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REMOR Cafe - Glacier
6 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Breakfast_Brunch

"3 Place du Cirque, 1204"

phone: (022) 328 12 70
website: http://none
Member Reviews (6)
Feb 25, 2011 by GHOSH
The best cafe in Geneva and great location. It is closest to a Parisienne cafe you will probably find in the city. The behaviour and service is not very friendly, since the place is always crowded there is not much time for exchanging pleasantries. The music is great and they always have some art exposition there and you can buy stuff too. Great place to hang out with friends. The vanille glace, avec sauce au chocolat and chantilly is the best in all of Geneva. The salad and quiche are good too, so the ramequin fromage and the fondant au chocolat are good. Nice place to sit and read or work on your laptop, though sometimes its annoying when the internet does'nt work there.
Jan 24, 2008 by Corrado
Nice cozy place. A little bit too smoky in winter.
Jan 9, 2008 by coquemont
"This place is one of my favorites. The ice-cream is to die for, service is not always quick but always friendly, what can I say? The beer is cold and the planche apero really hits the spot. Free Wifi, 3 outlets to plug in, go there, read, eat, drink, laugh, smoke (except for during lunch! ), its a great place."
Feb 22, 2007 by Hoiling
"Very Very smoky place, great coffees, geneva style choccolate (me not likey). Nice for a quick coffee or to read the news paper if you don't mind the smoke. Used to ge there every sunday but haven't been in a year. The service used to be ok, not a lot of english spoken and the ice cream and salads ok."
Feb 20, 2007 by Susie
Very busy place since its always full of Genevans. Very well known for its excellent 3 dishes salads (non vegetarians will love them too) and ice-creams. It can get a bit trendy with that bourgeois but cool and eccentric type of people that come here -just stare them down. Definitely a must for brunch. Only downside is in the summer when everybody's crammed in as little space as possible and the Geneva style service. :)
Feb 20, 2007 by Crepe
"Too smoky, but still a classic place for a 30 minutes meeting with coffee."
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