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Insurance Guide


Health Insurance

Health Insurance - Basic (mandatory)

  • Who needs it: Anyone  living in CH, by law. New arrivals have 3 months to get it, before risking problems. 

  • Covers: This long list of basic health needs (Basic Health coverage is defined by law, and is therefore identical among all insurance companies). It doesn't cover (among other things) damages from accidents & dental care.   

  • Typical monthly premium (for adults age 25-35): CHF 200-350. What effects your Basic Health Insurance premium

  • See actual premiums here (links to comparis.ch)


Allianz can show you different Basic Health Insurance options

so you choose the right one for you. But Allianz is legally not allowed
to offer discounts on Basic Health insurance.

Contact the glocals agent at Allianz:

Mr Loic Genoud
076 615 52 75
[email protected]







Health Insurance - Complementary

  • Covers: You can get complementary health insurance for nearly anything out there. Popular complementary insurances include:

    • Choose your own Hospital

    • Get private room in Hospital (instead of room with 3-4 other people)

    • Get world-wide coverage

    • Dental care

  • Stopping Complementary Insurance: Contracts are signed for 1-5 years (depending on the company), and can only be broken when finished or when you leave Switzerland. So read the fine print!

  • Can an insurer refuse to insure you? Yes. Insurers will look at your health record before deciding if to take you on as a Complementary Health client.


Allianz gives glocals members 20% off Complementary Health Insurance

Contact Mr. Aymeric Brossard, the glocals agent at Allianz:

Aymeric Brossard
+41 (0)78 696 46 50
[email protected]






Accident Insurance (recommended, mandatory for working people):

  • Who needs it: Recommended for everyone. If you work more than 8 hours / week, then by law your company has to get & pay it for you (you'll see it in your monthly salary slip). 

  • Covers : Health costs / damages caused to you by accidents, on or off work.

  • Typical monthly premium: CHF 30-50 (for adults age 25-35).

  • Switching Accident insurer: Like Basic Health, you can switch Accident Insurance only at the end of each calendar year, if you inform your insurance by Nov 30 of your wish. Your new insurer will be happy to help you with the process...(-:

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