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Toni and Guy
45 Reviews
Categories:  Beauty & Spas  >  Hair Styling

Rue des Alpes 9
Geneva 1201

phone: (022) 700 1122
Member Reviews (45)
Genesis Elhussein
May 20, 2020 by Genesis Elhussein
Severely damaged my hair and it took 2 years to repair. I specifically asked for no bleach, and they bleached my hair anyway--I walked out with hair that looked close to green. They also gave me a terrible haircut that resembled a mullet. Never going back here again.
mitzie u
Oct 28, 2016 by mitzie u
Richard is the best stylist in Geneva. Before, I went to different places and never had a hair stylist I really liked. He's very professional and pleasant. Richard is a true highlighting genius! He is extremely attentive and asked questions about what had been done previously (likes and dislikes), so he could really create the look that you really wanted. His coloring & highlighting skills are excellent !!! So if you want your hair to actually come out the way you plan, look for Richard.
caro l
Feb 17, 2016 by caro l
Tony & Guy reopened in Geneva at a new location and Amy who is working there is great. I can only adhere to Maia O's review below and the same can be said about Amy who is always very friendly and provides for a great hairstyle! Getting always by eyebrows done by Geeta.
Maia  O
Sep 21, 2015 by Maia O

Richard is an amazing stylist. His haircuts are sophisticated and natural at the same time. He is a master of small details that create great look at the end. He listens carefully and discusses your idea with you in order to give exactly what you have pictured.
Olga T
Apr 27, 2015 by Olga T
you can contact Geet on her mobile 076/317.35.25
Oana A
Apr 9, 2015 by Oana A

Does anyone know where Geta from Tony & Guy is working know? Or do you have any contact information for her?

laura c
Mar 6, 2015 by laura c
Does anyone know where Geta is working?

Paola Poroli
Feb 26, 2015 by Paola Poroli
I have just learned that Tony and Guy closed. Too bad. But I found another salon very close to T&G. Éphémère, rue des Barques. Very beautifully decorated and bright with nice and talented staff all English speakers. They also do haircuts British style. It's also a spa and there is a nail bar. And the make up artist is quite amazing. Btw I saw a voucher for make up classes there and I will definitely take one. And of corse looking forward to go back for haircut color and mèches. I am confident that once you try it you will definitely go back
Yulia M
Feb 18, 2015 by Yulia M
The worst hair dresser experience I've ever had!
Do not go there, if you do not want to be treated bad and waste your time and money.
So I booked my appointment one month in advance, as it was for a special occasion, I specifically requested Louise for colouring as she was advised to me by a few friends, I also left my mobile number when I made the booking. The appointment day came, I arrived 15 minutes in advance, said my name and the ladies at the reception tell me Darren will take care of you. Of course I was more than surprised and said excuse me, but I have my appointment with Louise and I want Louise to do my hair. The response was but Louise took someone else..and Darren is very good, just go with him. They were not apologizing, but I wasn't going to give up. So Louise came saying she is sorry, but there was a mix up and she started doing hair of another lady and it will take much longer than she thought. They had my number but they didn't bother to call to let me know I am not gonna get my hair done. So I said ok, I will wait, do my hair when you are done with her. And the response was oh no there is the next customer...that drove me really mad.. how come you are going to take the next person? she should do her hair with Darren then..and the response was oh no she wont agree..hahaha..so I spent there 30 minutes arguing and nothing worked, because they didn't give a f* .. as I wasn't the regular customer and it was my first time, they didn't give a damn f* .. so after half an hour of arguing I let Darren do my hair...I showed a picture and got smth that has nothing to do with it, the worst part is I now have highlights that no one can notice at all which cost me 200 CHF. But that's not it, when I went to pay there was a new lady, and of course I asked about my discount, she went to talk to her colleagues and when she was back .. I got an awesome discount of 8% - 15 francs...and I was like and that's it??? and the girl said well Darren is already cheaper than Louise :O hahaha ... did I ask for cheaper Darren? .. Now I am telling all my friends, colleagues about my horrible experience at Tony and Guy in Geneva and I am making sure they all tell their colleagues and friends...luckily it will be a large number of people and thanks to word of mouth I am sure they will lose some of the business.. Don't treat your customers like shit next time! Guys don't try it out on yourself DO NOT go there :)
Robin S
Sep 16, 2013 by Robin S
Today I had my first hair cut and colour at Tony & Guy's, Geneva. After very poor experience of hairdressing in Geneva since I arrived 6 months ago, I was very nervous in trying another new salon today. What a wonderful job Esteban did on my colour, after much consultation (sadly lacking at my last salon). And Richard did an amazing job helping me to recover from a really bad hair do (also from the last salon). I mentioned I used to get my hair straightened in Malaysia before comeing here, and that I was willing to fly back to Malaysia just to get the treatment done there - it is that good! The best hair straightening I have ever had is Nanokeratin treatment. After this treatment, I swam in the ocean, and my hair didn't frizz - at all! I even put my hair straightener away for 3 months. In Malaysia the treatment lasted about 3 months, thats with 100% humidity everyday. I was absolutely blown over when Richard gave me their brochure showing Toni & Guy's offer 'Nanokeratin treatment'. The price Toni & Guy charge for the treatment is very reasonable, and include the obligatory salon quality sulfate free shampoo. In Geneva's climate, Richard suggested the treatment may last as long as 6 months - a huge saving in the long run. I told Richard I have seen others blog on glocals complaining about fiding it hard to get good (if any) salons that offer straightening. Look no further, this treatment is amazing, and is deemed safe by the Swiss authorities. If you are looking for quality hair service, and the 'best' in straightening, I cannot recommend Toni & Guy's Geneva more highly. Talk to Richard or Estaban, and find out for yourself. For all those other women, and men, who suffer with bad hair, you will understand just how important quality hair dressing and treatments are.

P.S. They were good enough to tell me, after I mentioned they should advertise on glocals, that they had this 25% off offer starting today, and were good enough to extend me the offer. I couldnt be happier. I suggest checking them out while the offer is available.
Sep 1, 2013 by danae
I made an apointment after having visited the salon with a picture of what I wanted to do (a 40's wavy hair do). The girl at the reception said that she really likes to style hair like that and booked the apointment . I received a phone call the day of the apointment to find out that this person was sick and they wanted to cancel my booking. I insisted and i finally got another stylist. The person was very confident at the begining and although I told her that the curl iron does not work for my hair, she reassured me that it would be fine because she was using certain styling products. After 1 hour and 40 minutes later my hair was a disaster, all the curls she had been creating with the iron just went flat when she removed the pins (when I booked the apointment they said that it would approximately take 45 min). What they did had nothing to do with the picture I gave them, the stylist was getting desperate putting so much hairspray that my head was full of white spots and my hair looked like a helmet. After all this spray we got something that didn't look like the style I wanted but I was desperated to get out of there. I end up paying 90 CHF and after 1 hour my curls were hanging pathetically. I will never even consider going back there again, this was a joke!
Katya D
Mar 14, 2013 by Katya D
visited salon 5 times...asked to redo my hair color 3 times. Always come with pictures and explanation what i want to have. Always ask if you can do so. All the time the same response - but you look good! We understand this is not what you wanted but this one looks so natural...
bloody hell!!! But I did ask for another color! i know that I can look good in different color. When you ask for golden beige and you get dark brunette this is simply unacceptable. AVOID AT ALL TIMES! on positive side they charged only 50%..from another side i really felt i had to knock down full price but was so upset that didn't have strength to have an argument
Maria S
Nov 7, 2012 by Maria S
common complain in Geneva, bad hairdressers, here are bad hairdressers you need to avoid cause have tried them and the result was really bad: for cut avoid William Cassonnet in the Cygne mall by train station, they simply butch your hair, asked for a rock chic and they gave me a 80 look, i was ashamed to walk in the street, avoid for color with Franck Provost, more expensive than Tony and guy and i went out with a reddish dark color showing my skull more than my hair, best hairdresser for me has been 23eme lieu, not cheap but you get what you want, good color and very good haircut, you re pampered, again hairdresser is very personal, what works for me may not work for you, best advice, if you find a good hairdresser, keep it even if its expensive cause its hard to find good one in Geneva.
Stephanie H
Nov 6, 2012 by Stephanie H
I asked for a trim - literally STRAIGHT across the ends and they charged me a full haircut (about CHF 160). It literally took about 5 minutes.

The colour was completely wrong. I asked for darker roots and lighter ends (I already had this, all they had to do was touch it up and go slightly darker on my ends to reduce the contrast) and I walked out with the most boring all over colour. There was no variation at all! My hair looked more expensive BEFORE they worked on it.

The staff that did my hair were nice and attentive, I never felt like they forgot about me, but I don't like paying CHF 350 and then not liking the end result.

They offered to redo my hair if I was still unhappy with it after a week, but I was travelling for 3 weeks so that was out (and I specifically wanted my hair looking great for all the photos I took on this holiday).
Apr 10, 2012 by caroline222
It's too too expensive, and the price does not justify their work. If you take a plane and go to Oxford street you may pay the same or perhaps cheaper and the work it's pretty much professional. The color they did to me last time was totally anonymous, the couple of times Richard cut me was like I didn't went to the hairdresser and please please NEVER NEVER do any pedicure or manicure there! The Miss do not sterilize her instruments so I'd got a huge infection! My feet nails came down and since I had had several problems in my feet. I don't understand how they aloud this no hygienic condition!
silvia f
Mar 17, 2012 by silvia f
i think that it's quite expensive however Hugo is my hairdresser and I adore him. He's not at all your conventional hairdresser but he's great at his craft. Being a female I have often walked out of a hairdressers in tears ( while not saying anything at all to the stylist) but with Hugo - never .. Sometimes I say what about ..... ??and Hugo is ALWAYS honest with me. Louise has also been great so far as my colourist
Mar 15, 2012 by albatros
As a Stylist in Toni&Guy UK and former Stylist in Toni&Guy Geneva, I'm happy to recommend you who is worth your money and your trust. Toni&Guy Geneve is the most stylish and without a boubt the best salon not only in Geneva but in Suisse Romandie.

Staff is always training to be up tp date and devellop their skills, on Trainings our teachers are the Stylists and Colorists that do the models of the LONDON FASHION WEEK, NEW YORK FASHION WEEK,PRADA CARWALKS in HONG KONG or London, etc.....we learn from the very very finests stylists in the world and pass on our skills into our clients hair.

There are 3 Art Directors in the salon now which incresed considerably the level of the salon, the boss is Richard, I genuinly think, the staff couldn't get luckier to having such a cool boss like him!

Now who to choose? when you ask to reception to have an appointment they will put you with their friend or their favorite person in the salon:-) which has nothing to do with their skills, I agree with Margaret Duke on the previous review.

For having worked with them, I CAN'T RECOMMEND CATHERINE ENOUGH for the cuts, you are safe in her hands, she's very skilled and a good soul!!!!

For the color, Sam is very skilled and such a charming personality.

These 2 are the highlights of the salon, worth your time, trust and your money!!!
Chris S
Nov 12, 2011 by Chris S
Excellent funky gents cut from Ghislaine, Really impressed and it wasn't expensive at all.
margaret duke
Nov 10, 2011 by margaret duke
I always have a good wash and blow-dry here I just hope they bring a new colorist in because ever since the lovely Aussie left my color always seems to be the wrong shade of brown (yes its possible to get a brown wrong :))
vanessa knacks
Oct 31, 2011 by vanessa knacks
Im a little bit on the shelf here with Tony & Guy. I asked them not to use the razor but he did anyway (trust me he said) and my hair does not respond well to the jagged razor cut (I should have insisted) and then the very crisp spagetti blowdry. I walked out not looking like myself and it certainly did not suit my style. Im sorry Jarad but where was the wine beer and food? I must have missed that day maybe if i had a lot to drink I would have awarded them a 5 star.... oh well my loss but I dont think that Tony & Guy is for classic cuts and the famous boring classic blowdry (back to my old hairdresser for me then with my coffee in a plastic cup).
jared malik
Jul 10, 2011 by jared malik
No the discount finished a while ago. but there is 20% discount for big corporations early in the week i think. The salon is a lot better now, even have wine, beer and food. Hugo is good, also is alex and richard. Go to louise only for colour though. As for Tim G post i work for a large company and have all my colleagues visit Alex regularly. The proof is try book in he is always fully booked, total nightmare. You do the math!
Shauna D
May 30, 2011 by Shauna D
Hi, does anyone know if I can still get a glocals dicount at Toni & Guy, and if so, where do I find it?
Many thanks :-)

Also, I have an appointment with Hugo this Friday - anyone know if he's good?
Cecilia G
May 22, 2011 by Cecilia G
I had my hair cut by Richard, who managed to turn an awful job by a Swiss hairdraisser into a great cut. Louise did my colour and I love it.
It's perhaps a bit pricey but worth every franc.
May 16, 2011 by Onis
Was there many times, had another haircut last week, worked very well with my split ends. Worked quite slow, but probably it was because of stylist.
Also bought few prof products (mask and protein spray), very high quality :)
Alena A
Apr 19, 2011 by Alena A
excellent hair cut!
little extra but pleasant - everyone speaks english
expensive - 150chf for simple cut - but probably that's what it costs in Geneva
Charlotte R
Mar 2, 2011 by Charlotte R
I have been to Toni&Guy for my first hairstyling in Geneva and I am very happy. They listened to me. Then they did what they thought, and it was great, the best I have ever had.
It's not cheap but is value!
Go there and try it is my first advice now I am here.
jemma melvin
Dec 11, 2010 by jemma melvin
LOVE LOVE LOVE Richard for his hair cuts. Thanks Richard. From Jemma
Tim G
Oct 29, 2010 by Tim G
I used Alex a few times, he's mainly good but can be distracted. However, I now always go to Katherine and she is outstanding, gets it right 100% every single time and well worth the money. As a side note, Hairmania are utterly awful, some bloke called Arnaud who thinks he is cool and therefore turns up hungover and shaky to work. Very bad experience.
rebecca telford
Aug 5, 2010 by rebecca telford
Had my hair cut here by Richard and i absolutely loved the cut. He managed to sort out a particularly bad cut in one visit. I am his new biggest fan. :-)
Jun 28, 2010 by AmandaG
"Amazing!!! I've been everywhere for hair . Last two times I went to NYC to fix what Jean Louis David (Geneva) did to it. I have to tell you, Toni & Guy are exactly what Geneva needs. You have to see Jerome for cut and Manuela for color - they happened to be married - maybe that's why they work so well together!!

After the last few colors, I had seriously botched hair. But, they fixed it right up and it looks perfect!!! They did exactly what I asked and they did it with ease...

Anyone know what salon Manuela and Jerome left for?? thanks."

Update: Manuela and Jerome are both now working at Hairmania
jessica briars
May 13, 2010 by jessica briars
Excellent.... Richard is fantastic and gave me a fab hair cut. Pricey but worth it!
Dec 16, 2008 by cantonclass
Great salon for the disconcerting and worried of you. They listen to your requests and follow it through. Not a very common thing here in Geneva.
Oct 26, 2008 by kentflynn
"Hi! Im new to Geneva and one of the scariest things about being 'new' is trying to find a good hairdresser!!! Decided to try Toni & Guy 'cos they are english speaking and had read some reviews which were good. Jemma did my colour and to say Im pleased with it is an understatement! She did a great job, exactly what I wanted which I dont get normally until colourists get to know my personality! I like vibrant colours, in blocks and Jemma gave me a lovely block of vibrant red int he front and black at the back. Orlane gave me a lovely cut too...."
Oct 9, 2008 by MM79
"I went for highlights, cut and blow dry. I have been to other salons in Geneva and this is definitely the best. Jema did the colour and Jerome the cut. Jema did a fantastic job and she matched the highlights to my skin colouring (which some salons never bother to do) and it wasn’t a game of “hunt the highlight” after wards, as they were obvious, but looked really natural. Jerome did a good job with the cut, but an even better one with the blow drying
I felt absolutely great walking out of there, and a great haircut does wonders for the confidence Thanks!"
Apr 30, 2008 by Rose.M.
"I had a great cut there, she did exactly the way I show her from the picture. It was a good experience even though it was a bit expensive.... after glocal discount CHF 125 for just a hair cut. Well, but then I still will return."
Mar 5, 2008 by paige
I have been twice and each time the service was perfunctory. One time I had my hair colored and she did not bother to do the coloring underneath and barely any coloring elsewhere except for a streak she left too long at the front. The hair cuts were both by the top stylist or whatever you call him. While the cut wasn't bad it wasn't fantastic either and certainly not worth the amount of money they charge. I gave it the 2nd star just because they didn't totally ruin my hair.
May 14, 2007 by Julia_OB
Dino gave me a fantastic cut -- he understood what I was after very quickly & delivered! Recommend him particularly for girls with short hairstyles.
Mar 5, 2007 by Frank_H
"Toni&Guy is a good hairdresser that is quite expensive. Prices vary depending on who is serving u (Stylist, Top Stylist, Style Director or Art Director). A haircut for men starts at CHF 55 and goes up to CHF 85 - without GOL discount, that is. Overall they do a good job, but I'm not impressed."
Mar 2, 2007 by Debbie
"I just got my hair cut and I really love it. Greg did a great job. It is a bit expensive, but it really was worth it. After a year of going here and there trying to find a decent hair cut, I’ve finally found somewhere I’m really happy with."
Feb 18, 2007 by Luanne
"Just went there this weekend for the first time - and got the best haircut and highlights I've ever had. Yes it's expensive but I've yet to find a decent salon in Geneva that isn't, and it's totally worth it if you're worried about going to a non-English speaking place and ending up with some crazy haircut. Plus I got an amazing head massage! Katrine cut my hair and was really lovely..."
Feb 6, 2007 by CharlieRobo
"Definately the best hairdressing salon in town. Felt very well looked after during and even better on leaving. With the GoL discount and the level of service, it's very well worth it."
Feb 6, 2007 by britabroad
"First time in a Hairdresser in Geneva where I felt it was not going to be time to wear a hat when I came out. Only positive comments from colleagues rather than derision. Will definately make a return visit. The GOL discount was useful, and yes it's more expensive than the bog standard hairdresser , but it is easily justified for an English speaker with limited French. Greg cut my hair and he was very good."
Feb 5, 2007 by SarahKate
"THANK the stars that Geneva finally got a Toni&Guy (Intl. 5* Salon), with all the trimmings and the Britt style hair cuts! This is definatley worth the visit and the money! (Nothing but the best for my hair so obviously the salon director cut it) ;o)
I went, I explained what I wanted and enjoyed the pampering, especially the looks and comments I got from unknown people in the street walking back to my car!!! Check it out ;o)"
Jan 31, 2007 by Hoiling
"I've tried it as well because my usual hairstylist was fully booked and i had the GOL discount. My 2 cents: unless you really don't speak any french it's not worth the price.I am very picky about my hair cuts,and this time i ended up with a nice, normal haircut that wasn't bad but wasn't the funky hair cut i wanted. Not different from a standard hair cut i could have got at a french speaking hairdresser. Nice atmoshpere, fancy chairs etc, and totally worth it if french is a big barrieer for you."
Jan 30, 2007 by Kat6628
"Richard gave me one of the best haircuts I've ever had. A bit pricey, but completely worth it. I was afraid that I would go somewhere and that, because of the language barrier, I would end up bald, but almost everyone there is from somewhere in England, so there was no problem whatsoever. I definitely recommend them! Plus, they have a GoL special right now if you bring in the print-off from this site."
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