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Massage Métamorphique - Daniella Seguel
1 Review
Categories:  Health and Medical  >  Physical Therapy-Massage Therapy

Institut de Médecine Naturelle - Rue de Fribourg 7
Genève 1201

phone: + 41 (0)76 679 09 04
website: http://http://www.daniellaseguel.com
email: [email protected]
The Metamorphic Technique is a gentle massage on the feet, hands and head. It focuses on reflexology meridians in the feet, hands and head which correspond to the spinal column and in turn to the incarnation, gestation and birth of the individual.

Updating and relaxing the scheme of the nine months of intrauterine life through the physical plane and the subtle planes, metamorphosis releases a new potential energy, releases deep blocks in our body's energy pattern and bring about resolution of stuck patterns at the root of problems in our life and health.
Member Reviews (1)
Vittoria P
Oct 30, 2015 by Vittoria P
Daniella is great. She knows and applies different techniques depending on the needs of her clients. I tried a few of them and they were all very helpful. I did 7 sessions of her metamorphc massage which helped me figure out a few changes I needed to make to my life. She speaks English, Spanish and French.
Posted By:
Vittoria P
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