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Le Relais de l'Entrecote
9 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  French

49 Rue du Rhone

phone: (022) 310 6004
Member Reviews (9)
Apr 8, 2013 by Azeem
A must if you are in Geneva. The steak, fries and sauce is really tasty. You get two servings and a salad as an entree. You will be full by the end of the meal.Total spend 50-70 CHF (70 chf if you take some wine and a dessert).
Yes, it is not cheap but le relais is part of the restaurants you must try when in Geneva and most people grow to love this place and come back again and again. I
Its a classic.
Laura M
Jan 15, 2011 by Laura M
A green salad with tasty French dressing and walnuts readies the palate before the steak is served, smothered in their famous secret sauce: a tangy green, garlicky concoction that induces daily cravings when I walk by. The chips are also amazing, so it's definitely worth the wait (they don't take reservations so go before 19.30 or after 21.30 to avoid the queue).

For full review, see www.alpineeating.blogspot.com

Nov 11, 2010 by GHOSH
One of my favourite places to eat in Geneva in all the 3 yrs that I have lived here. It is meant to be reserved for special occasions. It is slightly expensive 40 CHF for a steak salad and frites; but I think it is truly worth it. Service is not par excellence and always crowded with people standing in a long que waiting to be seated outside the restaurant. Not quiet or quaint; but very popular has an old world steak house charm. The desserts are to die for especially worth trying is the profiteroles. Pity they don't only serve desserts all the time. Try the creme brulee perfect. The only thing on the menu is steak with cafe de paris sauce, is if you are not a big fan of beef then I suggest just do not go there. But remember to feel very hungry before you go there. I have always enjoyed going there and I hope you will too. I am yet to experience the one in Paris. Bon appetite!
hernan v
Nov 1, 2010 by hernan v
i`d paid 40 francs for frites and a little piece of meat....
Tim G
Oct 29, 2010 by Tim G
Great fun, great steak and chips, great sauce, amazing desserts (the vacherin is unbelievable). The staff are efficient and while they can be a little abrupt, it's not really a place for lingering. I love it and go there whenever I can, how can you not love somewhere that gives you 2 servings??
Oct 4, 2010 by Tickler
For those that think it's a rip off, you may have a point. However, for anyone that really enjoys the atmosphere of a 1950's Parisian steak house, with a noisy, bustling atmosphere, there are really few places that will beat the Relais.

Having eaten at the same restaurant in Paris (near the Champs Elysee), I have to say that the Geneva franchise is better priced, with excellent (if brusque) service. But what would you expect from a place that is always busy? Want the waiting staff to serenade you? Or do you want an efficient, impersonal service that lets you get on and eat!! And as for portions, well... two plateloads of nicely cooked steak - how could anyone complain?!?

Great venue, highly recommended!
Mar 4, 2010 by Maria_
Can i give it no stars? The place is horrible. Portions are tiny and for what they are extremely expensive. It has also too many tables in a small place and the service is really slow.
Sep 28, 2008 by placebo
"Really good frites and a greate sauce to dip them in, but if you're out for good steak, this isn't your place. Quality of meat is so-so and for CHF39, not cheap!"
Aug 13, 2008 by LeoNomis
A Parisian brasserie that focuses on serving steak and chips. Professional atmosphere.
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