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Categories:  Health and Medical  >  Homeopathy
Keywords:  massage

rue des pâquis 11
Geneva 1201

phone: 0787000961
website: http://https://www.facebook.com/homsid
email: saysido@gmail.com

Homeopathy treats the whole person, so the remedies are prescribed to match not only your symptoms but your personality too. The more I can understand about you, your habits, thoughts,
feelings and moods, preferences and dislikes, responses and sensations, sleep patterns and so on, the more precisely I can match the remedy.


Massage can increase health and well being. The most frequent reaction after a relaxing massage is a feeling of well being. Massage enables the body to heal itself, increase oxygen flow
in the blood and release toxin in the muscles. It makes the skin more elastic, the joints less stiff and the muscles more flexibel. It helps the body maintain homeostasis, reduce stress and
anxiety, reduce pain, increase energy, flexibility and circulation, reduce inflammation, improve the immune response, improve sleep, reduce the risk of injury and speed healing time.

Looking forward to receiving you!
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sido s
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