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2 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Other
Keywords:  Speciality Turkish Cuisine

25-rue de Grand Pre
Genève 1202

phone: 022 740 4030
website: http://www.sofram.ch
email: [email protected]
Just came back from this jewel of an authentic restaurant, SOFRAM it means "my table" like welcome to my table. Really delicious home cooked feeling fresh food. Salads and dressings were crisp and mouth watering. Rice and all other dishes really flavourfull. Don't miss the soup and spicy sauces. This restaurant oficially opens on Monday January 3rd 2011. Long story how I got an invite but glad I did. Decor is clean and simple, two dining rooms and a terrace (front and back) and garden in the summer. Original artwork and decorations are on order from traditional Turkish artisans (yet to arrive). This will be a regular place for a quick sandwich or a nice realxing evening meal with friends, listening to traditional Turkish music. No alcohol is served. The food is what will advertise this place, and the hospitality of the owners and staff, no doubt about that. It is a welcome change from the other restaurants I have visited. They have the secret formula for Baklava too, really recommend it. I also asked about the "Maison de Sofram" goods for sale (dressings and sauces etc) they will be available in the near future. Really worth visiting. I don't really write reviews but had to for this place. Check it out for yourself.
Member Reviews (2)
Feb 25, 2011 by randa
We had a very nice dinner here. Fresh, authentic food. Great service.
likeating y
Jan 3, 2011 by likeating y
I like eating traditional food, specially Turkish food :) ...

Very very happy that will open today...they will see me often !!!

Thank you !!
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