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Philippe Lognoul
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Categories:  Health and Medical  >  Physical Therapy-Massage Therapy
Keywords:  Authentic Energy-based Tantra Massage

Bd Helvétique 30
Geneva 1207

phone: 0786980048
website: http://www.the-dancing-shiva.ch
email: p.lognoul@the-dancing-shiva.ch
Trained in tantra massage (somananda.org), I am also Instructor in Conscious Parenthood (awareparenting.com) and Practitioner in Effective and Humanistic Communication (ecoledesparents.be). The know-how I have acquired over the past 20 years in facilitating the expression of feelings, through emotions and the body, and its accompaniment, brings me a precious complement for the practice of tantra massage.

The tantra - ayurveda - tao energetic and authentic massage that I propose to you is unique of its kind. It has considerable preventive and therapeutic value in terms of stress and psychosomatic trauma because it has a beneficial and permanent influence on the functioning of the brain. It also promotes personal development in every way: physical, affective, social, intellectual, spiritual. It is a celebration of femininity and a way of complete freedom that leads to a wonderful blooming.

This tantric massage, with its ayurvedic and tao components, can be preceded and followed by a verbal communication time. It spreads your vital energy in your body. The circulation of this subtle energy eliminates possible stress and traumas. It rests, strengthens and rejuvenates your body durably.

I welcome you with the greatest respect. I invite you to see me as an ally in your evolution.

I receive you in a warm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The massage frame is enhanced by a soothing background, a scented atmosphere, candles and soft light. I will massage you with a pure, virgin vegetable oil, enriched with high quality essential oils, according to your wishes. The relaxation and the pleasure felt are so deep as to lead you to live an experience out of time.

My intention is to create a sacred space, where the massage touches the body, the energy, the mind and the spirit. You thus have the freedom to let further flourish qualities like love, sensuality, harmony, hosting, sensitivity, affection, openness, intuition, wisdom, intelligence of the heart and the body.

N.B.: Since some people offer massages that have tantric only the name, I specify that I am fully dressed throughout the session, there is no sexual relationship or ambiguity, at any time.

If you are interested, I invite you to contact me by phone or by Whatsapp (+41 78 6980048), Facebook (professional page of Philippe Lognoul, tantra-ayurveda-tao massage therapist, with same cover photo as on this page) or e-mail (p.lognoul@the-dancing-shiva.ch) for a more complete description of the massage session, an appointment or other information.

N.B.: I can receive you in Geneva (multidisciplinary center Aliotis - www.aliotis.ch), go to your home or any other suitable place in Europe.
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