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Sushi Train
8 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Asian

"21, rue Neuve du Molard"

phone: 41223102727
Member Reviews (8)
Oct 23, 2012 by annalisa
Another place NOT to go. If you want good sushi try the Misuji, the Nagano, Miyako, or ... the one in Eaux Vives I've forgotten the name, but do not waste your time and money in Sushi train. Food is really NOT good
Guidone N
Apr 21, 2010 by Guidone N
The place is nice, the sushi is not that bad (though limited assortment), the half-price from 19:30 to 22:30 makes it the most affordable sushi train in town.
Apr 15, 2010 by funkynoname
Ok so everyone says this is not the best place for sushi in town...and I agree. BUT the sushi is actually not so bad and it's half off after 19:30 and that you can't beat. Love sitting at the bar and grabbing things from the train - gotta usually go right around 19:30 otherwise there's a line, which should tell you that it really isn't that bad. Now if you want top of the line sushi and are willing to pay for it...go somewhere else but this is just fine for me if I feel like gorging myself on sushi and not go broke :P
James Martin
Mar 5, 2010 by James Martin
Only went the once. Waitress insisted on pouring my beers and made a pig's ear of it both times, choice of Sushi was limited and uninspired and ofcourse, it was expensive.
SiteAdmin Oded
Feb 15, 2010 by SiteAdmin Oded
The sushi is pretty good and the service was ok.

A bit pricey, but it is Geneva...
Aug 13, 2008 by LeoNomis
"The sushi isn't anything special, I suppose, but I like it anyway. Although there are no reservations, you can still just call up to ask whether it's crowded. Also, there's the occasional happy hour, where the sushi on the little train is 50% off."
Oct 10, 2007 by misskate
"We ended up not eating. While I understand the no reservation policy, they were not able to seat our group of seven after all of us arrived because the place they wanted to put us, that party lingered. So, while we waited, groups of three and four persons were seated at the bar area and in the seating area. If the hostess actually knew how to do her job, seating our party of seven would not have been a problem. So, finally after some of us had waited for close to an hour and all of us had waited for close to half an hour, we went to No Sushi, where they were far more accomodating."
Aug 15, 2007 by cosmicsnail
"I love this place. Simple sushi served to you on a little train if you sit at the sushi bar. They offer a happy hour where food is 1/2 price if you buy a drink, so the food works out to be very reasonably priced."
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