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Be Happy Now
34 Reviews
Categories:  Health and Medical  >  Other
Keywords:  healing, past life regression, space clearing, coaching

Institut de Medecine Naturelle, Rue de Fribourg 7
Geneva 1201

phone: 0788847446
website: http://www.abundantchicks.com
Lais works as a Healer and Women's Empowerment Coach through 1-on-1 sessions and her online group programs. She assists women in releasing energetic abundance blocks in order for them to create the life they desire and deserve to live.
Member Reviews (34)
Aug 7, 2019 by anushka
I’ve done with Lais a past life healing 1-on-1 session and 4-weeks group program on-line. It was an amazing experience being able to review some of my past lives, heal and understand how do they influence my current path. While in the individual session we focused on one specific issue / subject bothering me at this point of my life, the group work helped progressing in 4 different areas treated in weekly blocks. Lais is an amazing, loving and caring spirit. By all means I highly recommend her ☺
Merce D
Apr 13, 2018 by Merce D
Simply... WOOOOWWW!!! Before Lais, I had never been in a healing distance session. I did a package of 4 sessions with her. I was amazed after each individual session. Only after the 1st one, I could already feel liberated, as if I was carrying less luggage on my shoulders... she did an amazing and beautiful job to clean the energy blockages while I was just, resting and chilling at my bed. I was at my place, she was in hers. I discovered a lot from my self. Thanks to her, lot of things from my past or current desires started to make sense, and all took a different (healed and much much better) perspective. I highly recommend anyone to book sessions with her, not only you will have fun, but you will feel her non judgemental, unconditional listening and love, her beautiful healing energy and... you will meet a Goddess on Earth!! :D She is simply great and unique :)
Nadine W
Apr 11, 2018 by Nadine W
Lais has been such an amazing blessing on my path! I'd highly recommend a session with her whether for some Reiki, Meditation or a Space Clearing!

I first met her a few years ago for a Reiki session. After that meeting I felt so energized, lighter and inspired that I did the Reiki level I with her followed by a few meditation classes, not knowing that this would change my life.

I’ve been abroad for a year and have rented my apartment. When I came back lately with my family I no longer felt the same happy feeling in my apartment. It felt like it had been covered in a big black layer of something undefinable. I tried to clear the area myself but with no luck. As I kept in touch with Lais I contacted her for help as I was sure she could help me... And she did!

Thank you Lais! It was absolutely wonderful to have you come over and conduct the space clearing! I really enjoyed your presence and company and my place feels new. It seems brighter, lighter and the fog is gone.

What an amazing gift you have!
Magdalena B
Mar 11, 2018 by Magdalena B
I did "Heal Your Past Workshop" with Lais and it has been a truly amazing experience! I could not believe how much information from past lives my subconscious mind stored and what a huge relief it would be to get it all out. Most importantly, learning about my past lives allowed to me better understand the people I met and the choices I have made in my current life. I highly recommend it to everyone! I also did reiki with Lais, which helped relax my body and calm down my crazy hormones. Reiki is certainly worth trying :-)
Joana P
May 16, 2017 by Joana P
I'm very thankful to have met Lais. She has guided me thru a very intense and incredible journey of self knowledge. I already did Reiki with her and recently the Heal your Past Workshop. And after the Workshop I feel like I know myself much better and start to understand my journey so far. It's amazing how much healing can be done during the workshop! Really recommend it.
Paula M
May 15, 2017 by Paula M
I did Reiki with Lais many times and because of that I eventually decided to do the course as well. Now I just did "Heal Your Past Workshop" which contains a lot of guided meditation, energy healing and I highly recommend them both! It was very good to release so many trapped emotions. Lais is always very professional yet so kind and helpful, when you work with energy a connection is very important and I love Lais energy and guidance. the groups I joined were also very nice and it was good to share experiences and meet people with similar (or not) intentions. Lais is helping me a lot on my spiritual journey and I cant thank her enough :)
Ivana Nady
May 11, 2017 by Ivana Nady
I took the workshop Heal Your Past which was intense but exciting and enjoyable. Lais's professional yet amusing guidance through meditation and healing techniques makes clearing blockages that hold you back fun experience. And once those blockages are out of the way the visualization works! Just be careful what you wish for, as it might come true sooner than expected
Katja R
Dec 14, 2016 by Katja R
I just finished a past-life healing programme and wow! what an experience! The programme is built around themed meditation sessions that you can do at your own pace. I found the meditations amazing and I think I released a lot of stuck emotions through the programme. I highly recommend this programme for anybody who is curious to connect and listen their sub-conscious for subtle messages - be it from past lives or something else. I have also received reiki from lais on regular interval now for couple of years and i really love it!
Mark C
Jan 29, 2016 by Mark C
Lais is a nice lady, she helped one of my friends a lot. Met her once, she was very friendly, might attend one of her meditation classes one day
Dec 7, 2015 by Paul_Double
Lais has been an instrumental part of my spiritual journey. I attended meditation classes and studied Reiki levels 1 & 2 taught by Lais. These courses helped me to discover and develop my psychic and mediumship qualities. Her guidance and mentoring has also given me a deeper understanding of my connection with spirit and brought me closer to my qualities as a healer.
Lais has a natural ability to tune into her students at a higher level. She has a profound connection with the world of spirit which allows her to create an ideal learning experience.
Thank you Lais!!
Pat Agnew
Sep 7, 2015 by Pat Agnew
Meeting, receiving and sharing with Lais is an amazing experience. She has enriched my life in many ways.
Jun 16, 2015 by magician
I attended guided meditation sessions with Lais, brilliant, very good. I also had a one-on-one Fast Track which was also very good for me. Thoroughly benefited from the experiences and plan to attend further courses.
Lisa  L
Jun 13, 2015 by Lisa L
I had done a couple of one-on-one therapy sessions with Lais-- the fast track therapy was the first one, and it proved to be something that I really needed at that time. I had never done any energy therapy session prior to this. It was very cathartic and I immediately felt more positive and my world just started to open up. I also tried the shamanic healing session a month later and was also very happy with the results. I did the mindfulness meditation workshop of 4 sessions as well and it has done wonders in my life. I feel a greater sense of awareness, understanding, and compassion (towards myself and others).
Lais is like sunshine.She has a warm and soothing presence and definitely has the extraordinary gift of healing. I'd highly recommend a session with her.
Ning W
Sep 28, 2014 by Ning W
I recently attended some guided meditation sessions Lais organized and absolutely loved the experience! The sessions were well-organized, and the group energy was very strong and positive. Lais is a great healer - perceptive and caring. If you don't believe the power of meditation, of energy, of your own body, then you probably haven't lived fully. So give it a try and you'll love it! :-)
Aug 19, 2014 by tempest
I recently enjoyed a massage from 5 continents and loved the experience. I recommend it to anyone who needs a relaxing moment.
Caroline I
Jul 8, 2014 by Caroline I
I know Lais for more than a year now. I first went to see her for a Reiki treatment, which was a great experience and somehow triggered or unblocked my - until then - passive interest for meditations, spirituality etc. Since then I have regularly taken meditation classes with her and also did reiki level 1. Lais is such a sweet person and what I really appreciate is that it all feels so natural, you don't feel like going to see a guru ;) you rather learn that intuition and meditation is part of your daily life. Thank you so much Lais for showing me that just 20 minutes meditating a day make everything better!
Heike Brenner
May 3, 2014 by Heike Brenner
I did some personalised Meditation sessions with Lais and a few Reiki sessions because of a big burnout. What can I say: Reiki gently raised my energy levels again, raised my confidence and the meditations helped me to quiten my mind and to focus again.
She works with a lot of intuition and compassion. Highly recommended!
Johanna K
Sep 26, 2013 by Johanna K
The guided meditation course with Lais was a really great experience. She is a lovely and friendly person with a soothing voice that helps you to disconnect from every-day stress and calms your thoughts. 5 stars!
Karen F
Aug 23, 2013 by Karen F
Lais? Who is she?
She is an Angel, She is a gift, She is a 'lei' (HAwaiian flower necklace), She's precious, She's lovely, gorgeous, friendly, she got such energy to share and above all, she's Happy;-)
Thank you for the amazing healing experience...
Alefiya S
Jul 23, 2013 by Alefiya S
In my search for a guided meditation course, I discovered Lais’s website, enrolled in the four-week course and booked a Reiki session with her.

My first meeting with Lais and experience with Reiki was transformational. I felt energized, lighter and could think more clearly. Lais is an incredible healer who radiates kindness, compassion and light. She has helped open the waters to the most inspiring, challenging, colourful and positive journey.

I have done Reiki levels I and II with Lais as well intensive meditation workshops, magnet healing and EFT. On the way, I have met interesting people, shared incredibly “energetic” experiences (!) and made some wonderful friends.

Thank you, Lais, for sharing your gifts and showing so much Love.
Nina  Nagy
Jul 12, 2013 by Nina Nagy
I participated in the guided meditation and I can highly recomend Lais. I am a beginner at mediatation but I found it really easy to concentrate and follow the technique at home. She has a great intuition and is a great teacher. I have used some of the meditation techiques to help me achieve what I wanted....and it worked :)
Silvia Battocchio
May 15, 2013 by Silvia Battocchio
Lais showed me another way. I had been introduced to Reiki already but I just felt it was not right, and when I learnt Lais was giving and teaching Reiki, I had the intuition I had to try again. And I was right!
Lais brings that depth and warmth to it, taking you by hand and letting you explore this unique dimension with genuine passion and enthusiasm. I did Reiki 1 again and then 2 with her plus the intense meditations and I can really appreciate the benefits this brought to me.
When I have little physical problems or I just feel down, I give myself Reiki follwing Lais "school" and I can really see the difference. But the most amazing thing is that you can also help other people, you get that sensitivity to others' physycal, spiritual or mental state and you can contribute to make them feel better.
And you are reminded of little important principles like the importance of not judging, embracing all our relationships and life with love - you know, those things that at the end can really make a difference in your life :)
Fred S
Feb 22, 2013 by Fred S
If you feel stressed or tense Lais is the person to see. I had around 4 Reiki treatments and 2 EFT treatments so far and the results have been far better than I hoped for. I already slept like a baby after 1st session, and gradually became more and more relaxed after each session. The best thing about it is that her treatments are covered by my complimentary health insurance!
Nov 12, 2012 by Joliene
I attended the 5 week guided meditation course hosted by Lais, which I found very beneficial and peaceful. During the course I found true inner peace and discovered several techniques that can be used to relieve stress levels. The environment was very friendly, open and supportive.

I would definitely recommend Lais’s meditation course to anyone.

Namaste day!!
Oct 7, 2012 by asaf
I can only agree with the previous comments about Lais. I took part in her five-week meditation course and found it wonderful. In fact, most of us decided to continue the course after the five weeks as we loved it so much! It has been great to try out different types of guided meditations and therapies, and the group has a lovely atmosphere.

Lais is a warm, intuitive and extraordinarily gifted person and healer. I will definitely continue both her meditation sessions and her reiki courses and treatments.
Sep 18, 2012 by Maeva
Where to start?...Meeting Lais has been such an amazing blessing on my path....if i remember well, the first time we met, we experienced such a mutual sense of human connection...and in less than 5 minutes, all social barriers were gone to start a soul to soul dialogue...This is what Lais brings in this world, the Power of Connection...Connecting others, with each other, and help you connect with your inner world, your soul, your wisdom, your healing powers, so that you can start feeling Light, Happy and deeply grateful for the Life we feel and have...

Meeting Lais is never a coincidence...This is like a magical butterfly and fairy who brings Joy and Happiness...and Be Happy Now is true...she will help you be HAPPY NOW....

Enjoy the ride....
Natalie  M
Aug 31, 2012 by Natalie M
By happy coincidence, I recently took part in Lais’ 5 week meditation course and am delighted to have done so. The environment is genuine, supportive and a lot of fun. The group has become an enriching presence in my life and the sharing of the time and meditations with this group of women is very precious. Lais has a wonderful presence and brings a beautiful light energy to the group along with her catchy enthusiasm, her warmth and her generosity. I have also received Reiki from her – a surprisingly deep, calming and healing experience. If you are considering joining her group or receiving Reiki from Lais – I can only recommend you give it a try. Keep an open mind, and you may be pleasantly surprised.
Aug 23, 2012 by Ana_Izq
I attended Lais' 5-week course on guided meditation and healing and I found it absolutely amazing. The premises are soothing and quiet, the decoration is appeasing and Lais is a fantastic guide / teacher. She is warm, genuine... and very patient! :)

I also attended her Reiki 1 course after having received two excellent Reiki treatments from her. I found the course extremely good and I really look forward to doing other courses with her.

I am very glad I met her and I would definitely recommend her if you need an energy therapy.
Amanda D
Jul 4, 2012 by Amanda D
I recently had an opportunity to try Reiki with Lais and I absolutely loved it! I left the session feeling completely relaxed and at ease, which is exactly what I was hoping for.
To be honest, I did not know much about Reiki before I met Lais, but after having a few discussions with her, she seemed incredibly knowledgeable about the subject so I decided to give it a try. She has a very lovely personality and you can tell she loves what she does, which means that I always look forward to seeing her.
Within two sessions, I could feel that my levels of fatigue had been addressed and that my energy levels were higher than they have been in a long time. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is interested or curious about this kind of thing!
Christine D
Jun 18, 2012 by Christine D
Impressed by the positive reviews, I made an appointment with Lais and enjoyed my first Reiki session ever - I knew nothing about it before trying and was neither sceptical nor a hard believer in reiki .... just very open-minded!
The result was deep relaxation and a very positive, pacified and energetic feeling at the same time. That night, I felt quite tired and went to sleep early ... and I slept like a baby, probably my best night sleep since months !!!!
Additionally, I could feel some beneficial effect on stomach pains I had had for a few days, though these did not immediately 100% disappear.
So yes, I agree with the other reviewers, reiki with Lais is definitely worth trying!
Tatiana L
Jun 11, 2012 by Tatiana L
I'm not really skeptical about any of these kind of treatments; I quite enjoy them from time to time! I believe that they may surprise you. After all, energy is all around us.
I was actually in pain and discomfort for several years, on and off, and decided to see if Lais could help me at all. Not only I am better now but I also understood what the problem was and I can now work on prevent it!
If only for the feeling of relaxation and ease - you must try and meet her!
Jun 9, 2012 by Nicole2606
Working as an engineer and being very practical and down to earth, I had never heard of Reiki before trying. And I have to honestly admit I was a bit sceptical about it at first. When I was in a stressfull period I decided to give it a try on advice of a friend and see if it would benefit me. I was very surprised by the results after the first session already as I noticed I had much more energy doing my sports later that day; it def. returned part of my energy again and I felt much more relaxed.
Without a doubt I can recommend Lais to anyone for her therapies & treatments. You can feel she is very passionate about her work and that shows in her professionalism and extensive knowledge in the field, and more importantly her going above and beyond to actually help her clients improve the quality of their lifes. She is very committed to her work and her personal approach differentiates her.
She has impacted my life very positively! And I will definately continue doing sessions with her.
noelle gall
Jun 7, 2012 by noelle gall
My initial skepticism around Reiki has completely disappeared after my first session with Lais. She not only is a wonderful person who makes you feel very comfortable, but also an excellent therapist. I felt already much better after my first session like a heavy burden or veil had been lifted…

As a very down to earth Economist ;) for me the proof of the pudding is in the eating. As such, I would highly recommend her! Her Reiki treatment had a positive impact on my wellbeing!!
bertrand hubert r
Apr 8, 2012 by bertrand hubert r
I had the opportunity to meet Lais for a reiki treatment and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic by the result I had. I can recommend her if you need an energy therapy.
I thought I would do an update, since I saw her one week ago.
I actually feel incredibly and extremely well and free, feeling I didn't had that last 7 years.
I'm definitely glad to have met her.
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