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15 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Other

Rue Chaponniare 3

phone: 022 732 21 31
Member Reviews (15)
Oct 25, 2010 by e_amurg
I know Manana restaurant since 2001 when I arrived in Switzerland. They have indeed the best margaritas in Europe and the price is very very honest.
The quality of the service and of the food did not change in time, it is one of the places where I go several times in the year and I feel very relaxed. The live guitar musician is always there with his romantic songs.
I highly recommand it.
Jun 3, 2009 by beofotch
This place sucks so bad it makes me weep.
Apr 2, 2009 by genevorine
"Love the drinks tehy serve at the Bar
Food: Very bland, not up to the mark of a mexican cuisine.

The Cactus Bar: Highly Recommended : especially for its shakers.."
Mar 23, 2009 by faith07
"way too expensive, doesn't deserve to be called a mexican restaurant, and after reading Roxanne's comment about her not allowed to bring their own bday cake I'm disgusted. Will never go there again"
Jul 25, 2008 by esp2001
"terrible, the worst mexican i ever had, and it is not cheap. will NEVER go back"
Jun 19, 2008 by tezcatl
"There is not a single mexican restaurant in town. What we have is 3 or 4 restaurants that serve horrible Tex-Mex food.

If you wanna try real, home-made mexican food try Los Tacos, which is not a restaurant, but you can buy and take original mexican dishes."
Apr 22, 2008 by mirellatm
"Coming from a Mexican raised in the southwest US, the food is not anywhere near authentic. While it's edible, I would hope people don't think this is what Mexican food tastes like. Although not stellar either, the Mexican place at Balexert has better food. What Ma?ana does have is excellent margaritas. Way better than the Balexert place. I shall continue to tour the Mexican places and let you know."
Mar 12, 2008 by DkXAuPair
"The food is nothing special, but okay priced.
I have to mention though, that it's the only place in town, where I've found That BIG cocktails for 8 and 9chf... it's amazing.. The drinks you can get downstairs, where all the teenagers hang out, but who cares, when you can get a pint of their amazing Strawberry Dreamer for 9chf!"
Oct 28, 2007 by roxanne
"nasty. the table next to ours was a group of about 8, including some teenagers. one had seemingly brought by surprise a bday cake for her Mother i think. when she took it out, i guess it was the owner, came over and started yelling at them, saying they couldn't bring their own food in, who did they think they were etc. The kid started crying. it was terrible. we were disgusted. will never go there again."
Jul 7, 2007 by tiffany
This place is beyond terrible. I'm pretty sure that the filling for my burrito (if you can call it a burrito) came straight from a can. Just don't go.
May 28, 2007 by Simone
Great margaritas! Also known for the best long island cocktails downstairs at the Cactus club.
Feb 21, 2007 by Sapi67
Food is more fat Tex-Mex fast food than fresh and homemade. This place is only for tourists. I much prefer la Diligence or la Fiesta Mexicana.
Feb 5, 2007 by Rasta
"I agree, not very good Mexican cuisine. Not trying to toot my own horn, but I make it better at home, and my sauces don't come from jars. I expect more when I dine out."
Feb 4, 2007 by zolita
"I dont agree, the food is full of fat, not very good. There are better mexican restaurants, La Diligence or Le Chat Rouge for example."
Feb 1, 2007 by cosmicsnail
"Nice mexican restaurant. The food is quite good and well priced, certainly won't break the bank and there is a good selection for you to choose from.

The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and the staff are nice. There was also live music when we went.

Downstairs is the Catus Club, haven't really checked this out. It's pretty small, but I believe it's supposed to be quite fun down there on a weekend night"
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