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"Mummy, will there be a planet when I am forty?"
Sunday, April 4th, 2021 @ 20:00
Google Meet, Lausanne
When my then eleven-year-old asked me over dinner “Mummy, will there be a planet when I am forty?”, left me grappling.

Like most people, I make my imperfect gestures – recycle, rethink my transport and consumption, clapping Greta, while wondering if they are effective.


David Attenborough’s “A life on Our Planet” (On Netflix)


gives harrowing predictions that make my child’s question relevant


While many organisations ponder or set goals without firm steps, he also gives concrete solutions using current technology:

1. Renewable energy – windfarms, solar farms
2. Protecting sections of the ocean to allow fish stock to rebuild
3. Stopping deforestation, replanting forests and using already cleared land for products such as palm oil
4. Reducing meat consumption and using more efficient farming methods
5. Population control through education

These are not small measures, finite, nor guarantee a positive answer to my child’s question, but as a parent who cares, it seems to me, as naïve as it might seem, to write to world governments and respectfully request measures suggested by Attenborough be taken.

I propose we form a group of those interested in writing to world governments, approaching different geographical regions requesting these steps be taken.

Who is with me?

Given current conditions, initial meetings would be via Google Meet. My intention would be to keep email to a minimum and keep discussions until the allotted meeting time.

Pariticipants would need to send their email address to my inbox by 17hr Friday so I can set up a meeting (groan online meetings - but that is our current reality)

Kids and families welcome to join in.

And yes, I have sat on this, thinking it naive, but to do nothing is criminal, and then I read "Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do" - Voltaire.

Website drafted.

See you then
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ElizabethMH H
Posted Feb 28, 21
ElizabethMH H

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