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Aug 4, 2016 by Kiriel
"A wee tip for you: if you think your trip will go over an hour (stopping at the shop on the way home from work for example) instead of buying a 1 hour ticket, then a second ticket after you have shopped, buy a multi-region 2 hour ticket (look for the one that covers Ferney). With a half price card, the 2 hour ticket only costs 2.70, saving you 1.90!"
Jan 11, 2011 by Zonker
Wish I could give a thumbs up to the two reviews below: very useful information!!!! i knew about the airport, but not about the other.

Another tip hidden in Kiriel's post which I only recently learned....

If you have a 50% card from the SBB/CFF, it also works on the ticket machines for the TPG. So, instead of paying 3.00 for a standard one-hour ticket, you pay 2.00!

Also, if you don't have exact change, keep your ticket and get your change at the TPG counter another day. Yeah, it's only 1-2 CHF, but then again, it's 1-2 CHF!
Feb 19, 2008 by danesa
"From Jan 1 2008, if you have just flown into Geneva, you can get a free bus/train ticket for Geneva area from a tpg automat in the baggage claim area just before customs. Really good to know."
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