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Book 104: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler
Book 104: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler Picture
Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 @ 19:00
MLC Librairie Café, Rue de Carouge 98. 1205 Geneva., Geneva
This month's book is "The Big Sleep" by Raymond Chandler, which will be presented by Philip.

Chandler was one of the most influential figures in American literature and this was his first, probably most famous, novel, and the first in which the now legendary Philip Marlowe appears.

(I believe that I am also required by law to describe this novel as "hard-boiled", whatever that means.)

Themes for discussion include morality, judgement, violence, masculinity and sexuality.

Bonus Challenge: Try to read it without hearing Humphrey Bogart's voice in your head.

If you’ve read it, come along and discuss it in an atmosphere of curiosity and good humour.

If you haven’t read it: no problem! Come along anyway. Our meetings always include a detailed overview of the book, its author and its main themes so there’s plenty to talk about.

Geneva International Book Group meetings are culturally diverse, open-minded and friendly. Everyone is welcome and attendance is free of charge. (But please buy a drink from the bar.)

The meeting runs from 7pm to 9pm, after which we will continue the American theme by going for pizza nearby.

Bonus Info! The book for June will be Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

How to get there.
MLC Librairie Café, Rue de Carouge 98. 1205 Geneva.

From the Augustins tram stop, walk 3 to 5 minutes (depending on your gait and anxiety level) towards Carouge. The café is at an angle on the right, almost opposite the IFAGE building.

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