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The Library in English
4 Reviews
Categories:  Education  >  Other
Keywords:  Library, Litterature, Culture, Books

Rue du monthoux 3
Geneva 1201

phone: 022 732 8097
website: http://thelibrary.ch
The Library in English is a non-profit, subscription library with an extensive collection of English books for adults and children. New books are added each week. The Library also hosts a weekly Story Hour for 3-to-7-year olds and holds second hand book sales twice a year.
Member Reviews (4)
Apr 20, 2010 by proserpine
My rating is for their biannual book sale. It is the greatest bargain in the city. There is a good selection and volunteers are very helpful. Next one is this weekend and I've been looking forward to it for weeks now! Just remember to bring cash and a bag to carry the books you purchase.
Dec 29, 2007 by GVAInfo
"We have been the member of the library since we came to Geneva 8 years ago. We visit the place every other weekend. Indeed, children found they read most of books they want to read. However the extension they could experience from adult sessions and book sales are really wonderful. Also if a book you think they should purchase, you could suggest. of course it is easier for us just order on-line. Overall they provide a good service. Just wish they could organise more activities."
Apr 3, 2007 by Kiriel
"While my first reaction to finding the library in english was joy, I was very disappointed with the range of books. Maybe its because my love of SF isn't popular with the book buyers, but I really didn't find anything to get excited about.

I do like their yearly book sale though... although sometimes I wonder why they are selling the books instead of putting them on their shelves..."
Mar 29, 2007 by floydmarks
"as much entertainment as education, a great little library in the emmanuel church across from the old Noga Hilton with friendly english speaking staff. they dont have every book in the world but they do have nice selections and certainly you can find that perfect book to sit with in the sun at the bains de paquis just up the street. a real geneva gem!"
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