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Parfum de Beyrouth
11 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Other

18 rue de Berne

phone: 022 731 66 58
Member Reviews (11)
Konrad S
May 25, 2015 by Konrad S
Great place, nice staff even though it's ridiculously busy 80% of the time. Best Lebanese place in Geneva hands down. Prices incredibly low (for GVA) and even though it's furniture is simple you like to sit down and watch the action. Great mix of people - people in suits next to students next to old arabs enjoying authentic cuisine having a chat.
Matteo T
Aug 3, 2014 by Matteo T
Great value for money, a bit crowded but very good food.
Abdul A
Mar 17, 2011 by Abdul A
I gave the stars for the food ... the place is small , its great for take away sandwiches ... love the kofta sandwich and tabbuleh salads
Feb 25, 2011 by GHOSH
Hands down the best kebab place in all of Geneva. If you have'nt been there, just go on. A friend introduced me to it and ever since I frequent that place. It is authentic just like in Morocco,with the garlic fromage in the shawarma,the falafel is hot and fresh and just 1 chf!can you believe it, something that cheap in Geneva! Go for it now! But the restaurant is always crowded and not attractive at all and the staff are not very friendly either. But who cares, just do a take out.
Jun 19, 2008 by tezcatl
If you don't know this place you have really been missing something!!!
Jul 15, 2007 by Susan61
Very Nice..the best shawarmas in town..
Jun 18, 2007 by LoopyChew
"Garlic lovers, you've found your new home. :-)

Simple, quick, cheap, and the best tasting chawarma in town. You really can't ask for much more than that!"
Apr 6, 2007 by b_karma
"Although their secret garlic white sauce will give you pitbull breath for days after (no matter how many times you brush your teeth or swallow mentos) the kebabs at Parfum the Beyrouth are the best I've eaten in Geneva. The crew is very welcoming and efficient. The owner looks really cool with his Dupond and Dupont mustache (you need to know Tintin to catch the reference here).

PdB is small, always crowded, the neon light freaks me out, but it's one of those landmark places in Geneva which I regularly feel obliged to stop at when I'm hanging around Paquis late at night."
Apr 4, 2007 by Kelloutch
"Simply the best chawarmas (Lebanese sandwiches) in Geneva ! Also kaftas and Falafel. You can choose what you would like in your sandwiches. I prefer taking the food home, the restaurant is very small and crowded, but it's like you was in Lebanon. Not expensive and very good!"
Apr 4, 2007 by Crepe
"I agree, really it is the best, but be prepared to stink (best garlic sauce). One star less, because of the hygienic conditions, and I think they should freshen up the place (painting etc)."
Nir Ofek
Apr 4, 2007 by Nir Ofek
"Simple lebanese food, to sit down or take away. The place itself is small and dirty, but the food is good and the prices are low.

Best shewarma in Geneva, BUT still not on par with the real shewarma sold in mid east countries."
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