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Learn French Geneva by the Swiss Language Academy SA
58 Reviews
Categories:  Education  >  Adult Education
Keywords:  French teacher


website: http://www.learn-french-geneva.com
Learn French Geneva was founded in Switzerland in 2010 and is today one of the most important language training organizations in Switzerland, with a presence across the country for multiple languages. Thousands of private clients and employees of both large and small companies, institutions and government offices have benefited from the LFG method.
The Swiss Language Academy comprising Learn French Geneva, Learn French Lausanne and Learn French Neuchatel recently expanded into Lucerne, Bern, Basel, Zurich and surrounding areas and collaborate with over 100 trainers throughout the country. Highly qualified native teachers provide language and communication training with the help of learning materials especially developed by LFG for easy French language acquisition and self-training.

We tailor our classes to your needs, at any level and based on the customer’s level of expertise. Helping you to learn the way YOU want! For children, teens and adults alike.

What makes us different?
• 1-on-1 individual in person tutoring
• Semi-private lessons (1-2 people in a group)
• French courses for companies: Group courses - Private courses - Executive coaching
• Online lessons (various platforms- Zoom – Skype – Messenger- Wire)
• Real flexibility: any day/anywhere Monday to Sun, from 8am to 9pm, with Skype follow-up
• Intensive training (up to 5h a day)
• French and German exam prep (DELF-DALF, FIDE/ TCF, Goethe-Zertifikat) and Swiss citizenship exam prep
• Specialty French vocabulary and French communication: themed lessons based on business, legal, financial, medical, culinary and construction work
• Writing classes to master the art of written communication (letters, emails, CV’s)
• State of the art website for autonomous practice (over 3’000 exercises covering comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, at your fingertips)
• A smartphone friendly tool to practice and improve quickly learn
• Affordable rates and monthly payment plans
• Satisfaction guaranteed: you can change trainers if need be.

Try our online free language test on https://www.learn-french-geneva.com/test_level/. Meet our awesome international team members https://www.learn-french-geneva.com/meet-the-team.php and https://learn-any-language-switzerland.com/team-members.php and get your 20 mn free trial! (on demand and availability)

For more information, please visit our website https://www.learn-french-geneva.com and newlingo website www.newlingo.ch
Member Reviews (58)
Joshua A
Oct 17, 2019 by Joshua A
I had Marise Aline tutor me French twice a week for around 1 year. It has been a really positive experience and I would recommend the same for those interested.

Marise is a wonderful tutor who has a mastery of many different languages. She is patient, attentive, and intuitive. She will tailor classes based on your interests or needs, and goes out of her way to ensure you have the smoothest possible integration into Swiss culture and society. She also makes her classes interesting by teaching you Swiss historical facts, giving you something to talk about to friends outside of the lesson.

Above all, Marise is a wonderful person. She is kind, understanding, and empathetic. It was a pleasure spending 3 hours a week with her, she really made me feel comfortable talking to her in French despite my limited ability. For this reason alone, if you are nervous about taking on a new language, don’t be. Marise has given me the confidence to try and she will do the same for you.
laurien schroeder
Jun 19, 2018 by laurien schroeder
We were so very lucky to have been put in contact with Marise Aline who has been teaching my 3 children and myself every week over the past year. Her experience is vast on all fronts of teaching and she adapts where necessary in every situation. She is always in a happy and positive mood and extremely creative in her teaching. Having 3 children of different ages (14, 12, and 8) and genders, Marise knows how to keep them interested and learning by adapting every lesson to their level and personality. It's been truly impressive! The children actually look forward to their class and have progressed a great great deal in their French. Marise is a true linguist who goes the extra mile every time. We truly love her and are so grateful our paths have crossed! It goes without saying we highly recommend her.
Richard Steyne
Jun 18, 2018 by Richard Steyne
I was delighted to have been put in contact with Marise Aline who, in the space of 3 months, has convinced me that not only is learning French possible, but also enjoyable.

She is very dedicated, passionate, patient, competent, punctual and experienced linguist and ensures that all lessons are bespoke and tailored to my particular needs. As such, I can highly recommend her for anyone seeking to find a private tutor, and in particular, for English speakers wishing to learn French.
Karen R
May 8, 2018 by Karen R
I took an intensive course with Anouche and am glad to have improved different aspects of my French, especially written. After years of not moving forward, the course helped me rediscover or even learn new rules and opened up the grammar doors again.
In addition, their vast website is very instructive and practical and allows you to delve deeper into whatever points of the language you want to concentrate on. For me, having a tutor and personalized lessons was very useful and necessary.
Violet S
Sep 21, 2017 by Violet S
I found Anouche to be very professional, experienced and friendly. Her teaching methods are interactive and effective. I would recommend her to anyone. Enjoyed her classes.
laura s
May 3, 2017 by laura s
Nadia is an extremely competent, well- humored and organized teacher. Nadia’s French lessons are the best I have had in Geneva (and I have tried a few schools). The time passes quickly, as she has a very student-centered approach and I feel like I have improved a lot and gained confidence in speaking.
Maria C
Apr 18, 2017 by Maria C
I had been taking group classes for two months before I started taking private classes with Anouche. My French improved really quickly in the period of one month because Anouche made it really easy to transition to French from my native language. I would recommend her to anyone, her classes were great!
Rosemarie  N
Feb 5, 2017 by Rosemarie N
I saw a short contract in Geneva as an opportunity to improve my French speaking, and Anouche has been great at giving me the confidence to speak in everyday settings - as well as identifying and filling gaps in my knowledge. As well as the lessons, you get access to online exercises, audio, videos etc. Anouche finds other ways to engage me, for example with literature to read over the holidays. I appreciate that she comes to me, which saves me lots of time.
Now that my contract is extending, I will book in more time with her. I want to make the most of this opportunity to live in a (more or less) Francophone city and have such excellent lessons.
Robert B
Dec 7, 2016 by Robert B
One of my biggest challenges with language lessons is managing around a busy work schedule. I have worked with one of the instructors (Anouche) of this school for the past 10 months and found the experience to be extremely accommodating and flexible with scheduling. More importantly, the lessons are comfortable and tailored to what you want to learn without any pressure – its’ all up to you to put whatever amount of time you can dedicate to learning. If you want a grammatically technical approach, they can provide that. If you want to just get casually conversational very quickly, they can accommodate that approach as well. I would recommend this school to anyone because they tailor the experience to what you want and take a consultative approach in shaping your experience.
Juan A
Sep 30, 2016 by Juan A
50 hours of training with Anouche that helped me bringing back all the French I had lost after many years of not practising. State of the art learning tools and very flexible teaching approach, which made the experience very rewarding. Thanks for all the work.
Joel L
Jul 31, 2016 by Joel L
I have been really impressed with the materials and methods used by Anouche to teach French. Although I have been a 'beginner,' taking only one class a week since the late spring, her preparation has given me confidence that I now have a sufficient 'base' to handle consecutive-day intensive sessions to make faster progress in learning the language. I also appreciate that Anouche has been very flexible, working with me in person and through Skype depending on my travel schedule. I plan to keep working with Anouche until my assignment in Geneva comes to an end.
Dean  Lockett
Jun 30, 2016 by Dean Lockett
This is the best way to learn French: One-on-one with somebody that knows how and what to teach and caters for your level and required learning process. They come to you. And I am enjoying the learning process and the language.
John Cole
Apr 26, 2016 by John Cole
I have just started intensive lessons with Anouche and am thrilled. I took French all the way through school, but that was a very long time ago so I need someone to help me to unearth it, which Anouche has done handily. She has significant experience and has designed a teaching method that makes sense and appears seamless between grammatical principles. She styles herself more of a coach than a teacher, which I think is a good way of understanding her style, but I would emphasize that she is an excellent teacher nonetheless. For me, her style of explaining why things are done the way they are in French is superior to the approach of simply memorizing rules. She is organized and well-prepared. I recommend her, and her teaching method, highly.
Åsa H
Feb 26, 2016 by Åsa H
I am taking french lessons with Anouche and I am very happy with her teaching methods. Anouche explains in a clear way and connects to languages that I know and yet, try not to move too rapidly until the "base" is there. She is very professional and has answers to all my questions. You can tell she has a lot of experience in teaching. I also appreciate that she corrects you in a "good way" ; meaning that her way of commenting does not discourage me to practice my verbal skills (even though I am expressing myself incorrectly many times). She goes step by step and senses the level very accurately in my opinion. I also appreciate that she is professional and respects time. If she is 5 min late, she will let you know! I can strongly recommend Anouche.
Daniela Martinez
Feb 4, 2016 by Daniela Martinez
I've been taking french lessons with Amandine and I love it. The course is very active and dynamic, which is great to be able to concentrate after a whole working day. She has prepared lessons according to my needs and has helped me improve my confidence, apart from improving my grammar. Amandine is also friendly and punctual :)
Newman Leech
Nov 4, 2015 by Newman Leech
I truly enjoyed the first 10 lessons with Anouche. The process to book & arrange lesson times proved simple and efficient. The teaching was appropriate to my level and has assisted me enormously in my ability to converse and understand my colleagues at work. I have no hesitation in recommending Learn French Geneva to the community.
sharon w
Sep 30, 2015 by sharon w
I would genuinely recommend taking french lessons with Anouche at Learn French.
Catered to the individual she's plans the entire program to your specific needs.
Very professional and yet fun to do, wish I had found a teacher like this sooner!
Emily F
Aug 12, 2015 by Emily F
I would highly recommend Anouche and Learn French in Geneva for anyone interested in improving his/her language skills. The company was very responsive to my correspondence and within a day or two of my initial email I was able to begin my classes. They were great about accommodating my schedule and desire to take early morning classes. Anouche is punctual, professional, and courteous, and she is an excellent teacher. She takes time to explain things in a manner that makes sense to me based on my knowledge of another language, which means I am more likely to remember things for the long term. The online resources that the student is able to access are vast and make it easy to do work between lessons to continuously improve. I only wish I had started with Learn French in Geneva and Anouche sooner!
Greg Arnold
Mar 17, 2015 by Greg Arnold
I would highly recommend Johanna Rakotonarivo for French lessons. She is friendly, professional and was very considerate of timing issues. She was a really great tutor for our 13 year old son.
Nov 1, 2014 by hay_
Mr TArndt , I see you are back with your negative reviews :) I am surprised that you find time to slander our name repeatedly, even during your work hours, but none to study French. One again, I publicly inform you that depsite the fact that the deadline is LONG overdue, we offer you to take your lessons at your choice of time and location, even during your traditional lunchbreak, as it was the case when we started, and if I am well aware, your personal situation was already complicated and we had already accomodated your needs then. I hope you will take our offer up, because, apparently, you are not complaining about our teachers or the quality of our method, which I gather you are happy with, but complain about school policy, that we cannot change. All my best, Anouche Karaman, CEO of Learn French Geneva
Oct 31, 2014 by tarndt
I took French classes with Learn French in Geneva, yet unfortunately my experience were very negative.

After I prepaid for 10 classes, I was unable to take any of these classes due to personal reasons, and asked for a reimbursement, minus administrative costs.

They refused to reimburse any of money already paid (1050 CHF), instead offering to extend the time frame in which classes can be taken, even though they are aware of my personal situation.

While this may - or may not - be perfectly in line with their terms, I am quite astonished by the lack of passion and business behaviour. I strongly recommend potential future customers of "Learn French in Geneva" to consider this business behavior, and existing customers to reconsider their engagement with this company, given that there is a range of highly recommended schools existing in Geneva.

After I published this review originally the company posted a review requesting Glocals to "take this review down, as is it an outright lie" (my original review, which matched the wording of the above text, was removed by Glocals following a request by the company). The owner of the company also contacted me by email and stated that "I will file a complaint with glocal for publicizing a lye and your boss for wrongful accusation".

You may want to consider this type of business conduct when deciding about which service provider you select to learn french in Geneva.
Amy Soska
Oct 2, 2014 by Amy Soska
I found Anouche to be very professional, flexible and friendly. She clearly has a lot of experience and was able to quickly and accurately assess my level, then offer tuition which was appropriately challenging, Her prices were very reasonable.
Samantha W
Aug 25, 2014 by Samantha W
We take joint lessons with Sandra. She is very friendly and professional. She travels to your home and is always punctual. The lessons are very informative and they have a great online system. It its very convenient as she travels to you at a time that is suitable. They also give you access to the reading material included in the cost. We have really enjoyed our lessons and would really recommend.
Chris B
Aug 19, 2014 by Chris B
Very convenient to be able to book a lesson for when suits you the best. Also very convenient that the tutor assigned is selected based not only on a compatible schedule, but on your self-described level. My teacher, Igor, has been great. Conversations with him are helpful and informative. He is very enthusiastic and he sets homework that doesn't feel like homework. I can't think of another class where as homework, I'd have to write a short essay comparing Formula 1 in the 1980 to Formula 1 today!
Ommi M
Jan 15, 2014 by Ommi M
I got in touch with Anouche looking for a French teacher for my 5 year old daughter. She got us in touch with a Alessandra Ginsburg, who lives only in 5 minute walking distance from our house in Coppet. We were extremely pleased with Alexandra and her teaching methods. With vast experience in teaching France to children she connected instantly with our daughter and conducted the lessons in a playful way through fun assignments and ingenuity. As a result our daughter learned very fast and is much happier at school and in every day live. Thank you very much Alexandra and Anouche!
Zeynep N
Jan 8, 2014 by Zeynep N
She is excellent teacher. I fell myself very lucky. She is very professional and she has very different and intelligent teaching style. I never get bored. I am really enjoy during lesson. I highly recommended Anouche as a Teacher.

Also She is so kind, she has a sense of humor , she is brilliant and she has great life vision. I am so happy to meet to her :)
julia kalinina
Oct 5, 2013 by julia kalinina
I’ve learnt 3 languages during my life and I'm very happy that I met Anouche! As long as I have mathematical mind it’s very important for me to see all the picture and the structure. As she has finance background it is very easy for me to understand the logic! The teaching process is very good structured and everything is easy to remember! Also very helpful that Anouche speaks 10 languages! So she makes links for me to other languages for better understanding! She offers individual approach to each student!
Anouche is a great person! My previous year was full of events and somehow she found time for me!
I like my lessons, I would recommend this brilliant teacher to my friends who need to learn French fast and effectively. My level was zero when we met and on the first lesson I could read in French and I’ve learnt counts from 1 to 100 for 1 hour! She gives so much confidence! It’s so important when you are learning language, especially French!
Rene Ford
Oct 4, 2013 by Rene Ford
I really appreciate the variety offered in my lessons with Anouche, it's not just reading from a set book, but a diverse range of language tools. The student website is also a rich source of useful information which links sources that could be otherwise difficult to find on your own and match to your level. I feel like I am making real progress - definitely the best company I have used.
Juliane S
Sep 17, 2013 by Juliane S
I am really enjoying my lessons with Priscilla. She is very patient and an excellent teacher. In five lessons I have learned so much, and am confident that with her help I will be able to speak passable French in no time. She is always exactly on time to arrive at my apartment, and the lessons are well thought out and very relevant to my ability and needs. Highly recommend Learn French Geneva and Priscilla.
Priscilla C
Sep 15, 2013 by Priscilla C
It has been a real pleasure to work with Anouche.She's very professionnal and friendly.
I have benefited a lot from her training to be independant French teacher.She provides an effective teaching very close to the reality and her method of work is very useful and interesting because it prepares you very well for any student. I can propose rich and various lessons of high quality and adjust my teaching with students'need and levels.Thanks Anouche for sharing your rich experience, for introducing me to your contacts and for your warm support.
Charlene Watson
Sep 6, 2013 by Charlene Watson
We've had a great experience so far with Anouche. She has been able to tailor our lessons to both my needs and that of my partner despite us both being at different levels and I am confident that we will continue to improve our French with her.
Niklas B
Jul 8, 2013 by Niklas B
Amazing french teacher, especially for grammar! You might think that french grammar sounds intimidating and therefore you "just want to learn conversation french", you are probably wrong. You can't learn to speak any foreign language properly without the grammar and once you realize that Anouche is a great choice! Of course lessons also involves other things and are tailored to your wishes, but she has a deep knowledge and true passion for french grammar. I've gone trough basic french grammar twice before in classroom settings, but with Anouche is the first time I understood it properly and actually enjoyed (mostly). If you want a real french teacher and not just a native speaker who teaches french then I can't recommend Anouche highly enough.

She's also a great coach for your own learning so that you can make the most of the time between lessons.
Charlotte H
May 23, 2013 by Charlotte H
Anouche is a great teacher, patient and understanding. Lessons are always tailored to your needs rather than a rigid course structure. She managed to 'unblock' French Grammar so it didn't seem so impossible to remember, something I thought would never happen. Added to which she is such a nice person how can you not enjoy learning a new language. I would highly recommend her and personally cannot thank her enough !
Kamilla N
Feb 13, 2013 by Kamilla N
I would highly recommend Anouche as a French tutor. I have found her to be experienced and effective. Her method of teaching (with the use of various internet resources) stipulates independent work. I have also highly appreciated her professional attitude to her work, flexibility, and dynamic personality. Anouche is definitely one of the best French language teachers I have worked with. Kamilla
Berrnard S
Feb 3, 2013 by Berrnard S
Anouche is a great find! She has a unique talent to explain french grammar in such a way that you will not forget. Her online database with exercises is extensive and will definitely help you with your French adventure. I am truly amazed how much i have learnt after only 4 lessons. I highly recommend Anouche.
Abdul A
Jan 28, 2013 by Abdul A
I am very happy that I found Anouche, for me the lessons were fun and not boring, she is very smart and have everything in her website, amazing ways of grammar teaching , communication is gr8 replying to the emails very quickly ... , nice character we used to laugh and have fun, relax and easy going. Highly recommended.
Many thanks Anouche and all the best
Gunnar Engellau
Dec 12, 2012 by Gunnar Engellau
Best french teacher, ever. As I work fulltime, the flexibilty shown and the structure of the lessons were fantastic. I highly recommend Anouche. On top of everything, she actually made learning grammar fun....amazing!!!
Angela b
Nov 1, 2012 by Angela b
Never thought taking French lessons could be so much fun! The lessons are totally adapted to my individual needs and presented in such a flexible method that I enjoy the classes very much which makes me learn much quicker. Highly recommendable!
Jun 28, 2012 by Innocenceltd
Anouche is great teacher, she really helped me advance my French (and took only 10 hours of classes so far). I liked the flexiblity of the course, which was tailored to my needs rather than using a rigid structure, the methods, using various online sites with great exercises and the fact tha Anouche could come to my office, which saved me a lot of time. Anouche is very professional and knows what she is doing. She is one of my best language teachers and a great person. Not only she helped me gain confidence in my French, but also it was simply a pleasure taking lessons from her. Thank you, Anouche!
Bilge Balci
Jun 10, 2012 by Bilge Balci
Anouche is a great teacher to advance in French language. Her method is very flexible, but highly effective. She observes your needs and gaps first and then she puts together an effective, encouraging and interactive course schedule. I have started to feel more confident with French. I could even say that I have started to enjoy French with her. I highly recommend her for your adventure with French, she is the best in her field...
Maite Nieto
May 30, 2012 by Maite Nieto
Anouche is extraordinary teacher and extraordinary person. She not only adapts to your needs and help you in the most amazing fun way for you to learn but also help you with lot of practique information. Very professional and extremely organised, she has her own method, quick and effective. I trully recommend her to anyone wanted to learn french. I wish I could find one like her in german!
Melissa P
Mar 6, 2012 by Melissa P
Anouche is the teacher for you. Her teaching method has three unique advantages. First, she will come to you. (You won't have to fight traffic or jostle people on the bus to learn French.) Second, she uses cutting-edge internet tools to create stimulating lessons. Finally, she uses targeted feedback to address your unique needs. I recommend Anouche and wish you the best of luck in your French studies!
Mar 5, 2012 by kenster
Happy to have had Anouche as my teacher since she was able to explain clearly and succinctly any of the language constructs that needed explaining as well as quickly adjusting pace and level according to my strengths and weaknesses. Thank you very much!
cristina sichel nucci
Mar 2, 2012 by cristina sichel nucci
i'm Italian, mother of 2 girls going to public school in Vandoeuvres since jan 2010.
i was desperate, i mean desperate, to be able to communicate with their little friends and to their mothers, but i never found the right language school or teacher.
i never studies french in my life, and i must say that i didn't feel like taking a grammar book and sit down to leran....then Anouche arrived!!!
and incredible but true she was able to teach me how to speak , how?
i still have to figure out since i never opened a book.
Her method was just the perfect one for me..
She is so skilled that after the first meeting she was able to exactly structure the classes in a way that after only 5 months i can communicate and understand french, and even more.... i want to speak french.
We are using video, internet, online exercises, movies, but her real secret is that she is an extremely intelligent woman, and you cannot get bored with her....so if you ever tough that you cannot survive a 1to1 class in a new language for more than 1h30m....then you are wrong....there days that i have to jump out of my chair and run to get my kids in school because i'm late.....
If you want to learn or improve your french, she is the one, i have no doubt about it....
Murielle  S
Jan 29, 2012 by Murielle S
I can't recommend Anouche highly enough to anyone who wants to learn or improve their French, for any purpose. Everything in the above description is 100% accurate, and some. Her resources are endless, tailored to the max, she is professional and efficient. She is strict, in the best way and motivates and encourages when it's needed. I worked with her to prepare for a French language assessment exam at Geneva university. Anouche's tutoring has been invaluable in my preparation.
Eloise  P
Nov 15, 2011 by Eloise P
Flexible, fun classes and a huge range of teaching materials including oral clips, video and on-line exercises, all in the comfort of my own home. What more could I ask for? I recommend Anouche. Merci beaucoup!
Catherine  de Vries
Nov 15, 2011 by Catherine de Vries
I really enojoyed taking French classes with Anouche. She makes learning French easy and fun. She develops a personal learning program using internet clips, excercises and books. Her classes and times are flexible and geared towards your individual needs. Also, she always makes sure to encourage you when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. I can really recommend her as a teacher!
Neon Aquarius
Sep 7, 2011 by Neon Aquarius
She is absolutely brilliant teacher, helped me a lot in improving my pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. She could specifically point out my mistakes and the areas where I needed to improve and then provide me appropriate solutions . It was really a very personalized coaching and mentoring from her, precisely what I was looking for. In addition, she has a huge database of websites and teaching material on which I could work myself and then show it to her for feedback.
thank you Anouche, you were brilliant.
Pascal J
Jul 29, 2011 by Pascal J
Anouche's profile and reviews set high expectations - does she meet them? Absolutely!
Anouche provided the structure resources and support for me to improve my French at my level and in a way that suited my particular needs.
I can highly recommend Anouche as someone who will make your learning time productive and if you can commit to a little study alongside your time with Anouche you may be surprised at how much you learn and how quickly!!! Merci Anouche.
Maggie L
Jul 13, 2011 by Maggie L
Anouche is well qualified, experienced as well as passionate about her work. She develops curricula based on your individual needs using a multitude of various resources. The course work is not just limited to textbooks but she also integrates technology with lesson modules. The time spent with her is high quality content and she will even offer to tutor you in your own home. She will teach you the fundamentals to help with practical everyday scenarios such as professional interactions or trips to the market. Anouche has my recommendation.
Vera M
Jul 7, 2011 by Vera M
Good lessons - very versatile teaching methods including grammar, listening/reading comprehension, and writing. Anouche can customize topics to fit your needs & interests.

Very convenient for working profesisonals because Anouche can come to the office in the mornings or during lunch.

Jun 18, 2011 by RJoker
Very nice teacher of French, very pleasant and kind. She perfectly speaks both French and English. She has plenty of exercises for any demand (writing, communication, grammar, vocabulary, etc). She can work privately or with a little group of people. A useful "feature" - she is ready to come to your place instead of you coming to hers. And the last but not least: her lessons are much cheaper than the lessons proposed by teachers from language schools like IFAGE or University of Geneva.

Basically, I was studying French with her privately for a month and then for several months together with my wife. We've progressed a lot! In the beginning my wife didn't really speak French, but now she is able to quite easily communicate with our french friends.

So, if you need a (semi) private French teacher to improve your skills we definitely can recommend her.
Fernando S
Apr 14, 2011 by Fernando S
Anouche is a great teacher and try to gather the best materials to make our class worthwhile. She knows a lot about languages and is able to connect the dots between the French language and your own's!
Ned Lawton
Apr 11, 2011 by Ned Lawton
Excellent French teacher. Having a lesson with Anouche is SO much better than going to a group lesson. The challenge is to find something that she cannot explain! For me this means that I can improve much faster as she can fill in the areas in my knowledge which are missing, without taking me right back to a beginners level.

My French is really improving, along with my confidence. If you need to find a French teacher then I can thoroughly recommend her.

Kari T
Feb 21, 2011 by Kari T
Anouche has been able to improve my French skills very quickly. After the first couple of lessons, I already felt much more confident when using French in speaking and in writing. And after a few lessons more, I have started to understand many fundamental structures of French, which has quickly taken me to the next level.

She combines different methods very nicely: discussion, reading, exercises in Internet, which makes it fun. Balance of these is tailored to my needs.

This is by far the most efficient approach I have experienced: Anouche comes to our home (which saves time for me). More importantly, I get her full attention. This is very different from a regular language course, where you get maybe 5-10% of teacher's attention.
Nov 8, 2010 by kimberlywyso
Anouche has been an excellent teacher. I appreciate her professionalism and philosophy of teaching the French language by using what you know of your first language. The resources that she has shared are helpful and target different areas of learning, from exercises to reading articles. She also includes and element of translation and pronunciation to every lesson. If I ever have a question or want to work on a certain topic, she is always willing to accommodate. I most appreciate the fact that she is flexible and willing to travel to meet me at my home. I highly recommend Anouche as a tutor and have learned more in one hour a week than I did with my Migros class that met 4 hours a week.
Mary M
Oct 4, 2010 by Mary M
Anouche is an excellent teacher. She speaks english and french fluently and she is very easily understood. I found i can make further progress with her tutoring me and providing me with outside activities to strengthen my french at a much more rapid pace than i am achieving in my french classes. She has helped me understand more than i have been able to with my french classes. She is very professional and can very quickly assess your needs and move you forward. I really enjoy my time with Anouche and feel i am finally making real progress. You will be very happy to find her!
Sep 12, 2010 by Kayew
I feel very lucky to have found Anouche to help me with my French. She speaks many languages, and understands linguistics and the challenges one might have with the fine nuances of a foreign language.

The fact that she is mobile is alone worth her hourly rate. And the intensity of one-on-one or small, tailor-made classes makes her the best deal around.

She is a serious teacher who is flexible enough to work with your individual needs and style, thus encouraging you to make strides on your own. For me, we tend to do exercises on the computer, with her concentrating on my weak spots and pronunciation, I write something once a week for grammatical correction and style, and we have a day of casual conversation. Also, you will have a couple of books to work from (if you choose) and can bring in your own material.

After having taken intensive classes at Ifage, I can say that taking classes from Anouche is a much more useful and progressive way to spend your time and money learning French.
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