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Life Touch - Life Coaching
17 Reviews
Categories:  Health and Medical  >  Physical Therapy-Massage Therapy

29 Rue Rousseau
Geneva 1201

phone: 078 914 9530
website: http://www.lifetouch.ch
email: [email protected]
Body & Mind balance is key to life Harmony, physical and mental Health and Happiness!!!

Stressed? Lacking energy? Feeling muscle or back pain? Having digestive problems? – Go for LifeTouch or Lomi Lomi massage. It’s great to relax and rebalance your vital energy.

Not sure how to advance to make your life successful? Need directions to rebalance private and professional life? - Personalized Life Coaching is exactly what you should try.

Evening and weekend consultations by appointment.
Check www.lifetouch.ch , call or e-mail and I'll be happy to guide you."
Member Reviews (17)
Aug 7, 2019 by laischen
I had an amazing Sound healing Session with Anna via distance and all I can say is that a) via distance is just as powerful, if not more, as I was feeling well being in my own space without the hassle of having to go somewhere and b) Anna was incredibly professional and powerful in what she was doing. In the beginning she asked me what my goals were, what I wanted to work on, and through her asking I became aware of areas that needed healing which I hadn't thought of before.
Once the healing started, I went on a journey of releasing, acceptance and letting go of what no longer suited me. I felt relaxed, peaceful and joyful after the session.
Thank you Anna, you have a beautiful gift! :-)
Denise N
May 21, 2018 by Denise N
I went to Anna for a Crystal Sound Energy Healing session. It was incredible - very relaxing and I felt waves of healing energy throughout my body during the healing. Anna is a kind, connected, and reassuring healer. The healing center where she works is very clean and comforable as well. Anna is a good listener and she is quite intuitive. I think everyone should experience the powerful healing energy of sound therapy, so if you are curious, Anna is a wonderful person to try this energy work with - and her office is very near the Geneva Cornavin train station.
Apr 6, 2018 by Jaisy
I had several Crystal Sound Energy Healing treatments by Anna. Each time it was a great help for me. Feeling that my mind, emotions and vital energy were perfectly aligned and balanced after the healing session. The beneficent effect remained days later. I much appreciated Anna's professionalism during the sessions, her kindness, and care, she shines positive energy.
Her crystal bowl and bells have such high and pure vibrations. This is perfect treatment, which I want to do on a regular basis.
I also have learned from Anna how to take care daily of my energy level, I'm very grateful to her for that. I recommend Anna as a high-quality therapist.
Blanka Svobodova
Feb 23, 2018 by Blanka Svobodova
Anna was very helpful in advising me regarding the next steps which have to be taken when starting a new independent carrier in Geneva and she didn't mind to share with me about her own experience as well.
Hellen H
Apr 20, 2015 by Hellen H
I have been to Anna for several sessions of therapeutic massage. She is quite simply fantastic – very knowledgeable, kind, and firm and accurate in her movements. When I first went to her I was feeling very tense and uneasy, and after the first session I already felt much, much better. Later sessions have deepened the positive effects of her treatment, and I feel I have benefited so much from knowing her. Also, her office is full of positive energy, just like her! I absolutely recommend her treatment, without hesitation.
Katja R
Oct 24, 2014 by Katja R
Lomi lomi massage with Anna is the best treat I can think for myself! Anna is a wonderful therapist: she is very present, attentive, focused and caring. The space is also very beautiful, very clean and harmonious. I can highly recommend.
Cindy C
Jul 7, 2014 by Cindy C
Treating myself to regular prenatal massages with Anna was one of the nicest things I could have ever done for myself! Anna started each session with a consultation of how I was doing and adapted the therapy that day to how I was feeling. For example when I was retaining water, Anna incorporated some lymphatic drainage therapy to my legs just to help with the blood circulation. My last session with Anna focused quite a bit on my lower back, which was starting to ache and my entire body floated on air for a good few days after the massage. Physical bliss aside, I really found that it was a good hour and a half to take out of the day to focus on my own needs and in my case, it was sleep. Anna uses a full body pillow so even in the home stretch of the pregnancy, I was comfortable. I do not know if the massages will make me a better parent in the long run (I am certainly banking on it!), but as it turns out, it was really nice to be able to share my pregnancy with someone who both knew me, and didn’t know me, at the same time. Highly recommend prenatal massages with Anna to expecting women!! :)
Mar 11, 2013 by Mel798
I have seen Anna a few times during my pregnancy, she does an amazing job and after every treatment I felt totally de-stressed and relaxed. I would highly recommend Anna and plan to see her again after the birth (if I have time!).
Mar 11, 2013 by cpierce
My wife was a client of Anna's during her pregnancy and recommended I see her as well for muscular pain / stiffness. The massage therapy Anna did was very helpful in sorting out my back/neck pain!
Magdalena G
Mar 2, 2013 by Magdalena G
I received regular Reiki treatments from Anna and I found them deeply nourishing, relaxing and rejuvenating. In todays busy world I find amazing how 60 min of reiki energy healing can really help me to stay centred, calmer, more joyful and happier. Reiki treatment is one of these magic treatments I can't recommend enough. Once you try, you want to get it on regular basis. Anna is professional in what she does and when you do treatment with her you just now you are in good hands. 5 out of 5!
Feb 15, 2013 by surendra
I bought from Anushka a Gift Certificate for a Massage session for St Valentines. She did a great job being flexible to deliver it last minute. The gift was very well accepted by my girlfriend. She was nicely surprised and found the idea really good. Now she is looking forward to using it. I will keep you posted if the actual massage session is up to expectations as well.
Jennifer Clarke
Feb 11, 2013 by Jennifer Clarke
Great prenatal massage. Best massage I've had in over four years in Geneva. Highly recommended.
Feb 8, 2013 by anushka
29 Rue Rousseau, 1201 Geneva (3 min walk from train station; by MANOR)

Specials: MASSAGE+COACHING package / parallel MASSAGE for COUPLES / massage PRENATAL for pregnant ladies / LOMI LOMI relaxing energy rebalancing / COACHING with Hypnosis, etc

Feb 7, 2013 by polga
I am Anushka's biggest fan. I went to her for prenatal massage for my first pregnancy, and then with the second, and have been going for her lomi-lomi massage ever since. As I have said to many of my pregnant friends, Anushka's pre-natal massage was the best thing about being pregnant, which was not easy. As a prenatal massasge specialist, she understands the needs of pregnant women extremely well, and I was surprised when I went back to her after giving birth that in fact she is also fantastic giving massages to non-pregnant people too! Her massage is my only "luxury" as I have a packed life with work and kids, but every time I go, I feel like I have been given a whole extra year added to my lifespan... and if I go without for even a few weeks, I see the difference in the tension in my body and the stress level. Anushka is talented, kind and caring, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a bit of TLC, especially pregnant ladies who deserve it!
May 7, 2009 by Orion
"I was working in the IT industry and I was feeling a strong need to change my career path without feeling ready to take action. Thanks to her tools and listening abilities, Anna helped me to redefine my goals and go beyond the blocks and doubts I had at the time. I am now in the good direction , thanks Anna :)."
May 5, 2009 by Jarecki
"Anushka has a great Idea offering Gift Certificates for therapy sessions. She does a special massage type for future and new Mums. My friend just had a baby and I offered her such Gift Certificate. She was very happy about a fact that someone thought of her well-being on the top of typical gifts for a new born baby ;-)
I frankly recommend it to anyone who doesn't have an original idea for an occasional gift.
Thanks for that idea !"
Feb 23, 2009 by Andersson
"Anja was my life coach while she was still studying, but already then it was clear to see that she has chosen the right kind of career for herself.
Anja is a great listener, and her presence is very soothing and focused. I can warmly recommend her services."
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