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Suisse Transport
9 Reviews
Are you moving to a new apartment? Relocating to/ from house? You've just bought a new supper bed?
Let us congratulate you! It's really great to have changes in your life!

We are a transportation company based in Lausanne, but we work all around Switzerland. It's a great pleasure for us to help you in organization with you moving process!

We do the whole service starting from transportation, loading/unloading, assembling/disassembling, pack/unpack and cleaning. So, you can totally rely on us!

Send us a request with description about what you need to move from and to where with preferable date (if you are flexible, mention it in your request, it will give us some flexibility to find a better price for you). Don't forget to give us your contacts, we will discuss different options with you.

Hope to hear from you soon! And good luck with your relocation! :)
Member Reviews (9)
Diana M
Aug 28, 2017 by Diana M
Contrary to Lucy K, I might say NEVER go with CARBONIE!!

Before choosing a company to move inside the city we read some nice reviews from the company, some looked like made by themselves but still no negative posts so we went for them because they were the cheapest ones. BIG MISTAKE 

Looks that to be cheaper they sub-contracted a company which, at the beginning charged all small things very quickly, but the problem arrived with the closets, which they disassembled without marking any order and the screws all over the place. They took a very long time and then they had to come back another day to finishing the assembly. 

But the worst of all the story is that 2 days later we found by accident that they had broken parts from behind one closet and had put them together in a very bad manner and didn't say anything, which was dishonest but also dangerous, the closet was unstable and could have fallen in one of us or our small kids. 

Then the answer from the commercial guy M. Michon, was very agressive, and when I called he couldn't even give us an apology. 

So I don't recommend this company, don't try to save money, otherwise you'll have to expend it anyhow buying a new furniture as we have to do (or even worst, paying the hospital bill of a closet falling down on your head).
Lucy k
May 22, 2014 by Lucy k
Recently my husband and me moved from Geneva to Zurich. We spent quite a while for choosing a good mover or “man with a van service” for a reasonable price. At the end we decided to go for CARBONIE. I liked the company because they have a good customer service, they came to visit my apartment for making a quote and they were always available on the phone. The cool thing is that they provided us with free carton boxes.

Honestly, I was really stressed for the move. Even though that I knew that everything was settled in Zurich, I felt very nervous. The manager of the company was very nice with me and replied all my questions. He told that it was normal. Many clients react the same.

In arranged day I received a nice big van. The movers were working fast and accurate. Everything was made on time. I did not have to think about the order of things to be done because we discussed it in advance. All these things allowed me to calm down.

For the move we spent 2000CHF and I feel very glad that I picked this company up. I am strongly recommending this company.
Ann K
Jan 4, 2014 by Ann K
We were let down by our regis (surprise!) so one Monday had to find a company to move my husband and I and all our furniture from Lausanne to Munich the following Saturday. Mathieu came round that Monday afternoon, checked what we had, discussed what we required and sent us the (extremely competitive!) quote the same evening! This was service straight out of the top drawer.

As agreed, he and Claudio then came round at midnight on the Friday, loaded up the van and trailer (in seconds flat!) then Claudio drove the two of us overnight to Munich. He then unloaded the van, put up the furniture and returned to Lausanne without even resting - that guy is an absolute star.

Cannot recommend this company enough - they saved us when we thought we were lost and were friendly, professional, quick clean and fairly priced. Thanks Mathieu and Claudio, thank you so much.

Julija D
Aug 22, 2013 by Julija D
Moving is really a lot of stress and I think I chose the best quality for the price I paid. It’s very quick and cheap.
Eugene Smirnov
Aug 22, 2013 by Eugene Smirnov
I've recently moved from one flat in Lausanne to another one. It was not a difficult move but they helped me to clean and repaint the flat. It was really looking fine and money saving. I recommend it!
Olga Astafyeva
Aug 21, 2013 by Olga Astafyeva
I originally found that it was too expensive to move with Suisse Transport. But after I called other companies, they appeared to be the cheapest and since my husband had a back problem we decided to ask them. 4 persons worked for more than 12 hours and we saw some great job. Thanks again!
Aleksandr O
Aug 19, 2013 by Aleksandr O
I've recently moved from London to Lausanne and my friend advised me to take Suisse Transport. They are excellent professionals who know all about paperwork with customs, and all I needed to do was just sign the papers. I really liked that they were working like a Swiss watch.
Aug 18, 2013 by epanikas
I have been living for 15 years in the same flat. I had so many things that I wanted to throw away but I never did. 2 guys came and within 1 hour everything was gone. That was great! it’s like to start a new life.
Anna R
Aug 17, 2013 by Anna R
Very hospitable and helpful staff!
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Natalia S
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