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Insurance Guide


For any questions plus 15% off all Insurances: 

glocals.com recommends Allianz because:

1. They're a trusted industry leader.  

They are among the 3 biggest global insurers, with over USD 100 Billion sales / year.

2. They give 15% discount for glocals members
Valid only when contacting Aymeric - the glocals agent at Allianz - and not at any other Allianz agencies.

They provide great personal service in English
Aymeric, our agent in Allianz, speaks English and French.

4. They offer all insurances under 1 roof.

What ever you need - they got it.



Contact the glocals agent at Allianz:
Mr. Loic Genoud
078 615 52 75
[email protected]

Speaks: English + French



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