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Your Health Coach
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Categories:  Health and Medical  >  Other


phone: +41764611936
email: [email protected]
Are you ready this summer to jumpstart a journey towards a radiant optimal health & vibrant body ?

Have you tried everything on the market but yet, you are continuously getting the same results over and over ? Are you tired of trying so hard to implement healthier habits that are not sustainable ? Or, you might, want to change but you are overwhelmed with information, not knowing where and how to start ? Maybe, you’ve completely given up, thinking it’s a matter of genes or luck..

Whatever your goals are, as a health coach I have all the tools and latest science to help you succeed the changes you desire to see so much. I am a certified behavioural coach from London College University, with a degree in Psychology and a background in Health & Nutrition.

My expertise is in finding the root cause of your blockage and to help you step-by-step to achieve the changes you’ve always dreamed to reach.
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