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Raj Mirpuri tailor made suits
11 Reviews
Categories:  Professional Services  >  Others
Keywords:  Raj Mirpuri bespoke tailoring suits

9 Place du Molard, 5th Floor
1204 Geneva

phone: +41 22 816 3780
website: http://www.mirpuri.com/
94 Bahnhofstrasse, 1st Floor
8001 Zurich

110 New Bond Street, 1st Floor
London W1S 1EB

Raj Mirpuri do tailor made suites and shirts, and I loved what they did for me!

I went there to get a suit. Chose the fabric and style, and then they took my measurments. I came back to another measurment and then got the result back: amazing! Sits way better than other suits I just bought off the shelf.

Being a cheap dog I went for the cheaper fabric (came out at CHF 1000 for full suit). You can go for much classier stuff.

Highly recommended for good suits.

Their shirts look great too, but I didn't try them.
Member Reviews (11)
Ravi R
Oct 22, 2018 by Ravi R
I needed a tux for my wedding on rather short notice. A colleague recommended Raj Mirpuri and my (now) wife and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome! Hemanth's counseling and guidance helped me quickly navigate through what I did and did not want and get the perfect ensemble together for the occasion. The materials and fit were perfect for both the dinner jacket and the shirts. As others have said, both the quality and the service are impeccable! Thanks again!
Prashanth Jayaraman
Aug 24, 2018 by Prashanth Jayaraman
I had three suits made recently and I'm very happy with the results. Hemanth was very knowledgeable and helpfpul throughout the process and the finished item was very satisfactory

I look forward to shopping at Raj Mirpuri again!
Sylvestre BENA
Jan 30, 2018 by Sylvestre BENA
I ordered a wedding suit with some theme specificities and I was not just perfectly counseled but got a splendid ensemble that surpassed my expectations. I highly recommand Raj Mirpuri's tailor made suits both for there quality and the impeccable service.
Thorsten S
Jan 18, 2017 by Thorsten S
Since 2011 I have bought 6 suits from Raj Mirpuri and about a dozen shirts. The quality of the products is top notch and so is the fit.

I do admit that when I come with a BuyClub voucher I usually pay extra. However, that is not due to Raj's sales technique but due to the fact that I select a better cloth than is included in the voucher or some other add-on. During this process Raj is helpful with his opinion on what will fit me and what might not.

My advice would be that if you want a cheap suit, go get it elsewhere but if you want something that reflects you and your style, then this is the place to get it made. I like my suits for example with a slight seventies touch, e.g. pants with a flare. I initially came in with that idea and a picture and together we created the design and Raj implemented it perfectly. Needless to say that I have not bought an off the rack suit since discovering this place.

Dec 24, 2016 by Doctornurse
So, I have bought several shirts from Raj and this year bought a pair of suits from him using the BuyClub coupon and had a superb experience every time.

Okay, so what I would say in reading the comments here is that there is a subtle difference between "high end" and "bespoke" tailoring. You as the customer should approach a bespoke tailor with a clear vision of what you want in order to set correct expectations given that they can offer so much more than a high end tailor...

Raj's job- like all bespoke tailors selling premium garments- is to sell suits and will make lots of suggestions for your purchase. But he is also in the business of cultivating customer loyalty and so he *completely* understands that the customer is free to accept or decline his suggestions as the customer sees fit.

The thing that you should understand going into this experience is that Raj can make literally hundreds of individual suggestions of varying cost to every little part of the garment from buttons to linings to hem style to fabric to accompanying pieces and on and on.

If you are not sure what YOU want, or if this is your first bespoke buying experience it can get a little dizzying and it may seem more pressurised than it is....

Of course, this is all subjective, but my advice? Do a bit of research before you go, understand what YOU like and what looks good on YOU and prioritise accordingly.

Decide ahead of time if you want a flashy lining, or if you prefer a full, half or quarter break on the trousers? Will this suit be a daily driver, or just for special occasions? You want to wear suspenders? Need coordinating trousers? Do you have a preference for the difference in feel between 80 and 120 weight wool? You prefer an Italian or British silhouette? You want a full lining or half lining in the trousers? Will this be a winterweight or all season garment? Do you have enough shirts? How do you feel about monogrammes?

These (and dozens more) are all beautiful customisation options that a bespoke tailor like Raj can (and will!) offer and that is what sets him apart from Hugo Boss, Boggi or Cuccinelli.

When you know what you want and have a solid budget, and then you can feel free to accept or decline any his suggestions very easily, with a touch of class and with zero fuss on either side =)

In my case, I came in with several photos as to what I wanted my suits to look like and discussed this with Raj. I came in when I had lots of time to chat and to go back and forth on all the options and was relaxed and enjoyed the discussion throughout.

As expected, Raj made several very helpful suggestions of varying cost that helped me crystallise my vision of how I wanted these suits to look.

Since I knew what I wanted, I declined many of his suggestions, but accepted several others which really made the suits completely unique and a kick-ass reflection of my taste and personality.

Did this come at a small premium to the initial BuyClub price? Yes.

However, I now have made a wonderful investment in a pair of beautifully made suits that fit PERFECTLY, make me look fantastic, are completely bespoke, of the very highest quality, and even with a few extras, cost substantially below market value for a hand-made garment of this quality.

What's not to like???

So do a bit of research, stay in control of the discussion, and remember that not many get to purchase a garment made *specifically* to your exact measurements and specifications- So relax, enjoy the experience, and have fun with it!

(Helpful hint? Take your significant other with you! S/he can provide a second pair of eyes, and will be happy to see how amazing you will look afterwards!)

Eric Pallistrini
Dec 19, 2016 by Eric Pallistrini
Just picked up a suit from Raj and was asked to leave a review. After reading some of the comments below, which seem very personal and borderline racist, I can understand why he asked me too.

I have been buying suits and shirts from Raj for several years now and I think the thing that people forget is that tailoring takes time. When I ordered my first suit, we had to go through a couple of fittings, but that was the point of going to a tailor. If I wanted something quick I would just drop into any other store and pick something up.

Now that he has all my records, ordering is pretty straight forward and more time is spent catching up rather than anything else.

I guess the relationship is personal, but I’ve never found him to be aggressive. He does suggest different options, but surely thats part of giving you a choice? We stumbled across the perfect fabric for my wedding months before I was planning to order it and he kept the record until I was ready (financially) to go ahead with it.

Still quite surprised about some of the comments!
Eric Abrial
Dec 16, 2016 by Eric Abrial
I highly recommend anyone to avoid this address.
First 5 minutes should have actually warned me as I suffered through a very agressive and painful sales experience where Mr Mirpuri pushed to buy some add-ons (better fabrics, etc.). I felt like in a market somewhere in India. Then when the first suit came, it was like 3 sizes bigger, and the multiple adjusting/fitting which followed were catastrophic (even had a fight with him when he accused me of lying although fault was on them - he at least admitted it later). Today I can say I own a Mirpuri suit that I never wear because it simply looks awful. Do not do the same mistake.
Mijo B
Dec 7, 2016 by Mijo B
The quality of suits and shirts is high, no doubt about that, but Raj Mirpuri's sales technique is quite aggressive. You will end up paying much more than you expected.

When I returned to buy several shirts without a voucher, Raj promised he would give me a discount, but never did, and instead charged me the full price. Disappointing.
Hemanth Mirpuri
Dec 1, 2016 by Hemanth Mirpuri
FULL DISCLOSURE - I am the son of Raj Mirpuri and do work for the company. I am normally in Geneva on Monday and Tuesday and then in our Zurich showroom for the rest of the week. As I cannot reply as the ‘company’, I thought it best I reply directly - that way if any Glocals members have any questions or comments, they know who to contact directly.

To Safaribarbar and GeoJusto, we always welcome feedback (positive and negative) and it is unfortunate that you felt that you could not inform us directly of your experience so that we could do our best to resolve them and accommodate you. As a family run company that has been around since 1976 we value each and every one of our clients and look forward to welcoming them in our stores again and again.

To address your concerns individually:

Safaribarbar - unfortunately we do not know who you are, so we cannot comment specifically on your order. With regards to the extra charges, the voucher does make it clear that bespoke suits for ladies are more expensive and there would be an additional fee payable at the store.

With regards to your trousers after the dry-cleaning, please do bring them into us. We have been able to help clients in the past recover the cost of a suit from the dry cleaner as they had not taken the proper care when handling them.

All of our suits are hand finished and use a full floating canvas, therefore we would recommend that clients select a reputable dry cleaner that is used to handling bespoke tailored items.

We normally recommend that you dry-clean your suit only 3-4 times a year unless they have been stained.

GeoJusto - Dear Mr. Justo, I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your experience with my father. Most clients do turn into friends and indeed some prefer to only order directly from him, rather than me because of the relationship that has been built up over the years. I remember us having a pleasant conversation about how tough it has been to learn French, but I did not know that the rest of your experience was not as enjoyable.

With regards to the time taken to create your bespoke shirts, we do try to stress to clients that this is a bespoke handmade garment and that creating it does take time. As it was your first order with us, we have to ensure that we get the pattern correct, so that future orders are able to be delivered much faster.

I do note though, that there were no changes to the fitting of your bespoke suit and I hope that you are enjoying it.

If any other members have any queries or questions, about our service or Bespoke Tailoring in general, please do not hesitate to contact me at hrm@mirpuri.com or on 022 816 3780. You are also very welcome to drop into the showroom (7 Place du Molard) on Monday or Tuesday to chat to me and my father is there the rest of the week.
Oct 14, 2016 by safaribarbar
Some time ago I also bought a suit lured by the Buyclub coupon. A friend did it before, and he had a good deal and nice suit. But for me, it turned out to be a complete ripoff. First of all, I had to pay waaaaay more because of all the "extra's", and I found it very difficult to deal with his sales techniques. Secondly, the quality is not good at all. One pair of pants I could throw away after the second dryclean. I recommend to avoid this place.
Oct 11, 2016 by geojusto
Strangely, the bad reviews have disappeared.

Raj is an agressive salesman. You will be lured by a buyclub coupon for a custom made suit for CHF500, but he will agressively try to sell you lots of extras.

He will brag on how rich he is and how he does not need to use coupons (although he is using them all the time) and how confident you (the customer) must be to have a custom made suit. Sales bla bla bla. Very tiring and time consuming.

I've orded 4 custom shirts too. They had the sleeves too short. It took another month for the shirts to be fixed and delivered.

I was disappointed with the experience and will not go back.
Posted By:
Nir Ofek
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