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12 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Italian

pl. du Molard 7

phone: 022 310 99 88
website: http://www.molino.ch
Member Reviews (12)
Sylvia W
Nov 3, 2017 by Sylvia W
This is a good place to eat but usually quite full ! Good quality food for sure and prices are ok.
May 19, 2015 by TheOmegaMan
It's the typical touristic Italian restaurant but, to be fair, their pizza is quite good -- crusty and well garnished. In a central location and with a terrace, which however becomes extremely crowded with the good weather. Service a bit rushy and not extremely polite.
Sep 20, 2011 by Onis
typical tourist trap for hungry tourists in the center of town.
marsie cathal
Mar 15, 2011 by marsie cathal
Slooooooooooooow service. Fast to get bums in seats as the previous reviewer wrote but once you are there.. bring a book, ipad, play with your phone.. etc. and also agree that staff are very abrupt..
Feb 25, 2011 by GHOSH
I actually would give it a 5/5 but the service and quality varies over time. By far one of the most frequently visited restaurants. Great pizza,always open and the lasagne and paparadelle is quite good. The apperitif is good and tiramisu is decent. It is not the best Italian restaurant, even though I had thought so a while back, but it is definitely a hot spot find especially considering its location. For great Italian food try "Il Forno Legna", less commercial and family run establishment, in the Servette area. They have stone baked ovens there and the lasagne is way better, i.e if you like something which is not dry. Even the pizza is stone baked unline Molinos here. Also if you want something more classy and with a view, try "Le Lacustre", on the Lac Leman same as Molino's only better location and more posh.
Guidone N
Apr 21, 2010 by Guidone N
Acceptable food, good service (though not terribly friendly), a bit expensive for the offered food quality.
May 8, 2008 by cantonclass
"Possibly the worst meal i have experienced whilst dining out. They are all to keen to have you seated, but once thats done, BRING A BOOK. We waited 20 mins to get a drink & menus and over an hour for our main meal. And once it arrived it was barely warm.I also found the staff to be very rude and abrubt."
Mar 22, 2007 by marieka
"It's right next to my office, and has a lovely terrace in place du Molard. However, the food is nothing special, I've waited over an hour for pizza more than once, pasta is often served cold and the staff is not particularly friendly."
Mar 11, 2007 by Marcy
"My husband and I ate here a while back, and we were both really impressed with the food. I don't know if either of us had pasta though... I had lamb that was phenomenal."
Mar 10, 2007 by Hoiling
"I'm italian, so picky by definition when it comes to italian food, and for me Molino is the McDo of Italian food. A long list of pizzas that are all mediocre (not bad but not good either), long list of salads v,.v. turisty and standard, same goes for the pasta (haven't tried the meat). My pasta tasted like it was pre-cooked and re-heated in the over before serving ... all in all, i guess it;s good for turists, and for a quick meal if you wanna avoid fast food chains, but i wouldn;t go there for a real meal."
Mar 7, 2007 by Crepe
"It's a chain, but I always had a good pizza there. A friend of mine had a mediocre salad.
But I think the quality is quite ok , service is friendly (even at peak times) and its mostly crowded."
Mar 7, 2007 by tiger_eyes
Molino's is consistent and has a long pizza menu + all of the Italian 'basics'. They always have a long list of monthly specials too. They are open on Sunday and offer good price/quality value.
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