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9 Reviews
Categories:  Kids' Attractions  >  Other

"22 chemin des Batailles, Vernier"

phone: (022) 341 4000
website: http://www.yatouland.com
Member Reviews (9)
Margaret Alves
Oct 1, 2012 by Margaret Alves
Im afraid I dont share the same views as others. I found Yatouland to be dangerous for the kids because of the mix of tiny tots and the bigger kids all jumping in 6 bouncy castles and 6 trampolines. That is all that is in Yatouland. I even had to argue to try to stop a man taking my kids chairs at the table we sat at because they were not sitting in them at the time he wanted them! He called me uncultured and pathetic - I told him he was riduculous to argue with me in front of his children and took my chairs back. It's too frustrating and brings out the worst in me so I will not go back. I am open to any other child friendly and parent friendly places in town!!!
Nir Ofek
Dec 11, 2011 by Nir Ofek
My kid can't get enough of this place, and nothing beats it for a rainy Sunday. OK, the food ain't top high quality, and the ventilation could be better (especially in summer). But we go there for 2 hours of running around, and the rest matters less to us.

Gina D
Dec 9, 2011 by Gina D
We did the Yatouland at the airport (I think its the same group)?

Either way it was great for the kids and for the kids party we attended.

We also did the Yatouland at Vernier and it seems to have undergone an enourmous re-haul especially the food and drinks area.

They have a super 'laser' game for kids.

I agree with some other reviews that the food could be better but I think we care more than the kids :) I also did keep in mind the question of security and surely this must be in regulation in Switzerland.

i highly recommend it. Go when the Yatouland opens before the huge crowds and you have an hour of good fun and you can actually follow the kids quite easily.

Sean C
Oct 14, 2011 by Sean C
We went to Yatouland a few times when we first arrived... and our daughter really loved it. I do agree with the other reviewers about the lack of ventilation as well as the food. You aren't supposed to bring your own food but we usually did.

The main problem was if you dont' have a car (as we don't) it is a lot of walking. There is a smaller indoor play center at the Ballexrt mall which I think is a lot better and easier to get to.
margaret duke
Oct 14, 2011 by margaret duke
I give it a 2/5 only because the kids love it. I hate it, the ventilation is non existant, the food is stale and tastless and it seems to be an accident waiting to happen. I wonder how on earth you could get 200 children out of that building if there was a fire. It makes me shudder! I will avoid this place when ever possible and hope that there will be no more birthday party invitations where I feel oblidged to go.....
jake thatcher
May 5, 2011 by jake thatcher
Great range of games. Lots to do for kids but it's freezing in winter. Hard to find but worth it. Recommend.
Martin Mangan
Apr 4, 2011 by Martin Mangan
My grandchildren loved it!
Mar 28, 2007 by TonyT
"I really like this place. It is great if you are a single parent and want something safe and fun for your child to do, and you can participate as well if you wish. It does get kind of loud but that should be expected at an in door park. The people are very nice and do a good job of managing the space. It is not the easiest place to find but you only have to find it once."
Feb 20, 2007 by joellem88
"Large indoor play park, primarily bouncy castle variations for kids from 0-10. Took a 2 year old and a 6 year old and they had a great time. Area specifically for under 3s was great, maybe a bit small, but he enjoyed going on the bits for older kids accompanied by me. Had a hard time dragging the 6yr old away. Only open 3 days a week during term time so was therefore quite crowded but not expensive. Hard to find, take a map! Entrance 12chf for kids, free for adults."
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