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Learn French Geneva
1 Review

website: http://www.learn-french-geneva.com

Rave reviews on Glocals:

French native, I currently work for several local and international language schools. I teach French as a Foreign Language to newly settled expats who have been granted tutoring facilities from their employer. I teach at their work place, in the comfort of their home, or the place of their choice. I often tutor their spouse as well.

I teach in companies as well, one-on-ones or in groups.

I tutor many children or teens from International Schools.

I tutor adults struggling to learn or perfect their French, disappointed with the lack of efficiency of group classes.

My rates are incomparably cheaper than any language school as I offer my undivided time to my students for the full session, as long as it may be.

I have been teaching French as a free-lance for the last 20 years, am a French native, have grown up in NYC, thus am perfectly bilingual. I have studied 10 languages, I speak 5 fluently, and I have an Ancient Greek and Latin Baccalaureate. I can explain etymology, I can compare French to your own mother tongue in most cases, I teach out of passion for my native language. Preparation to DELF and DALF as well.

I believe my reviews speak for themselves: any private lesson is worth far more than any group classes, for the simple reason that no teacher can dedicate him/herself only to your specific needs in a group. Any individual has his fields where he feels confident and others where he need improvements. That is why I sincerely believe that passed the first level, group classes can’t bring any individual as much help as a coach.

I think of myself as a language coach. Once you know how to swim, what makes the world champion different from any other swimmer is his dedication (getting to the pool at 5 am and doing 100 laps daily, for eg) and his coach.

You can't achieve world championship in a group. You can with a good coach and a lot of determination. I won’t do the lapses for you, but I’ll be there every step of the way. How long it takes is in your hands.

I tailor my classes to your needs: from A1 to C2, you will master French in no time, with internet exercises, paper book exercises, reading, speaking and writing. I mix lots of different techniques according to level and needs and my teaching evolves with the student's progress. Conversational, business or finance French language

I can teach anywhere in Geneva from 9.00 to 18.00, from Monday to Friday. ON SITE INTERNET ACCESS IS COMPULSORY.
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