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...! Red & White BBQ !...
...! Red & White BBQ !... Picture
Thursday, August 1st, 2024 @ 10:00
Ch. de Chauchy, St.Prex (near Morges) >, Lausanne
Never been before? All info is below, cheers. (Max = 50 ppl)
...! Red & White BBQ !...
Thursday, 1st August = Swiss National Day *, St.Prex, Vaud

...All day, as from 10am > lunch / afternoon BBQ > swimming & having fun in the water + sunbathing + 'After-Eights' challenge.

Open 2 EVERYONE FRIENDLY, visibly wearing the national colours (RED & WHITE colours; T-shirts + jeans/shorts etc.)!

Bring what you want / need (food for the grill & drinks) with smthg GOOD to share (NO endless packets of chips/biscuits, please)!

BBQ down by the lake on the GE side of St.Prex (near Morges) and we'll be on the grass under the trees, near the water's edge, as from 10h00

BBQs burn until late afternoon ...Feel free to come when you like...

WHERE?: The street name is: Chemin de Chauchy (look at the pics from previous years). You can park in the school courtyard or alongs the streets.

- COMING by CAR: Best get off the motorway at Aubonne/Allaman (due to the endless roadworks) and follow the lake road to St.Prex. At the 2nd set of traffic lights (dir. Lsn), turn right, go down the steep road and park in the school's playground, or anywhere else near. There is also parking at the Sports' Hall (Lausanne side of St.Prex) + Look at the pics from the past few years...

- COMING by TRAIN/BUS: From the COOP near the (snail) train station in St.Prex, cross the roundabout and head for the lake. In the old part of the village, turn right and start walking towards GE, you'll see the school and a hill going up. We'll be on the grass, under the trees by the lake.

(*) In 1291, the cantons of Uri, Schwyz & Unterwald signed a mutual pact of assistance and Switzerland was born... and it's a day-off for everyone!

(**) If anyone can help out with real BBQ sets, bring them along. From previous experience, 1 BBQ set is needed for 20-25 ppl, as not everyone wants to cook and eat at the same time. Usually we need about 4.

Previous years' summery BBQ-Activity pics:
2007 (Geneva): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photos/13666/
2008 (Geneva): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photos/16535/
2009 (St.Prex): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photos/21507/
2010 (St.Prex): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photos/27818/
2011 (Lausanne): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photos/37186/
2012 (St.Prex): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photos/47359/
2013 (St.Prex): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photo_album/60842/
2014 (St.Prex): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photo_album/71183/
2015 (St.Prex): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photo_album/79398/114685.htm
2016 (St.Prex): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photo_album/87355/120123.htm
2017 (St.Prex): http://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photo_album/94793/126096.htm
2018 (St.Prex): https://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photo_album/100384/130807.htm
2019 - didn't happen, but
2020 - did: https://www.glocals.com/photos/events_photo_album/108987/

Hope the weather will be good!
Cheers! :o) JT.
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