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25 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Italian, Restaurants  >  Pizza

Rue Adrien-Lachenal 26 A
Geneve 1207

phone: 022 840 15 15
website: http://www.luigia.ch
I tried this restaurant which exists since approx. one week. And I liked this place: It is very spacious, clean und modern, nice staff. The food is very fresh and natural and prices are really ok.
It is a bit difficult to find though: the entrance is not directly located at the street but you have to enter a little court (on the right hand side if you go up the hill, coming from the centre). For the moment, it is not yet possible to take away the food, and it seems that there is no terrace or something else outside. But it is definitely a very nice place.
Member Reviews (25)
Piet De Rijke
Jan 29, 2023 by Piet De Rijke
For several years I came to the Luigia restaurant in Petit-Saconnex (Geneva) with my family and with my sports team. In November 2022, my team and I went to Luigia on our usual Wednesday evening. We had a pleasant evening, even if the risotto portions served were - surprisingly – baby-size, something the restaurant corrected by doubling the portions after we showed our surprise. Whilst that could be forgiven, a second issue, this time with the bill at the end of the evening was less 'palatable'. It turned out that the bill contained several non-consumed dishes (main dishes as well as desserts we had never had). The over-charge amounted to CHF. 70. When we confronted the waiter, he went away, came with a corrected bill, but no excuse or the offer of a drink or something similar. We paid the correct amount and left. However, it reminded us of a seemingly similar event that had taken place a few weeks earlier, but we had not thought of as odd at the time. Back then we again came in a group on a Wednesday evening, but that night we all went ‘Dutch’; everyone settling their bill at the till individually. Surprisingly, the last person ended up paying a ‘left-over’ of CHF. 100, a ridiculous amount for one person. As not everyone had left at the same time, the unlucky colleague couldn’t check this, so paid and left. Following these two unpleasant instances, I wrote Luigia in Petit-Saconnex a letter, outlining the issues and asking them for an explanation. I left the letter in their mailbox on 13 November. I never received any response. On 8 December, I forwarded that letter to Luigia’s General Management in Geneva. Until today I have not received any response form them either. Just silence. Needless to say, eating out at Luigia’s is over for me, my family and my team. Whatever profit they made during this period is little compared to what they could have made had they treated us normally and shown a minimum of accountability and concern after I reported the incidents. Silence here is anything but gold.
So, check the bill before you pay anything, as it may spoil the whole idea of eating a good meal out.
Lisa M
Jun 19, 2019 by Lisa M
Great food, location and services. The only thing I didn't like were all the children running around and screaming, which was very distracting and annoying.
Vera Datsyuk
Dec 3, 2014 by Vera Datsyuk
Best Italian restaurant in Geneva !!!
Apr 2, 2014 by hay_
Nice place, children friendly, nice pizza overall (but not my favorite).
Apr 2, 2014 by martin
I'm quite critical of places, but Luigia's has never given me a bad experience. Good food, nice people and an atmosphere. Sure it's not a 3 Michelin, but it's fresh - friendly and fast, all I need for a business or private lunch. And the corner for the kids is brilliant!
Just come early (around 1200 for Lunch) and You'll be fine.
Nir Ofek
Apr 1, 2014 by Nir Ofek
I'm 100% with Tim G on this. Each time I was at Luigia, the food + service were great. And I love the kids area they have.

Yes, it gets noisy and packed when you come during the rush hour, but if you know that you can either accept it or come before/after the rush.

Tim G
Mar 31, 2014 by Tim G
I don't write many reviews but I feel like I should give a different point of view, seeing how bad some people's experience has apparently been. I went in a group of 3 adults and 4 kids under 6, on Saturday (29th March). We had excellent, friendly and quick service, every time I caught any waiter's eye they were over like a shot. Food was very good, beer was cold, had an excellent time. Thing with Luigia is you should get there when it opens otherwise you might queue, but it's always been like that. I very much recommend it, in the day it's better for families as I suspect it's a bit noisy otherwise, and in the evening I've had several great fun meals there.
Yoann P
Mar 31, 2014 by Yoann P
I must agree with most other comments, this place is terrible. It is not a restaurant, but more a cantine. Place is very packed, not comfortable, there is a lot of people waiting standing, and the waiting time is just too long for a standard but yet over expensive pizza.
Gwenn W
Mar 26, 2014 by Gwenn W
Absolutely awful! I went there for the first and last time at the weekend and was absolutely appalled by the service - truly the worst I've ever experienced. After waiting for more than 40 minutes for a table, the service was terrible throughout the meal. We were then asked to vacate our table when we had barely even finished our coffees. The manager spoke to us extremely aggressively and treated us with utter contempt.
Mar 24, 2014 by TheOmegaMan
They serve the authentic pizza napoletana - thick and soft - which is quite good; on the other hand the restaurant is an open-space extremely noisy, crowded, and definitely non-cozy. Expect a long waiting time to be seated and to be served. Definitely an overrated place in my opinion.
Mar 22, 2014 by eva1979
NEVER AGAIN....!!!!!!!

What happened to me and my friends at Luigia tonite was just out of this world. We waited for 45 minutes to be seated and have to say that the service was just TERRIBLE. I have not been treated like this EVER..!!!

After our meal (which they handled terribly bad, confusing the orders and taking our plates away before we were all finished, since there were other people waiting for a table) one of the servers came to us to say that we he was sorry but that we had to leave the table so as to relocate other people... we were amazed just at the idea that you get kicked out like this but we were about to go anyway, so we did. When one of our friends very politely told the waiter about how inappropriate this was, the manager stepped in with no manners asking what was going on. When I started to talk, he talked to me in a very defiant way, lifting his finger at me and raising his voice...!! My boyfriend of course stepped in to defend me and they started a very unpleasant conversation, my boyfriend trying to explain to him that he cannot treat clients like this but the manager completely lost it...!!!! I can understand when a place is packed and you get told beforehand that you have to leave at a certain time. Fine. But just being kicked out like this and on top of everything getting yelled at is completely unacceptable. I am not going back at this place and would recommend everyone to abstein from putting their feet there. It was just completely humilliating. NEVER AGAIN.
Juliane S
Nov 15, 2013 by Juliane S
I like the atmosphere and the wait staff are friendly, however I dislike the fact that you can't book a table and so risk waiting up to an hour in the queue. Today I ordered the plat du jour - aubergines parmiagana, and it was served almost stone cold. When I finally managed to get the attention of a waitress to tell her, she did not seem at all surprised - whisked it away to be microwaved and no apology given. Their coffee is good, I think the menu is overpriced and I have definitely eaten nicer Italian food in Geneva than this. Oh, and I truly resent paying for tap water just because they have put it into a carafe.
Nov 15, 2013 by giankee
For me it's just a safe choice (Eaux Vives), nothing more, nothing less. And by safe I mean...I only go there when I fancy the pizza petals they've got which, as an Italian, I like...despite the price :-) but then again...I only go when I'm craving that particular pizza. I've never tried the Grand-Saconnex venue.
Dave G
Nov 14, 2013 by Dave G
Average Italian and Pizzas as a expensive price.
I went their In Eaux Vivre because was next door too work, but I would not go out of my way for this place, other than a few cute waitresses :P

WHY people keep confusing the Luigia in Grand Saconnex versus Eaux Vuivre, totally differnt owners and restaurant. Grand Saconnex really sucks, a one star.
Ethan S
Nov 13, 2013 by Ethan S
Do not go to Luiga!! I've gone twice as I'm a fan of giving a restaurant the benefit of the doubt. The first time, at the Grand Saconnex location) I found the food fine but way overpriced - even by Geneva standards - for what you get. The pizza was no better than several other places I've sampled, such as at the Espresso Club. The service was mediocre and the restaurant hosts surly. Still, I thought maybe they had an "off" day and I went back a second time. The experience was worse. The pizza was soggy, the salad wilted and, after explicitly asking for a carafe of tap water, I was charged for Luiga's "filtered" water, which also comes in a regular carafe. I protested this and - in line with their lack of customer service - they refused to remove the charge for the water! You'll get as good or better Italian food and certainly better service at most other Italian restaurants in Geneva.
Salem T
Nov 13, 2013 by Salem T
Great Italian food, delicious Tiramisu and charming atmosphere!
Oct 2, 2013 by Espineli
Never again, terrible place!! yesterday I was there (Grand Saconnex)
and I ordered a salad, I was surprised when at the middle of my
salade I found a paper napkin!!! inside in my salad!!!!
I think this is really a shame,the waiter offered me another salad but I refused.
In short, zero quality,zero hygiene and also waiters are not friendly
Very bad experience
Marek O
May 7, 2012 by Marek O
Always worth going. Even only for an Aperol Spritz ...
vanessa knacks
Oct 31, 2011 by vanessa knacks
Food is average, service was not great and it is too loud. PS: our waitress told us she was from Romania so we didnt get the authentic Italian waiters like Giorgio :)
Giorgio M
Oct 19, 2011 by Giorgio M
Finally a REAL Italian restaurant in Geneva. The best, no comparison and is as good as you can get in Italy, including Italian personnel. Highly recommended.
Pietro M
Oct 19, 2011 by Pietro M
We will not be returning again to waste money on : Rude Staff, average food and totally overpriced!
margaret duke
Oct 18, 2011 by margaret duke
Not impressed! Pizza is OK, service is OK but too over crowded and very loud and too expensive for the quality of the food.
Alena A
Sep 28, 2011 by Alena A
best pizza in the world. try Tricolore.
very busy, very noisy, very crowded, don't take reservations, so you will wait at the bar for a while.
but forget it all. best pizzas in the world!
Sep 28, 2011 by sarahrh99
Too bad the management of this restaurant are so rude! Although seemingly a nice atmosphere - you will feel like client is certainly not king here.

They take no reservations and once you get to the restaurant they won't even sit you at a table until your entire group has arrived. We were 15 and although most got there on time, just because a couple were missing they wouldn't seat us! What a way to piss off the groups!

Beware that they try to charge you for tap water (they apparently filter it themselves from the tap). We had a bill of 40chf for tap water!! And beware to get attitude saying that NO you really want free water!

Pizzas are average. Nutella pizza was a disappointment.

Let's find a better place to spend our money in Geneva.
Laura M
Nov 9, 2010 by Laura M
Like the very snappy service, Luigia's presentation was a bit too efficient for my liking. Personally, I like my pizza a little rough around the edges like the Neapolitan street food it's supposed to be, rather than a model of rounded perfection. That said, the crusty, blackened base was perfect in flavour and texture, topped with deliciously fresh ingredients, and I devoured the whole thing in a matter of minutes, leaving little room for dessert.

For full review, see http://www.alpineeating.blogspot.com

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Heike P
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