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Pitstop Garage
36 Reviews
Categories:  Automotive  >  Car Repairs
Keywords:  Garage geneva pitstop

2 locations: Route du Bois-de-Bay 31 & 18 Rue des Pâquis
Geneva / Satigny 1242

phone: 022 341 15 18
website: http://www.garagePitstop.ch
email: [email protected]
English speaking garage, ran by American engineer, servicing & repairing all car models.
Member Reviews (36)
Anna D
Dec 11, 2023 by Anna D
I don't understand the good reviews.

It was a very bad experience.

It was extremely complicated with the garage owner.

He also do everything to delete every single bad review in Google!

It's also very expensive.

Better you avoid and choose another garage.
Tamusana S
Jul 20, 2021 by Tamusana S
Great service from both Emmanuel and Nathan.
Last week I called and spoke to Nathan. I explained there was a strange ticking noise from the wheels of my car. Although he was totally booked up, he told me to bring it in to check it wasn’t anything dangerous. When I went in, he took the time to drive the car with me, diagnosed and fixed the problem… and then didn’t charge me.
It’s not about the money though — it’s just a relief to be dealing with pleasant, highly competent guys.
And although my French is fine for most contexts, I’m much happier to be able to discuss car issues in English. (at the Audi dealer, I feel they take advantage of my limited French automobile vocabulary. It’s not a nice feeling.)
Tudor P
Dec 3, 2019 by Tudor P
Definitely a garage I will return to. Both Nathan and Emmanuel took the time to talk with me on the phone - I work in London but live in Switzerland and my E-Class Mercedes air suspension was leaking down. I booked the car in, dropped it off at the arranged time and they had the repair done within a couple of hours - when I had made arrangements to allow them a whole day by working from a company office in Geneva. They exceeded my expectations and the cost was really competitive - less than I had expected. Expertise, honesty. What more would one want from a garage?
rob d
Sep 11, 2018 by rob d
Had this Garage recommended to me by a colleague (Pitstop Paquis) Emmanuel (speaks English perfectly) is very thorough and extreemly fair with pricing.
I took my Volvo there that i had bought 2nd hand to see if there was anything that needed doing to it ie Cam Belt, before a very long drive to my daughters wedding. He simply said we didnt need to do any work on it and filled up the fluids and came away in the knoweledge that the car was fine for 75CHF for a total check up. Amazingly HONEST will definately go back.
Janeth O
Dec 15, 2016 by Janeth O
We've had a bit of an unlucky run with our car in the past couple of months...first a punctured tire and soon after we were rear-ended by a motor bike resulting in considerable damage. Emmanuel was helpful and flexible in dealing with each of the situations. As our French is not yet up to speed, the fact that he speaks English is a plus. For the repair, he quickly sorted out the insurance and provided a loaner car. End to end the process took just five days with the car returned in perfect condition. In a city where customer service is not generally to a high standard, Emmanuel and his Pitstop team stand out.
Jimmy G
Dec 9, 2016 by Jimmy G
I had my UK Jaguar X-Type repaired here; the job turned out to be a tricky one but was done very well and with a good price. Would definitely recommend Pitstop and use again. Nathan (at Satigny garage) is a top guy!
Emi L
Nov 19, 2016 by Emi L
Emmanuel speaks perfect English, which helps because I would struggle to explain every little thing that goes wrong with my car every time I have to take it in!

He ran a check on my car because it was bunny hopping, right there and then, even though I could see he was really busy in the middle of another job. He was honest and just told me if I was going to be driving to the UK for Christmas, then to get it fixed there because it would be so much cheaper!

His services are a reasonable price for Geneva. He is very thorough.

My car always come back washed and cleaned. Nice touch!

Would recommend if you need an English speaking garage.
Mar 17, 2015 by moyse
I've dealt with Pitstop (mostly Paquis, but also Satigny) and have always been impressed by their professionalism and (for the region) low price.

Recently though they blew me away with their honesty - it's a long story, but after doing something very stupid I left the car with them for a week, and was expecting an absolutely enormous bill. When I got there they explained that the bulk of the work done had been due to a defective part they installed. They then explained that because of this they would therefore absorb the cost, and try to recover it from their supplier. Remember that if they'd presented me the full bill, I would have (very sadly) paid it.

I'm incredibly impressed with them, and would recommend Pitstop to anyone.
Gennaro S
Jan 22, 2014 by Gennaro S
Honest, but seriously, only in GVA this establishment can get 5 stars because others places are SO crap.
The place is ok. Work they do is what you pay whix should be a standard but not in the world capital of ripoff that GVA is. And in my case they mounted theglass cleaners in a bit of a funny way. You go there you get what you pay for, but ain't no bargain. Just avoid evryone else in the GVA area.....
Dec 22, 2013 by Juiceman
Based on the reviews I decided to give Pitstop at Satigny a try. Well I honestly cannot give the service I received 5 stars like so many on this review blog have done.
Sep 24, 2013 by misskate
My car insurance had given up after the hail storm and by the time August rolled around, I was told just to take it to a garage, any garage and have it repaired. I read the reviews about Pitstop on glocals and decided to give them a try. I dropped off my Suzuki golf ball (it was quite a hailstorm) out in Satigny. They had my car for a little over a week (and I drove their courtesy Smart car for chf15/work day). They called and I picked up a gleaming, like new Swift that had been cleaned inside and out. The service was fantastic (they got in touch with my insurance and took care of everything!) and I would definitely go there again, though let's hope we don't get another hail storm. I highly recommend them.
Phillip Hagan
Jul 2, 2013 by Phillip Hagan
Emmanuel was very helpful and my car was in and out in a day. They were very professional and honest. I had lots of information about what needed to be done and also what was advisable to be done, but not necessary right away. Once I confirmed, Emmanuel and his team did the job to a very high standard.

I would highly recommend. Some people say take your car to France, but I think Pitstop is a better option, albeit a slightly more expensive option . . . you pay for what you get though.
SimonS S
Jun 14, 2013 by SimonS S
Excellent service. Reasonable price. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Emmanuel and his team really do care. I would absolutely recommend them.
Mark H
May 28, 2013 by Mark H
I have used them several times and would highly recommend them. They are happy to explain every thing in great detail if you want, and speak fluent English which is helpful if you are new to France/Switzerland and only speak basic French. If you need a hire car, they can give you one at an extremely cheap rate whilst they work on your car too which is very helpful. They even cleaned the inside of my car for free after finishing the work :)

The only issue I had is the Vernier garage is really hard to spot, so you have to look very carefully for the sign.
John H
May 24, 2013 by John H
Excellent experience from PitStop.. They don't normally sell cars but had one for sale, price was good but the service and overall experience was excellent. Emmanuel went above and beyond and assisted with all the paperwork as well as preparing car to a standard well above what I was happy with. Basically a cheap run about but it was treated the same way as if it was a prestige car.
I'll definately be back when it's time for a service and would recomend them to all of my colleagues.
Gene M
Mar 13, 2013 by Gene M
Very happy with their attitude, price and work on what was a tricky job. I am happy to recommend Nathan and the crew
Kevin M
Apr 26, 2012 by Kevin M
Just used Lane 2 vernier, Nathan very helpful, perfect english. Car was in for 2 days but had a nice alfa romeo replacement car in the mean time. Price was also very reasonable. Will be back.
Apr 11, 2011 by Lucy_5679
I took my car to Pitstop following the great reviews on Glocals.
Couldn't be happier with the price and work carried out. Emmanuel was incredibly helpful and dealt directly with the insurance company no my behalf.
If you are needing any kind of work to be carried out on your car, I would strongly recommend you use PitStop.
Apr 7, 2011 by susflo
And now you can hear Emmanuel on Motoring On every Monday after 1230 on The Mix on WRS.

New topic every week. Next one, April 11, will be on buying a car in Switz. If you have a story to tell - good or bad - please tell us. Or a question. Call the show's hotline - 0840 678910 any time and leave a voicemail or send me a text with your tale or query to [email protected]. Cheers and thanks! Susan
Chris S
Feb 11, 2011 by Chris S
Emmanuel is a excellent guy to deal with. Really knows his stuff and does an excellent job. Definitely highly recommended!
Will definitely use in the future.
Feb 10, 2011 by b_karma
Couldn't agree more with the other reviews. Emmanuel is top notch, and will do everything he can to prevent you from paying too much (when possible).
Ben Raynor
Feb 9, 2011 by Ben Raynor
Totally excellent experience. Emmanuel, the proprietor, who is bilingual in French and English, sorted me out with a reasonably priced set of winter tyres during the heavy snow last November. Highly responsive and good prices - the garage is immaculate. You also get a courtesy car for free the first time round, to take with you while your car is being fixed. Second time round it is about 15CHF per day. Good value.
Nov 23, 2010 by jwstorey
By far the best garage experience I have ever had both within Switzerland and the UK. It is admittedly a bit tricky to find, but the effort most definitely pays off. Thoroughly recommended.
Carlos N
Jul 25, 2010 by Carlos N
An excellent place to get repair work on your car. Emmanuel is very friend and easy to get along with. He also takes time to explain the situation and check with you if there is any additional work that needs to be performed. I've never trusted a mechanic as they usually tend to over-charge and/or make up more work than necessary, but this is the first time I have a mechanic and his team that I trust. Would greatly appreciate it if they move their operations to the US when I move back.
The only bad thing about the garage is that it is a little out of town and the sign is hard to find if you aren't sure where the turn-off is. However, it is a minor inconvenience as compared to trying to explain to a mechanic in French what is wrong with the car when you don't know how to say the words in French.
Overall, I recommend this place to anyone, whether you are bringing a car purchased in Switzerland or importing your car from another country (personal experience), this is the place to get it serviced.
Xylenia A
Jul 23, 2010 by Xylenia A
After reading the reviews here I decided to take our car to Emmanuel @ Pitstop for him to check it, clean the engine anyway, just to leave the car ready for the mechanical inspection at carouge. Excellent service. Great prices. Can not agree more with what everybody else has said about Pitstop Garage.
c k
Jul 20, 2010 by c k
In a city known for bad service and high prices, Pitstop seems to have skipped that lesson at school.
Excellent attentive service, fairest prices in town.
I'm not a car person and I am very pleased that they did what they said they'd do, that they didn't overcharge, and they answered all of my questions to the point of exhaustion.
Now, if only there was a restaurant like Pitstop, I'd be there every day.
Sasithorn S
Jul 10, 2010 by Sasithorn S
Emmanuel is great and very professional. I inquired about changing the car brakes through e-mail. He was prompt in replying, providing valuable information and a good price. I truely appreciated his advice/assistance and highly recommend Pitstop garage to glocals members and friends. Thanks.
Jun 10, 2010 by extremal
Emmanuel was a great help, I highly recommend him to all my friends - he and his team are doing a great job :)
Jun 7, 2010 by tiger_eyes
Emmanuel is simply the best mechanic in Geneva. I'm a complete dolt when it comes to car maintenance and I've been taken advantage of in Geneva by other garages. After taking my late model BMW to several other garages to fix a problem with the brakes and getting repeatedly screwed by mechanics who did not fix the problem and overcharged me, I found PitStop. He is professional, honest, punctual.
Jun 7, 2010 by wallstbanker
Good value harnessed by Expertise



Able to get the work done, being honest in doing so.

Thank YOU
Jun 5, 2010 by Avi_
Great service, expert knowledge, professional attitude and reasonable prices.
I go there every time.
Jun 1, 2010 by atoll
after seeing the good reviews and a friend telling me about their reasonable prices, i brought my car to pitstop just to re-attach the interior rear mirror that had fallen off and i had tried in vain to glue back on to the window .. however, one of my tires was about to explode and i had a serious problem on the front left wheel, which i hadn't seen !! they advised me of the cheapest option and fixed it (they even managed to save me changing one piece) .. it came to several hundred francs and i joke that it was expensive just for a mirror, but in reality they probably saved my life ! and they gave me a smart car for 2 days, hoovered my car before giving it back to me, found 2 identical brand tires to mount so i could re-use the 2nd good one later if needed etc. etc .. they are reaaaaaaaaally nice guys and very friendly .. at least one speaks fluent english .. they were also quick with the rendez-vous, i called friday and went by monday .. seriously, cars are expensive no matter where you go and the tires were the same price as elsewhere but i did get the impression the blokes were dedicated and honest .. i'll be going back for my services .. they are a bit out in the boonies it's true, but it's handy for me as i work at the airport and it's out in the rive droite countryside in peney which i much prefer to having to cross to some garage on rive gauche at 6pm which would have included traffic jams and hassle ! .. ladies : the guys are handsome too LOL .. irrelevant i know, but just wondered if u read my whole review !! LOL
May 17, 2010 by ajib
Very impressed by PitStop. Delightful staff and excellent mechanics who obviously love what they do and really care about cars. As a girl who just wants her car to be safe and in perfect working order, for the first time in my life I feel I can trust that the people working on my car are doing the best job they can. Highly recommended - and they will even give you a car to use whilst you car is being worked upon.
Mar 16, 2010 by Plums

Simply great... ! With that all essential human touch!
Well being a self confessed car nut and owning 3 very special cars... I always look for that special care for mine.... were I know my car will be taken care of as if it was one of there very own! It has been very difficult (read nightmare) for me to find a good garage in Geneva or France... with many garages doing very poor work at ridiculous prices and being insulted when returning due to their poor work I was starting to lose hope and had no more confidence in garages! Then I found Pitstop.... I couldn't believe how well these guys worked and how passionate they are about the work they do! Taking the time to explain and diagnose problems with a logic and proffesionallism I've never seen before.... At last I have no fears of taking my beloved vehicules to a garage but only one garage (Garage pitstop!) Plus a price that is very pleasing....

So to summarise if you care about great treatment of you and your car then you will find no better garage than Garage Pitstop......

Mar 14, 2010 by Sandokan
Probably the most helpful garage I've come across in Geneva, covering a wide range of vehicles (even sports cars like M3s). And in particular, willing to take a look and normally resolve issues with older vehicles without resorting to the extraordinary cost of the rip + replace approach used consistently by many garages I've spoken with in Geneva (especially the mainline dealers). It's a little bit out of the way, but if you have checked it is right next door to Pneu-Claude so most of us go up that way twice a year for the winter/summer tyre change anyway (I get my car serviced at the same time!). Or if you ask up-front they'll let you take one of their Smart cars for only 15chf/day. And if you ask nicely beforehand, they may be able to drop you at the end of bus line 6, which is a 3 min drive or 20 min walk away, and runs straight back into the center of town in 20 mins. There's the car jet wash en route also. Think 3 of the 4-5 people that work there speak good English, except the owner that speaks America, poor boy ;-) Grew up with the motor & racing trade (grandfather, father, uncles...) and must say, my feeling is Garage Pitstop has never fed me b*s, it is a reliable outfit that charges a very reasonable and honest price for their work. They do pretty much all the work on both my cars (BMW & Audi), from insurance jobs to bodywork to servicing to tyres. Would prefer they were closer to the center of town as that's were we live, but I'm fine with making a little effort to use a garage I feel I can trust.
Mar 14, 2010 by bernardod
After trying several other garages and experiencing sky-high prices, poor service and consistent language-barrier problems with them, I tried Pitstop Garage on the recommendation of a friend. They really are excellent. I have had the car repaired and serviced several times and have just booked the car in for bodywork ... following a close encounter with a wall. Emmanuel always responds quickly by email to questions and has been exceptionally helpful and accommodating. Unlike other garages, he has often suggested things that have actually saved me money (like tracking down non-genuine wiper blades and other parts that I had not been able to find). This garage is a real 'find' and although it may take you a few more minutes to get there, it's well worth it. It's hassle free, good value, great service and reasonably priced. I have recommended them to several friends and they have also been very happy with the work.
Posted By:
Nir Ofek
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