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Restaurant Espresso Club
16 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Italian

Rue des P?quis 25

phone: 022 738 84 88
Member Reviews (16)
Sep 22, 2017 by videlme
Simply awful! After ten years of loving this place, awful waiter (where did the previous one go???), arrogant pizzaiolo (the same who used to be lovely!!) and the sole desire to make the maximum profit in a minimum amount of time...I will not return...and would not recommend to anyone...
Nov 2, 2010 by alex1970
In keeping with everbody else, this place is some of the best pizza in town for sure.
However, I have just been there tonight with Sarah Jane, early on a Tuesday evening. Two other gents sitting eating at the bar; far from busy.
I was to have a pizza, my friend not eating. We ordered drinks then the waiter came to take the order; I ordered my pizza, but due to SJ not eating we were asked to leave !! In a small restaurant such as this I totally understand the concept of having to eat on a busy weekend evening, but we were the 3rd and 4th customers.
Absolutely incredulous treatment from a very arrogant waiter. We paid for drinks and left.
I have visited this place many many times, but this was the last time. We both left laughing as we couldn't believe the arrogance and the treatment.
Guidone N
Apr 21, 2010 by Guidone N
Not the original italian pizza, but nonetheless very good and tasty, pasta is great as well (and generous helpings make the rest), very friendly and efficient service. Just, I got watered wine in a couple of occasions... Now, only beer!
Mar 10, 2010 by RemyS
For me it's the best pizza's in town by far (not that I remember eating many better ones in other cities..)
They also own 2 other restaurants, Olio and Vino in the old town (no pizza's however, but like 20 huge different recipes of Penne), and Camilio's Place rue du stand.
Dawn Best
Mar 10, 2010 by Dawn Best
Fast delicious food and great staff!!
Jan 21, 2009 by mbanderson
"The best pizza in Geneva, and they have a new location new Jonction..."
Jun 18, 2007 by LoopyChew
"Pretty much the place to go for pizza. As mentioned by another user it's not really true Italian pizza but the concoctions they come up with are marvelous! Speedy, friendly service and delicious food are worth your twenty."
May 12, 2007 by iangeneva
"Amazingly friendly and efficient service. They'll always find you a place to sit, even if you have to wait a bit and the guy serving and taking orders really seems in control of things. BUT while the pizzas and pasta are nice and original, they are more the owner's pastiche adaptation than something properly Italian. So while it's tasty, it's not the place to go for proper Italian pizza or pasta."
Apr 20, 2007 by hyphen1
high marks for busy entertaining ambiance and a casual place to meet friends. Pasta is real good but maybe too al_dente for some. The pizzas I saw come out of the ovens were all burnt (?). Prepare to wait as the line up for a seat is out the door onto the street where peeps sip vino rosso. price is right too. They treat you well
Mar 14, 2007 by Lifesaver
"By far the best pizza and pasta..... the service is for a lot in the appreciation, there are very friendly and efficient. All together I love the place"
Mar 4, 2007 by zenbrain
"IMHO it is the best pizza in town. Good flavor and quality toppings. The place is inadequate for big groups and/or long meals. However, you are almost sure to have a good time in groups of 2/3 persons."
Feb 15, 2007 by Throttle
"fantastic restaurants, eating very different pizza from the rest of the italian restaurants in Geneva where the pizzallio are hardly itlians. Try the Seasame coated pizza"
Feb 6, 2007 by fuzzyshoe
Ditto to the last review....the pasta is so immense I recommend starving yourself beforehand. When I was last there they messed up my pizza and made another one right away while serving the 'faux' one to everyone on the house. And the best part? it's right next to gelatomania ;) so save some space for dessert.
Feb 6, 2007 by MiniKermit
"Great food, nice service and nice atmosphere ! The best thing is that it's one of the only place where you can eat late during the week ! If you come at 11h30, they will be pleased to cook for you ! I really like this place :-)"
Feb 6, 2007 by CharlieRobo
Love this place for an intimate coffee or a relaxed meal. Very friendly atrmosphere - just an easy and laid back place to be!! If anyone wants to meet there just let me know!
Feb 5, 2007 by Cocoajoe
"This is possibly the most enjoyable, no nonse, pizza places in the City.. Small, with limited seating, it is still cozy and friendly, with the quick turn over on the seats it isn't a long wait till you get a seat. And it is worth the wait, thin crust pizza with lots of fresh toppings. Big Honking bowls of Pasta with sauces you don't find anywhere in the city (like Maple Syrup sauce yummm). I recommend this place to everyone that I know and anyone new that I meet. No reservations taken, it is a first come, first serve place, so get there around 7ish if you want to be sure of a seat."
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