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Insurance Guide


Personal Liability & Contents Insurance

                                                  (Also called household insurance)

Landlords will require you to get a liability & contents insurance before renting a place to you.

The household insurance covers your personal liability for damages done to others (i.e.: damages done to rented apartment) and the contents of your household against theft, fire, water damages, etc.

Usually combined in one contract (liability and contents) you may get these separately but it will cost you more than in a single contract.


Personal Liability (or 3rd party liability)

    • Covers you as an individual (single person) or a family (people living under the same roof)
    • Does NOT replace the mandatory car liability insurance!

For example, you scratch the floor of your rented apartment when moving furniture or you leave water running and flood your neighbor’s apartment, or your dog bites someone, or your child injures another child.

Contents Insurance

    • Covers your personal belongings (laptop, tv, furniture, clothes, bikes, etc…) against theft, fire & natural hazards, water damages.

For example, someone broke into your apartment and stole your electronics, jewels and valuable items, or your handbag / luggage / phone was stolen at restaurant, airport, in a bus/tram/train (theft outside option), or your Christmas tree decoration/candle burned down your apartment and all your belongings.


Insurance Options

Glass breakage: Covers things made of glass (table, mirror, oven…) or building’s windows.

Theft outside: Covers your personal belongings outside your home.

Valuables/jewel insurance: Covers your expensive items individually (jewels, piece of arts, collectibles) against additional damages such as breakage, or loss.

Watch out for underinsurance! Pay attention to insure your contents based on its replacement VALUE AS NEW to avoid being underinsured. You will lose more money in case of claim than the marginal savings done on the insurance premium.

Typical Costs:
Price will mainly depend of your insured contents value and if for a single or family cover.
Price usually ranges from 250.- to 400.- per year.


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