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Le Spa By Aveda
10 Reviews
Categories:  Beauty & Spas  >  Day Spas

Rue des Eaux-Vives 77
Geneva 1207

phone: 022 700 56 56
website: http://www.aveda-beauty-geneve.ch/en/home
Not the hair salon
Member Reviews (10)
Belinda S
Oct 29, 2016 by Belinda S
At 300 CHF my haircut was nothing special and the colour was the wrong colour I asked for a particular red and they said no no this will be better for you. I said no but they said it will look more red once it is on your hair, I ended up with dark brown. NEVER going back.
Oct 20, 2016 by lacomp
This is the best place to get a facial in Geneva I recommend it 100%. The lady that did my treatment (I think her name is Lara) is very very good and detail oriented, she is also very kind.
Honestly, I think it deserves more than 5 stars. This is the only place I would recommend in Geneva for a facial and I've been to a lot of places here. She does not only do the facial she also gives a foot massage to relax you and a shoulder massage so in the end I almost fall sleep even though is a facial. To be fare we should review places not only when they are bad but also when they do a good job and care about the clients, it's important to spread the word.
Ekaterina P
Apr 29, 2016 by Ekaterina P
If I could give no stars I would. Worst manicure and pedicure of my life. I had to redo everything at home myself.
When I arrived they didn't offer me any nail polish. Thank god I had some with me. She didn't cut my nails properly. When I explained how I want it done she became very rude. Worst salon ever. I will try to contract Aveda to let them know that their Geneva counterpart is ripping people off.
Oh and they still made me pay. Even though they didn't finish and didn't do it right. What a rip off!!!
Oh and ignore the positive reviews I am sure the salon staff writes them themselves
Natalie Z
Jun 9, 2015 by Natalie Z
I was expecting more when i went for my manicure and pedicure. All in all an experience I wouldn't recommend.

Firstly I was just separated from the reception area by a curtain, which didnt make for a relaxing event.

The choice of colours for the nail polish was very limited and it was not applied properly to my nails so it bubbled up and i had to go back to have it redone on my hands a day later.

Additionally when i took off the nail polish on my feet, i found i had a nail infection which my doctor told me could only have happened during the cutting of my cuticles.
Desiree Chai
Sep 23, 2014 by Desiree Chai
I had received a spa package while I was pregnant which included and massage, hand treatment and a blowdry. I decided to buy the facial on buyclub to use together,
First off when I reached there, they didnt seem to know what was included in my spa package. Then the girl who was giving me the facial stank of cigarettes, the facial was substandard with her slow motioned hand movements scrubbing my face and wasting away time. same for the hand treatment which was done by her.
i honestly dont think she was experienced.

The only good thing was my prenatal massage. My masseuse was good, although I didnt catch her name.

For the amount paid, I would have gotten excellent service, experience and confidence from the Clarins Spa at Intercontinental.
Jul 4, 2014 by Sebastien
Simply Amazing, I offered a Facial to my mum and she got out of it in a state I had never seen her before. She was so happy, relaxed, chilled. She told me Lara (her esthetician) is very profesional, calm. She did a foot massage before the facial with gentle extraction, creams... I recommend Le Spa by Aveda to anyone who wants to make someone happy.

Jan 10, 2014 by Mil_Lena
I've been there twice (unfortunately bought the second deal before visited the salon the first time). Both times my reservations were messed up completely. First time it was double booking (but after tense discussion they took me for the treatment, which was fine), the second visit I booked in the salon, with the voucher for facial treatment in my hands and still, when I arrived I discovered that they booked the body massage, not a facial. I was sick of disastrous management of that place, so I just accepted massage and of course will never come back myself and would never recommend it to any of my friends to save their time, nerves and money. This is the worst experience I have had for 4 years in Geneva, the one would never expect to get such an unprofessional management in "Aveda's flagship beauty salon in Geneva" as was put in the ad.
Maybe the facial would be nice, but unfortunately I wasn’t given a chance to check it.
Guillaume  G
Dec 4, 2013 by Guillaume G
Strange ... I've been there for natural 75min complete massage several times. First time it was with Delphine. Amazing massage!! She's indeed an excellent professional. Second time, it was with Marion. Not as good but quite very relaxing too. But unfortunately I think she left the Spa. Then it was with Emily. Maybe she doesn't speak English but her massage was Sooooooo Cool. Very relaxing as Delphine's but also therapeutic massage for my muscles. In fact, I liked it a lot. I've been there yesterday and I expected Emily (as she had told me she would be there). Instead, I met a woman and a man (never seen before) who told me the massage would be with a young girl (almost teenager). I didn’t say anything but the massage wasn’t as good as the others and when I arrived at home I realised the massage endure only 1 hour instead of 75 minutes. And about language, she doesn’t speak French so I had to speak English you her. I’ve called them today to tell this to Emily but the other woman on the phone told me that Emily is not working there anymore… Very Strange … I would like to find where Emily is working now because I really enjoyed her massage. Delphine’s still there and I will ask her what’s going on. To conclude, if you want a very relaxing massage, do not hesitate to ask for Delphine… But for how much longer?
Kristina W
Oct 23, 2013 by Kristina W
I had bought myself two of their vouchers for the Elemental Nature Facial of 75min. I had the 1st one a few months ago with Marion. I was absolutely delighted with my treatment ; not only did she speak english fluently (my french is pretty bad...) but she gave me the BEST facial massage i'd ever had.
She stayed with me the whole time and i even got a wonderful scalp massage during the mask.

I had my 2nd facial done recently but this time with Emily and well i have to say it had nothing to do with my first experience. She didnt even try to speak english, she left me alone in the room for about 20min (!!!) with the mask on... all I can say is that i've been extremely disappointed.
I might re buy but will surely ask for Marion for my next facial.
Maggie L
Jul 19, 2013 by Maggie L
I had received two voucher for facials here as a gift. The first time I went I was under the care of Delphine by chance and the second time I asked for her. Delphine does not spend the entire chatting but concentrating on her work. She adjusts the treatment to your individual needs and attends to any issues The treatment itself was comparable to the quality and level of service I am accustom to as a New Yorker. The Spa itself is a bit small but worth a visit.
Posted By:
Maggie L
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