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36 Reviews
Categories:  Night Life  >  Dance Clubs

4 rue Arnold-Winkelried

phone: (022) 310 55 98
website: http://www.shakers.ch/
Member Reviews (36)
Jan 22, 2016 by Charlie
Closed down....
Pierre A
Dec 3, 2013 by Pierre A
Not a great place, that I know because I follow friends there sometimes.
Last time, as usual it was dead, 10 to 20 persons, and I saw a fight, a guy was attacked by another, the guy had his nose bleeding, and instead of being assisted by the crew, he was sent off the club.
No, there are many other better places to enjoy the nightlife in Geneva. I do not advise to go there.
Lene G
Nov 29, 2012 by Lene G
Shakers is absolutely great!
Friendly english spoken staff, good pricing, music and ambience that makes you feel like dancing on the bar. It s a partyplace where you can let your hair down and party like there is no tomorrow.
It s a blast every time I go there :)
Oct 15, 2012 by catalin
A longtime expats in Geneva favorite ... and remember... "what happens at Shakers stays at Shakers!" ;)
Siobhan Kelly
Aug 10, 2012 by Siobhan Kelly
A night out in Geneva is not complete without a stop by Shakers! Cool music, nice (well priced) drinks and friendly staff. Just trust me and go check it out for yourself. . .you won't regret it! ;)
Oct 28, 2011 by Onis
Shakers is very friendly place, 2 years ago I was there nearly every weekend :-) I might be agree with some people about quality of music and design, but who cares if you want to spend a good night out with friends? Never been such troubles as bad conditioning, overprices for drinks and dress-code, which is quite rare for Geneva's popular spots.
Lisa M
Oct 27, 2011 by Lisa M
I agree with Tryky. I like going to Shakers as well, a few times is okay, you get a great night out of it, but I often get a bit sick of hearing the same songs every time I go there, so I try other clubs that have less commercial music. It's a great club, but you can't get too much out of a good thing.
alex vasilescu
Oct 27, 2011 by alex vasilescu
it sounds like an unhappy moment and I understand your dissappointment BUT it is not the politic of the club to "ripp customers off", Shakers remains "the place to be" during the week, prices are fair, there is a large community of expats comming and exchanging their will to party or to simply have a chat arround a glass, I m sure it was a missunderstanding
Oct 26, 2011 by Tryky
For me Shakers is a B plan.
I do respect what Billy wants to do with his club, ie a friendly place where you can go withtout being a millionaire, but I love to go in a place where the music is something else than the main stream NRJ or One fm radio hit and where the dj deserve being called this way.

Anja I
Oct 26, 2011 by Anja I
I love it I do!!

If you're looking for a fun place which is not pretentious and where the prices are actually affordable, Shakers is the place to go!

Service is friendly and atmosphere is great.
Go there, you won't be disappointed!
Jason Ellison
Oct 26, 2011 by Jason Ellison
I have been in Geneva for 8 years now, and the night club I end up in the most is Shakers. The staff is friendly and the DJ's are off the hook!

They have great events, they do birthday's and special events upon request.

They are relaxed about dress code, which is a very rare thing in Geneva.

Great music, Awesome atmosphere! there is a cover charge and a small 2chf coat-check, but that is standard practice in this town.

Maurin Ciquié
Oct 26, 2011 by Maurin Ciquié
Shakers is the place to go if you fancy a place where drinks are not expensive, people are friendly (crowd, bartenders, bouncer etc).

Music is kinda what you can find in Geneva's night club. They have awesome special nights.

Anyway, shakers is one of the places in Geneva you HAVE to go to, a least once. Make your own decision, and have fun there ;)
Elizabeth E
Sep 8, 2011 by Elizabeth E
I've been to Shakers a couple times, its your generic top-40 nightclub, nothing spectacular. Tonight I was ripped off. The Wednesday special is pay 40fr, get your drinks free. When I got in, I paid 42fr (incl. the cost to check in my jacket) and entered the club. It wasn't until about 5-10 minutes later I realised I was supposed to have received a plastic bracelet to identify me as someone who had paid 40fr. I went back to the entry desk to request my bracelet but the answer was a flat no. If I didn't have the bracelet, I can't have paid forty francs (Even though I had). The man behind the coat check counter, apparently the owner, refused to believe that I had paid my 40fr. I even pulled the remaining money out of my wallet to show him to no avail. He was not interested. So basically, I paid 40fr and got nothing out of it. He did offer me a couple of drinks vouchers because he supposedly believed me - but if he believed me, why not give me the free drinks bracelet? Ridiculous. Very disappointed, was having a great night till this guy ripped me off.
Juliana Rezende
Aug 31, 2010 by Juliana Rezende
After having tried places like Java, Platinum and Sip, Shakers was a breath a fresh air to my party life... no pretentiousness, no bouncers on a power trip as Lyndsey j noted, the cheapest club prices I have seen so far. You pay entry, but you get a lovely flavor (and alcohol) full shaker.. I think that's a great deal. Since discovering this place, I have become almost a regular... going there at least one night every weekend. Ive even brought my best friend of her bachelorette party there, we all loved it!
Its a venue where people will recognise your face, are friendly and want to party! I feel a local already, and have met plenty of new friends there, and my weekends are not complete without going to shake it at Shakers, whether its 11pm or 3am, I always had a great time.
lyndsey j
Aug 24, 2010 by lyndsey j
best discovery i have made in Geneva.
Went here with a big group of friends and we all got in (so none of the usual Geneva door staff on a power trip). Manager greeted everyone with a smile and genuine interest. Got in, served super quickly and then on with the dancing and shots (was my friends leaving night). My only disappointment is that i was here 3 months before i found Shakers.. Really fairly priced drinks, variety of cocktails, excellent music, don't feel like it's the usual unfair girl to boy ratio either.. a fantastic club, open late, easily accessible and my favourite hotspot in Geneva without a shadow of a doubt. I am Bar staff in Geneva so i go out a fair bit, but nowhere even comes close... many more nights of yummy drinks and teasing their yummier staff to follow ;)
Nir Ofek
Apr 2, 2010 by Nir Ofek
Decent place for a dance. Prob for my is the often young ages, and the fact you got to be real drunk to get in the mood at Shakers.
Jul 14, 2009 by summermind
"this place rules! it's my favourite night club in geneva. compliments to the management that keeps up the special spirit and atmosphere over the years. shakers makes you feel welcome, at ease and not seldom ready to rock! just go with the flow, and cheers!!"
Oct 11, 2008 by wojtek
"Got there tonight (Fri) ~00:30 - place was *dead* less than 10 people total.
May 8, 2008 by AUINCH
"Great place to go.Atmosphere very alive, but then I guess you get that anywhere that everyone appears to be drunk?"
Feb 21, 2008 by Crepe
"Shakers has some new interesting Funky Djs these days. They're trying to make it an eclectic more urban place.

Shakers has been an amusing place since over ten years, and it's true; one must be careful of the drinks that make you go wild....."
Jul 6, 2007 by NOname
"Even though i dont live in GVA anymore Shakers was one of the places i used to Hangout frequently. Very nice place ,good people, nice music , COOPER is da man, Drinks are on me:P
check Shakers out and u wont lose."
Jul 5, 2007 by Good_One
"why d'U think masses go there & it is flooded? it ain't only because of Ulli & their black rain long iseland shakers -- things have to do with owner & with a bacchanalian atmosphere there :-))) OL go there, c'moneee!"
Jun 18, 2007 by LoopyChew
"Five stars because, you know, everyone goes to Shakers. Friendly service and staff, non-smoking dance floor (!), and good drinks between 20-30.-- make for good times, particularly if you're already a bit drunk. Mainstream haters beware, this place usually plays public favorites!"
Jun 17, 2007 by Cocoajoe
"It may cause more than a few people to roll their eyes, but everyone eventually ends up there. No attitude on dress code and 20chf for a big honking shaker more than make up for its faults. Yes you have to be drunk to enjoy it fully, but that generally is how everyone is once they arrive if not short after.
Ex-Pats love it, and love to hate it.. Music should be more dance and less mix but, music for the masses works too."
Apr 25, 2007 by swivelman
Take out a second mortgage before you go. Bought two large beers and a glass of wine - 38 CHF!! Someone's taking the piss me thinks...
Apr 11, 2007 by styles
"Before my nemesis 'scottingtonio' pisses on everyone's parade, I just thought that I'd say that this place kicks ass. after hours drinks with the bar staff are cool, and we often go to funky bars out of the way, that you wouldn't go to without knowing the guys...."
Mar 7, 2007 by Debbie
"Great place to dance, grab a yummy drink, and see a ton of people. Friendly staff and nice atmosphere. The music is fantastic, I always end up dancing the night away! And I have to agree with Vicky06, the Bahama mama shaker is also my favorite. :)"
Feb 26, 2007 by joellem88
"Love it! great end to the night... quite small but friendly, welcoming, no smoking downstairs :-) EXCELLENT music, tasty, yet dangerous shakers! and not overpriced."
Feb 22, 2007 by Vicky06
"Great place to wind down n let your hair loose...very warm & welcoming hosts in Billy and rest of the staff, to top it all great music as you go past midnite. Great variety of shakers cocktails with bahama mama being my favourite. Advisable to go before midnite on weekends to avoid waiting!"
Feb 20, 2007 by Dan_H
"One of those places where you know that you ll see some familiar faces. All round good laugh and not stuck up or overpriced as other so called Disco's.

An expat favourite........"
Feb 19, 2007 by zenbrain
"Shakers is a good disco. Why? Simply because it is one of the rare discos in Geneva that lets people in without much of a trouble. Also it is a expat friendly place.

Although I prefer the old location, the new venue seems to reach more consensus."
Feb 18, 2007 by Susie
"If you're an expat and dont want to dress up but still want to go out and have fun this is the place. Its great for groups and singles are always welcome here of course. Just one warning; be careful of how much you drink, just because the shakers are soooo good doesnt mean they're not strong. Remember beer goggles are not good especially if they're not going to be there the next morning when you wake up next to somebody..... :)) or in the gutter or in a cell.... :))

Feb 18, 2007 by Hoiling
"I love the place. It's always fun, laid back (and we a decent door policy), and we always have a blast whenever we go, no matter how many ppl we are. It's the one place in geneva that what it counts is the spirit more then anything else. .. and the cocktails are dangerous (but yummy!).
One motto to be remembered: What happens in Shakers stays in Shakers. All in all, i LOVE the place!!"
Feb 18, 2007 by keleko
Great place to go with a group of friends - reasonable prices - friendly bartenders - good music - and a special welcome from Billy who tries to make his place a home away from home...
Feb 15, 2007 by JackieChen
Small cosy place that can get really good if you bring your own party animal crowd. So far so good...we alway had great fun there. Billy & his team make efforts to see that we have a good time. That's one important plus!!
Feb 14, 2007 by KreziJiJi
"Noon: You wake up confused, haggard & totally blanking about what you did last night! Sound familiar? 2 AM the night before… Dinner, a drink-infused GoL event and you’ve ended up in the twilight zone i.e. Shakers… In case you forgot their names: Billy, Milli, Alain & our own Mr. Sark will greet you with a smile, mix you a yummy Shaker & help you drown in oblivion… I want to blame Forrest Whitaker but the truth is: I’ve done it before & will prolly do it again… I can’t help it… the music, the people, the ambiance – Shakers is def. the place to end your nights :o))))"
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