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The Nail Bar
11 Reviews
Categories:  Beauty & Spas  >  Nail Salons


website: http://www.thenailbar.ch
Member Reviews (11)
michelle manoy
Jul 30, 2020 by michelle manoy
Oh dear, I guess I am not alone. This is a chain nail salon you cant miss in bright purple. The staff at the Terrassière salon are not trained in my opinion after visiting hundreds of nails salons in the last 20 years, I feel I can judge. Girls are not professional, overall boring and 1 of the worst pedicures I have had. The treatment changes from 1 foot to the other cumulating in 1 foot massaged (if you could call slapping on cream) and the other forgotten until I reminded the young lady - and her attitude at the gentle reminder was cold silence and a rough 5 second cream application on the missing foot. The uncomfortable silence continued until I left but not before she whispered to her colleagues whilst looking at me with distain..... I can not recommend this salon as it was an expensive flop and waste of my time (there are much better salons in Geneva then this one).
Angelika S
Sep 3, 2013 by Angelika S
1 star for pedi, was ok. Mani 0. Total price 125 CHF definitely to much for what it was. Mani: no water at all, a bit of gel instead, nail polish... transparent. The dryer the joke. Disaster! I will never come back.
PS. My dear friends if you want to give me the birthday gift in the future, just simply ask me what I want.
Julia  Resig
Sep 11, 2012 by Julia Resig
Alina beat me to the same review !!

I came here only to leave so annoyed with the shocking manicure (if you could call it that) and the worst service I have yet to encounter in Geneva and believe me that is saying something.

Be honest ladies who wants to sit at a bar to do nails? Really? The concept was taken from the New York Nail bars where space is an issue and therefore it makes sense. Here the Nail Bar have space but still have you crowded next to each other across from the most unwelcoming staff in town ( the question remains WHY) on horrible broken bar stools at a BAR, (big sigh) the owner has tried (in my humble opinion) hard to be New York cool and unfortunately failed showing no imagination and created a purple monster instead.

Wish I had read the reviews before I would never have wasted my time and my money.

In a nutshell - don't go.

Aug 19, 2012 by Alina
For me this place does not even deserve a half star. I only put one star as it is not possible to register a review without at least one star.

Staff is rude and has no notion of client service, I was made to feel like they really did not have time to do my mani/pedi when I went there last.

Ther is no relaxation there whatsoever, I prefer to pay more and go somewhere else.

The owner, Florence, could not care less, she is just interested in pocketing the cash.

The actual mani/pedi is nothing special.

Don't go there, it is pathetic !
Alicia  Hamilton
May 26, 2012 by Alicia Hamilton
The place I love was fully booked so I came here and feel really let down! Service is morbid and the staff have less than zero personality, they make you feel like your not welcome. The place itself is OK but a bit on the cheapish side and is showing some wear and tear. Mani 2 out of 5. Pedi 1.5 out of 5.
charlene  w
Nov 16, 2011 by charlene w
My friend invited me here so this is a double review from both of us.

We did not see the reviews before - unfortunately :(

This is a nail bar that serves horrible cordial and warm tap water! The question to the owner is why would you serve that to clients? We are guessing this is a nail bar for teenagers but with no student discounts it would be far too expensive for them.

The space is good space but cheaply decorated and not used well because you have to go to the other side of the room and sit on a bar stool (again why) to dry your hands and feet. I scratched my polish trying to get up on the stool and showed the girl who did my polish and she smiled and shrugged (and that was it), I left with two nails scratched and they didnt care.

The location is a bit out of town and difficult to get to by foot because of all the roadworks (impossible to get there by car).

The mani - pedi was below average and not done well at all. No feeling that the girls like their job and it clearly shows in the final result. You can do a better job at home by yourself.

We were not comfortable here and the other reviews say it clearly.

This should be a BUDGET NAIL BAR giving 20chf mani's and maybe you wouldnt complain, but when you have tried other places you just feel cheated here as you get nothing for your money - ohh 'my bad' that's not true - you get cheap cordial for 100 CHF (ouch) !!
nik benjamin
Nov 13, 2011 by nik benjamin
Ok. Girls not bothered with clients. Agree with Lola Dern review below. Go to Swiss nail spa. Nik
margaret duke
Nov 10, 2011 by margaret duke
A bad day of service that I was hoping to get over by using my BUYCLUB voucher at the Nail Bar.

I want to cry because this was the cherry on the cake of bad services!

Cold, dismissive service that mirrors the other reviews. Because I was not really in the mood for chit chat the lack of small talk was welcoming today but with the cold weather and the chilly water for the pedicure it was not a nice experience.

The Nail Bar is a place you waste your money on only once even if it is a buyclub deal. Im glad I didnt pay full price I would have asked for a refund.

lola dern
Nov 3, 2011 by lola dern
I had a couple of terrible experiences here and even with the exchange of emails with Florence the owner it didnt get better.

I went in person the first time, the girls were doing each others nails so didnt bother to get up, one pointed to the end of the bar for me to grab a price list (obviously I was disturbing them). I asked for an appointment and they told me that I had to call to get an appointment (the salon was empty) ! I left and informed the owner. She apologized and ensured me that when the manager was there that things would be different..... 'and' that it was hard to find good staff. Really? Even the owner herself knew that her staff were not good !

The second time was worse. It is obvious to me that the owner has no training as a nail technician or passion for the business, I would guess this is simply a means to try and cash in. Unfortunately for The Nail Bar the Genevois and Geneva expats are not clueless and certainly will not accept this type of ridiculous service.

I would not recommend The Nail Bar, its cheap and you waste your time and money here.

A Heads up to all mani / pedi lovers - I highly recommend Swiss Nail Spa in Rive - simply fantastic.

A note to Florence: you would do well to pop by to Swiss Nail Spa to see what a nail salon should operate like. The owner is present and the staff are dynamic, friendly and jump through hoops to look after their clients !!
vanessa knacks
Oct 30, 2011 by vanessa knacks
I agree Anna, not one word of English is spoken here but you could overlook that if everything else is what was promised; for example:

1. walk-in's welcome they say - what they dont say is that your NOT WELCOME!

2. The staff are just not interested in their jobs, they have no passion and the application of polish is so sloppy it looks like a child applied it. I took mine off as soon as I got home.

3. Dont do a pedicure here because I saw one of the girls wipe the pedicure bowl with a dirty towel from the previous client just before the other client sat down - I wanted to run too (funny or not but our experiences were the same).

4. I had mixed feelings about the decor (its bright purple making it look fun) but your right about the chairs being uncomfortable - the worst for me was the mani-pedi drying area, its just not set up correctly. The Nail Bar are trying to imitate the US drying station concept but have failed miserably.

5. The location is a little bit out of the way unless your a cornavin/manor shopping person and its certainly not worth the effort to come out of the central downtown district to visit this place.

Im afraid there was nothing positive about my whole experience here. I will not go back.
anna j
Oct 27, 2011 by anna j
The WORST manicure ever, bad mani and horrible polish application.

The WORST pedicure ever, the girl was not paying any attention that I felt like I was bothering her just by being there (not a nice feeling).

The WORST and cheapest decor in town - the chairs are soooo uncomfortable dont go here if your looking for comfort. This is a nail bar in the most 'basic' of terms.

The absolute WORST customer service ever.

This is the WORST nail salon in Geneva !!

The staff do not speak one word of English after advertising ENGLISH SPEAKING. I had to help 1 older lady who walked in and wanted information on services - the staff were so dismissive of her that if I didnt have my feet in the water I would have walked out. I get by on basic French but the girl doing my feet was so absorbed at the fly on the wall and not what she was doing that I felt embarrassed and just wanted the whole thing to be over.

If there were ZERO STARS i would award The Nail Bar ZERO!
Posted By:
lola dern
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