to a party there - only to have an extremely unfriendly encounter with offensive bouncers there. From now on I will spend my scarce time in more pleasant surroundings."
Oct 27, 2007 by hyphen1
is this place a bar or a tram stop? the wait for a drink in excruciating. Busy
Jul 5, 2007 by Good_One
go there! enjoy! eat Coventry sandwich & spicy chicken wings! drink Newcastle! relaxed; spacious; a wall-long entrance pumps replenishing volumes of oxygen; amazing staff & a welcoming attentive owner.
Jul 4, 2007 by Stubuoy
"Is the venue of choice for watching all sports events, there is a great selection of beers on tap and good mix of clientele. No meatheads who think Picks is the only place to hang out!"
Jul 2, 2007 by Gvairis
"Godiva is a very welcome addition to the bar scene in Geneva. Deserves 5 stars for appearance and cleanliness, and the service is always friendly and with a smile.
Beer prices considerably cheaper than other Geneva bars serving foreign beers.
Very good pub food (the curry being my favourite).
Choice of sports options excellent (Setanta has now been added which shows live Irish and Aussie footie on the weekend).
Also Swiss friends of mine have been very impressed with this new addition to Geneva."
Jun 17, 2007 by Cocoajoe
"Lady Godiva IS NOT the best ex-pat bar in Geneva, not by a long shot. The place maybe new and on the surface nice to look at, but regardless of the number of beers on tap (nice to be served in 10min or less) and the ok quality of the food (generally thumbs up), you leave with a bitter taste in the mouth. The atmosphere sucks and the attitude of owner/manager is worse.

May 30, 2007 by CeeBee
"Been there several times and all the food on their regular menu that I have tried so far were good. They also serve reasonably-priced plat du jour and I would personally recommend the enchiladas, chicken wings and the pork barbecue. For beer lovers, there is a large choice to choose from! And for those who want to watch sports on a wide screen, this is also a place for you."
May 1, 2007 by Deano1uk
"This is by far the best pub in Geneva! It's clean, it's spacious, it's comfortable. It has many draught beers, great food, and competitive prices. It's not loud, it's not smokey in fact the open front is great for the summer. The boss is always around making sure that you're getting what you came for (food, drink... party!) and that you're happy! The staff look like they enjoy their job and want to make you feel welcome... they don't ignore you at the bar and finish off their cigarette before acknowledging you, unlike some other British pubs I could mention! It's a 5 star venue!"
Apr 30, 2007 by stansbird
"Great place to watch sport. Nice and airy. Bar staff very attentive but do need to up the pace. Food great when it arrives......... positive addition to the area,"
Apr 25, 2007 by Pablito
"Geneva certainly needs another good watering hole and Lady Godiva’s offers just that – a smart place with good atmosphere and a screen from practically every angle to watch the footy. The English food menu is tasty and with 16 beers on tap, it offers the best choice in town. The only thing that’s holding it back is the level of service behind the bar– although very friendly the bar staff need to get it together a bit more and crank it up a few levels. Come on Lady G's !!! we can’t afford to let Geneva get away with bad service anymore...."
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