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Total Force Gym
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Categories:  Sports  >  Gyms / Fitness Clubs
Keywords:  sports, fitness, personal trainer, sports coach, gym, gyms, weight

Zone Industrielle les Portettes, 1312 Eclépens
Eclépens 1312

phone: 079 754 96 65
website: http://www.totalforcegym.com
email: [email protected]
Certified Personal Trainer - Sports Coach (British/Swiss - English/French) - Private gym studio 5 minutes from Crissier/10 minutes from Lausanne

High-quality personal training for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

• Are you looking to improve your fitness level?
• Lose weight?
• Gain muscle?
• Improve your athletic performance?
• Feel better - mentally and physically?

Qualified Personal Trainer (certified with FISAF in Switzerland, & in-depth training and studies in the UK with the world-renowned trainers Charles Poliquin and Phil Learney) - serious and dedicated, my specialties are transformation of physical appearance through body-composition methodologies, strength and conditioning training, advanced nutritional strategies, periodization training, and, more precisely, fat loss and muscle gain.

Today, I put into practice and apply my in-depth knowledge in nutrition, training methodologies and supplementation to change physiques, forge muscles, build up and slim down bodies, with pleasure and passion at my own private training studio, Total Force Gym.

What I offer my clients:

• 100% private coaching sessions, high-quality personal training, for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness, in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere
• Highly customized training program that is adjusted on an ongoing basis, tailored precisely to your individual needs and objectives
• Precise nutrition plan based on advanced, proven strategies, meticulously adapted to your goals and lifestyle
• Advice on supplementation - to address any deficiencies and improve your overall general health
• Friendly, motivating, empathetic coach who gets results
• Constant direct contact with your coach via email and phone - to motivate and inspire you, answer any questions, provide advice and help you as you progress
• I am also one of the rare personal trainers in Switzerland qualified to use the BioPrint & BioSignature fat analysis method developed by Charles Poliquin. This method provides an accurate hormonal profile and body fat analysis that allows the coach to develop a tailor-made program targeting your "weak points" - enabling you to achieve your desired results faster

Results guaranteed.

The following are testimonials from two of my clients :

« Incredible results : huge, rapid weight loss, muscle gain and increased awareness of both my physique and nutrition. » -Alexandre H., lost 6 kg in 30 days and gained muscle.

« Intensive training for a result that speaks for itself, -20 kg in just 8 months. Comprehensive training program, monitoring and fitness overhaul, from A to Z. Each drop in motivation was countered, program adapted on an ongoing basis, professionalism and constant encouragement and support to enable us to meet our objectives. » Thank you Luke ! » -Sandra B. - 42 years of age.

I am specialized in:

• Fat loss, weight loss
• Muscle gain
• Body-composition-based diet - fat loss, muscle gain
• Advanced nutritional strategies
• Modern training methods, periodization training
• Athletic performance training
• Supplementation
• « Hormonal Profile » methods - BioPrint & BioSignature
• Online training

Contact me today by phone, email or through my websites for more information or to book an initial consultation:

Tel : 079 754 96 65

Total Force Gym : Motivation, Professional coaching & Results !
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Luke Brunettin
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Luke Brunettin
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