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6 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  French

23 rue de la Coulouvreni?re

phone: 022 321 44 45
Member Reviews (6)
Jun 12, 2007 by Verena_K
"Although a big fan of the Omnibus last year I was terrible dissapointed when I wanted to open the dining out season last Friday. Greated by a unfriendly waiter in stain-covered pants (You know the old BON SOIR thing - he had overheared my initial greeting....) we asked for our reservated out-side table. He then wanted to give me an inside table although I had specifically asked for an outside one. He then went on explaining me that everyone claims they reservated outside, kind of accused me of lying, etc... - overall very dissapointing! No need to say that I chose not to eat there."
Apr 1, 2007 by sakura22480
"It looks quite dodgy from the outside, but good atmosphere, yummy food (including amuse bouche), good wine (this is where I found a nice Malvoisie, a sweetish Swiss white wine), and good chocolate cake. Friendly service."
Mar 9, 2007 by Papa
"Many people got there by accident. Once you've eaten in the back room, you will come back. Excellent menu for lunches as well."
Mar 2, 2007 by twinb
"Dont let the exterior fool you! A great spot with fancy interior for some foie gras, good wine and then the delicious moelleux de chocolat!"
Nir Ofek
Mar 2, 2007 by Nir Ofek
"agree with twinB. The place looks like crap from the outside, and when you step in the front room also looks crap, but the magic is in the back room. It's like you stepped into a different place.

On top of the nice ambience in the back room, the food is good.

Only downside I found is small portions (but I am a big guy with a big appetite)"
Feb 15, 2007 by Crepe
"The same owner (Schlemmer, seems to be one of the big money man with internal connections to the politics of Geneva) like Caf? des Bastions in summertime. Food is up and down; I once loved this place in 2004, the bistro in front is charmful. Service good."
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