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The Mediterranean Grill
1 Review
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Middle Eastern
Keywords:  turkish, authentic, grill, clean, chic, decent, easy, parking

Avenue Henri Dunant, 3
Geneva 1205

phone: +41 22 321 15 51
website: http://www.tmgrill.com
email: [email protected]
Member Reviews (1)
Aug 8, 2011 by Marc73
In 1995, I stayed in Ankara for a month exploring university options. I bought recently a half-price voucher for dinner at a new Turkish restaurant in Geneva called The Mediterranean Grill, at Avenue Henri Dunant 3, 1205 Genève.

I bought the voucher without even visiting their website, simply because I love Turkish food.

Yesterday I called about 11:00 and booked a table for two. The person who took my reservation was very respectful. When I mentioned my voucher, he welcomed me again and said they would be waiting for me at 9pm.

At 9pm I was there with my sweetheart. The place was very easy to find. It was barely a few steps out of the Plainpalais parking door. I had checked it out on Google street view and knew exactly where it. When we arrived, somebody working there received us with a big smile right at the door! I said I had made a reservation, and he told me Yes on the name of Mr. Hammoud ! I was pretty impressed. The man knew my name by heart.

I was looking around me for a nice table and was pretty impressed by many things I immediately noticed: The place was religiously clean, every single table was fully set and the cost lights reflected so nicely on the well arranged sets of orange – brown shadows of the tables and naps. At the heart of the restaurant lied an immense brass oven beautifully decorated with Turkish designs.

In many restaurants in Geneva when you come with a voucher in hand, they book for you a small table behind columns or in an uncomfortable corner. Yesterday I could choose any table I wish. I liked that!

We immediately received the menus. Another nice move.

My friend and I went scrolling the menu pages: wonderful Turkish authentic food ! Not just Döner and fries ! True Turkish quality food that you would be proud to invite to. I could see the appreciation in the eyes of my friend: She was pretty happy I invited her to such nice place!

I do not have a very big salary and admit when I get the menu in a restaurant, I start by having a look at the prices first to be able to assess what I can afford to have in that place. As I saw very reasonable prices such as 9.-CHF for an entry plate and 26.-CHF for a main course, I realized I was in a nice place where I hopefully will have a fine dinner.

As it was our first time in that restaurant, we were kind of considering every option on the menu. The same smiling gentleman came back and asked if he could help. We were relieved! We asked for his advice and he did recommend Adana Shish Kebab, some small cubes of lamb meat with parsley and spices grilled in a special way. We accepted the suggestion. We also asked for some yogurt-based hot soup. I knew Adana Shish Kebab is slightly spiced up! But I much felt like spicy food yesterday! Spicy food also spices the ambiance ;)

Almost immediately after our order, we got two free hot Turkish flat bread loaves in two wonderfully decorated plates, each with a nut of butter in a porcelain spoon! I saw the eyes of my friend here twinkling of joy before this hot bread!

Then came two free entry plates with some feta cheese, a few black olives and a couple of nice slices of fresh tomato. That was a business winner! There was no doubt: I was set for an excellent evening.

Then came the gorgeous soup! Pure great taste! It pleased so much my friend that she asked Mr. Smiley how this is made. As he did not know exactly all the ingredients, spices included, he went to the Chef behind the huge brass oven and came back with a detailed list of everything in the yoghurt soup.

Then came the Adana Shish Kebab! I can’t describe to you how wonderfully that plate was presented! The desert orange boulghour was topped by fresh legumes cooked to the best of taste and vitamin content. There were 3-4 legumes in that plate on top of and around the boulghour. Green, yellow and red paprika, grilled squash, grilled eggplant, and what else? I can’t remember....

Two big lines of grilled meat lied in the middle of the plate, covered by small rectangles of fresh Turkish bread that kept well their warmth and juice! The meat was so tender and tasty. I rarely ever had such great food!

Every time we finished a serving, the plates were collected and anything new was served in new plates. Every plate was a piece of art in itself!

Then came the desert! That is my favourite part of the dinner!

We had absolutely magnificent cream-topped nuts-based torte.

The attention of the people working at that place simply made two people happy yesterday.

On our way back home, my sweetheart told me that she saw that invitation as a clear sign of love and care for her as she needed some quality time we spend on our own.

The bill came ridiculously low: 2X 3-course meals with drinks for 77.-CHF!

I felt the 10.-CHF tip we left was not enough. I thus wanted to give those people and that place credit for our happiness yesterday and to share with you this experience.

I today found on the visit card I kept in my pocket yesterday that they have a website! I did not find yesterday their website when I searched for it....


OMG!!! I just saw on their (French only:-( ) website that they have open buffet on Saturday lunch!!!!

MEEEEET me there!

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