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8 Reviews
Nano: plug in to well-being
Previously Isha Hata Yoga]

Learn the ancient science of yoga in a way that is easy to grasp and relevant to modern lifestyles. Be equipped to bring yoga into your daily routine, without being dependent on attending a weekly class. Practising yoga for even a few minutes a day can bring profound changes to the way you think, feel and experience life!

Nano brings you the teachings of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (see www.sadhguru.org), a living enlightened master with a difference. He is as comfortable on a motorbike as in a loincloth, alone in a cave and addressing major global forums such as the UN, MIT or the World Economic Forum.

He designed a 21 week intensive live-in teacher training programme, which established yoga as a live process within each teacher. This is the basis of Michelle’s certification. In addition to this, Isha Hatha Yoga teachers have upgrade sessions once or twice a year, where their practices and teachings are checked and improved upon.

“Yoga is not just talking about twisting our limbs. It’s about determining who you are. It is a technology through which you can change the very fundamentals of one’s existence.” Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (www.Sadhguru.org)

There are many aspects to the yoga you can learn with Michelle, including asanas, kriyas and mantras. Uniquely in Switzerland, she teaches the wonderful practices of Bhuta Shuddhi (a cleansing of the 5 elements within you) and Surya Kriya (the original potent practice from which Surya Namaskar, or the Sun Salutation, was derived).

According to your inclination and the changes you would like to bring to your life, Michelle will recommend the practices that will suit you best. As well as the main programmes of:
* Asanas
* Surya Kriya
* Angamardana
* Upa Yoga
* Aum chanting and Mantras

you can choose from the selection of well-being modules which have a focus on particular aspects:
* spine strengthening
* body strengthening
* weight reduction
* cardiac strengthening
* attention and memory
* corporate achievement
* corporate relaxation
* rehabilitation (e.g. post heart attack)
* balancing
* pregnancy
* children’s yoga
* restricted mobility
* jet lag
* cleansing
* spiritual
* devotional

“I want you to know the power, the liberation, of another kind of science, the inner science, the yogic science, through which you can become the master of your destiny.” - Sadhguru
Member Reviews (8)
sonia w
Sep 29, 2014 by sonia w
Amazing lady, so kind and peaceful, she transmits so much peace and harmony.
chevre k
Feb 11, 2014 by chevre k
High professionalism & superb dedication leading to well being and balance. I started practicing Suryja Kryja in quite stressful time of my life, and its impact to my health and emotional balance in following half a year is incredible. I highly recommend finding few weekends to learn it, if you are going through hectic times with a lot of pressure.

Hata Yoga aims for more than physical well being, yet physical improvement comes as side effect. Few months of practice were extremely helpful for my back. As well Hata Yoga made tangible things which seem a bit (or very) abstract before, as energy channels, for ex. I start my practice wearing long-sleeves something, but after preparatory 7 mins of simple asanas I get rid of it straightaway and keep going with no-sleeves shirt.

I took two weekends Surya Kriya Programme, which supposed commitment from participants, 100% beneficial with Michelle’s efforts. As she was taught yoga in India, her approach differs from this of “locally made” trainers, not only in terms that she can teach unique programs, but the way she transmits the knowledge.

She is very attentive both to the group and to each student individual “struggle” with asanas, completely focused to the feedback you need to get to improve. I was amazed by the level of concentration she has and the amount of questions she would be answering before the course for you to be sure that you are doing exactly that practice of yoga, which will correspond your needs in life.

The best thing about the course is the result. Obviously, maintaining the practice is the hardest part, but the one which I was hoping most for. And this is where one can feel how dedication of the teacher can be a profit for a student. Only when starting practicing by myself I could really see the value of the great intensity which is put in those hours, Michelle gives you as a teacher.

After her course yoga just stick with me and I got the unexpected energy and hunger for the practices. Investing few weekends of my time I gained the practice that I maintain (or better say that maintains me) for few months already and it keeps to open up its benefits.

During correction session that Michelle is providing if need to ensure you are going the right direction I had a new chance to see her expertise and impressive attention to the smallest details.

Priceless value for the price!
jonas gajendra
Nov 1, 2013 by jonas gajendra
I went on a Surya Kriya course with Michelle, which was just fantastic. The class was a very nice experience. It was very well organised, calm and relaxed but at the same time fresh and exciting like a playful spring breeze.

I honestly don‘t know what you could have done better. It was definitely close to perfection. The atmosphere with the spray of flowers, the incense sticks and the videos of Sadhguru was magical. In that atmosphere, in the presence of Michelle and the other "masters," time just flew. After the class, I felt fresh and energized.

The practice is a blessing of another kind. It liberated me in many ways... Being a student, who studies at university and just sits all day on a chair, I was always looking for some physical activity. But I was always looking for something more profound than just jogging or swimming. Surya Kryia has helped me a lot. 

It makes you very fit and gives you a lot of energy but gives you also a sense of inner well-being and relaxation. So you get energized and calm at the same time. It made my whole body a lot more flexible, straightened my spine, strengthened my back muscles and did many other wonderful things to me. It also helped me to sit more comfortably in a cross legged position. So, because of that and the flexibility I am now able to do my other practices and meditations way better.

The pace with which I got results was quite impressive. Even on the first day of the class when we did only a part of the practice, I felt a feeling in me which almost made me cry. I have not felt so good in a long time. And it just goes on and on.... when I just sit on the bus, it surprises me every time how comfortable my body feels.

Michelle was a very nice and professional teacher. She is very intelligent and has a lot of compassion and patience even with the laziest students like myself ;-) and always has a very warm smile on her face and helps with all kinds of questions. Maybe she is the best teacher I’ve ever had... Even in this short time I learned so much from her beyond the practice. I learned things about food which changed my everyday diet for example. I bow down to her!

So I can highly recommend everybody coming to a Surya Kriya class with Michelle as fast as possible.  I definitely will!
Olli K
Oct 11, 2013 by Olli K
My experience with Isha yoga started in London. I was somewhat sceptical at first, as I tend to be about many things. To my surprise, I found Isha programmes to be very unique and offer very unique and deep benefits.

I am very glad that now there is a way to connect and learn in Geneva and Gaillard area. I took the Isha Hata Yoga workshop with Michelle in June. It was very well-organized and taught in a very professional, dedicated, mature and caring way. I felt challenged and pushed, yet with plenty of guidance and attention.

The Hata workshop provided me with an overview of a number of asanas which can be incorporated into one's practice. Though I do not currently practice Hata, the workshop helped me substantially in improving certain elements and asanas I use for my other Isha practice, having much improved my experience.

I also enjoy the yoga-related gatherings sometimes taking place under Michelle's initiative. They tend to include guided meditations or another practice and end with a potluck dinner. I feel somehow refreshed and energized, ready to continue facing the daily life and excelling as possible.

I definitely recommend Isha in general, and taking a class or a workshop with Michelle locally!
Belinda W
Sep 26, 2013 by Belinda W
In Octobre I had the pleasure to take a Surya Kriya class with Michelle. The way Michelle teaches yoga is very professional and dedicated. I have been taking yoga classes for a few years now but have never before experienced such a perfectly organised and well teached classs.
I am practicing the Surya Kriya every day and the benefits I am getting out of it are difficult to put in words because there are so many...
"The first two weeks were a bliss..it was the same feeling when you are falling in love, but this time you are in love with everything...my son was a bit worried, he was asking me often..."Mummy why are you crying?". For him it seemed I had tears in my eyes. He was happy when I told him, that it is because of the yoga practices. He mentioned as well, that I am not getting upset that easily anymore. I also feel a lot calmer and balanced".
If you want to be happy every day, I recommend you try a Isha Hata yoga programme with Michelle and practice...you will experience it too!
Andrea C
Sep 23, 2013 by Andrea C
It was a pleasure to work with Michelle in organizing a Yoga workshop. She is very organized and loves what she does. She puts lots of thought into detail and is compleatly dedicated to producing a quality end result. Defiantly not your "run of the mill" yoga teacher. She believes what she teaches is not just "stretching" but that yoga is indeed a practice of the mind, the body, and the soul. For a deeper understanding of this ancient art, I would highly recommend Michelle.
Jul 3, 2013 by frizzflo
I'm currently doing Angamardana with Michelle and am thoroughly enjoying it. It's one of the more dynamic 'programmes' which suits me as I love sport. I really enjoy getting the personal guidance she gives during the class and feel I'm improving every session. I have to admit it's nice to see a friendly face once you've struggled through something you know you're going to have to work at too! I also leave feeling energised at the end of every class. I'd highly recommend following a programme with Michelle :o).
Diana G
Jun 30, 2013 by Diana G
I did a workshop with Michelle recently and think the yoga she teaches is very powerful. It's about depth and feeling at home with yourself. I've done a lot of different kinds of yoga in the past and this one is very slow and profound. Things happen that you don't expect. I can highly recommend it. Let yourself try it if you feel the connection. Diana
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Michelle Mayes
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Michelle Mayes
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