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2 Reviews
The best priced computer electronics shop in Geneva, serving all of Switzerland with free shipping! If you don't see it on there website you and always ask if they can get it.

Friendly English speaking staff.

Best prices! Open on SATURDAY till 4pm!!! the rest of the week until 7pm!

I love this place!
Member Reviews (2)
Dec 7, 2010 by Zonker
I have gone to this store a few times, mostly when Prodimex doesn't have something in stock, but their prices are equally good and their store is nice.

I have two problems with this place

1. On their website, they have different colored icons to indicate if a product is in stock or if it'll take a few days to get it in stock. Naturally, a green icon means it's in stock, right?! Nope. That means available within 1-2 days. Green icon with a checkmark means it's in stock. That is so unintuitive that I've gotten caught by that at least 2-3 times.

2. My son bought some travel speakers for his iPod. Took 'em home and tried 'em out. There was a small noise disturbance, like a hissing or crackling. Barely audible, but it was there. Earphones - nope. So it was the speakers. Some internet research showed that it was a common defect with this model. Took it back the *next* day to get a refund. Seemed pretty cut and dry: product defect, symptomatic for that model - refund.

They gave us such a hard time. First, he said there is no defect. Then, he said, we'll exchange it for the same product. He brought it out, same defect, and he still wasn't going to refund our money.

In the end, he finally did, but it shouldn't be that hard.

(ummm, Mr. Jaz, keyword "Popcorn Hour"?)
Dec 7, 2010 by wanessa
Bought several times with them. Lots of products in stock or delivered in 2-3 days, and really good prices.
Posted By:
Jason Ellison
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