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Time / Sushi Time
3 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Asian


We had dinner here last night, with a Buyclub Coupon. The Chef's Selection Menu was superb! Not your regular Japanese food, but with balanced tastes & structures. Will surely come back. There is also a take away upstairs (Sushi Time)
Member Reviews (3)
Dec 12, 2012 by assiette
Food was superb, with some amazing combinations of products. The mushroom samosas were particularly yummy as was the eel nagiri and the foie gras sushi. Any gourmand would love it! We had the Buyclub menu and it was absolutely enough food. You leave satisfied but not stuffed.
Nov 1, 2012 by wanessa
Also went to Time with a Buyclub voucher. Sushi and entries were delicious, among the best i've eaten. The sushi au foie gras was a discovery :) The main hot dishes were good, but nothing exceptional. However, we were really disappointed with the portions: really small and what would be 1-person portion was served for both on the table.
If I were closer to Plan-les-ouates, i'd come back for the sushi for sure...

PS after Ysabel: haha, myself, i was happy with the amount of food, but my boyfriend went away hungry :s
Ysabel F
Nov 1, 2012 by Ysabel F
Went for the buyclub halloween dinner and loved it. The menu was an impressive mix of tastes, and each dish was superbly presented. Contrarily to Wanessa, I felt content with the amount of food - I agree though that it's unusual to share a chocolat moelleux ;) Am definitely going back!
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