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Les 5 Portes
11 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  French

rue de Zurich

Member Reviews (11)
Oct 4, 2011 by Tryky
totally agree with babylicious, was one of my favorit 4 years ago but now it s totally over rated ( expensive food, slow service, bad quality of wine...).
Oct 4, 2011 by babylicious
Was fab in 2007 - and with absolutely disgraceful service in 2011!
What a difference 4 years can make...

We were a group of 5 and served lukewarm white wine and were given dirty looks and the wine bucket practically thrown at us when when we asked for ice.
Won't be going there again, its gone downhill don't waste your money.
Laura M
Jan 15, 2011 by Laura M
When our food arrived, the staff had mistaken dourade for canard. Unfortunately, it was dry and overcooked, accompanied by risotto instead of gnocchi, ‘spring vegetables’ that turned out to be four measly beans, and ‘herbs’ that were nothing more than a sprig of parsley. It was only when I saw the same dish arrive at another table, generously stuffed with herby greenery, accompanied by plump vegetables and gnocchi, that I realised I had been duped. I guess they thought I wouldn't notice.

For more reviews, see www.alpineeating.blogspot.com
Nov 3, 2010 by xaviero
"Could I have a cheese burger with bacon please?" - No, we cannot do that. "Ok, could I have a bacon burger with cheese as an extra?" - Yes, that can be done but the price is wrong (writes right there a new price, 5 francs more expensive on my menu). "But how? All the menus say the same price. Did the price just change a few minutes ago?" - Yes....... Then, he never came back to take the order..... That was my interaction with the waiter/manager of this place last weekend. Needless to say, this place will go down soon. People should work hard for their money and customers, and they are not making any effort. Not even 1 star!!!!!!
May 20, 2008 by floydmarks
"A nice place, but why do they have a terrace if the servers never come out and take your order....or bring menus...or food...or drinks...or cutlery? I even went inside and asked for a menu and they said they would bring one right out. Then never did. I went back inside and said can i just have a coffee? They said we will be right out with the menu then you can order. And nobody came out. The girls at the next table, who had been there even longer than us, then called inside on her cell phone. They said you want a reservation? She said no I just want a menu and some coffee...."
Feb 9, 2007 by Antinomy
"Yes, sure, it's a well-worn clich? now but it's earned the right to be so. And it passed the fastidious-friends-from-London test (at least after a few heavy-handed cocktails). Food doesn't hugely work for me but you go there to have a Night, not a mystical gastronomic experience. They actually seem pleased to receive you - very pleasant once you get over the shock..."
Feb 1, 2007 by cosmicsnail
"This is actually my favourite restaurant in Geneva so far. The food is great, the staff are friendly and they do an amazing chocolate pudding!"
Nir Ofek
Jan 31, 2007 by Nir Ofek
"Agree with Minda - great place to spend an evening of drinking and eating, especially in summer. However, a bit smoky."
Jan 31, 2007 by Hoiling
"Nice for brunch, if you are the type of person for whom brunch means getting there really late, spend hs chatting with ur friends and drinking coffee after coffee, having some sort of food while killing time. if you go there just to eat .. then the food is not SO great. Like the atmosphere - true is alwasy the same but that's why i like it - and you can chat. tends to get too smoky when packed."
Jan 29, 2007 by SweetSwede
"better ambiance than the food, nice deco and lighting etc. etc.
but, i think 5 portes is very much over-rated, the kind of place where the food sounds better on the menu , than what it tastes like once its on your plate. i will go meet friends for a drink if they're already eating there, but i personally wouldnt go there to eat."
Jan 28, 2007 by Minda
"great place! good food, and normally cheap plat du jour. you might want to book a table though! even more so in the evenings, when it's packed. the noise level then is a bit over the limit, though - it's hard to keep a conversation going if you're more than 2. the service is generally nice. i put 'yes' for the service in English cos i' know some (if not all) the waiters speak it. if you've never been, you should definitely check it out!"
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