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Tax Savings via 3rd Pillar fund

'3rd Pillar' is an optional pension fund (1st pillar and 2nd pillar are mandatory ones). You can put up to CHF 6566 into it each year.

It's highly recommended because: 

  • What you put in it is 100% tax deductable (CHF 2000 / year tax saving, in average) 
  • It offers attractive interest rates, so you get a real nice package at retirement
  • You can pull the money out before retirment if you leave CH, buy real estate, or open a business

Ask your agent about 3rd Pillar with a Insurance Company vs with a Bank

You can get 3rd Pillar with a an Insurance Company OR via a Bank, and the conditions are different. Ask your advisor for full details, but here's the short non-complete version: if you get 3rd Pillar with an Insurance Company then it includes Life Insurance and usually comes with a higher interest rate. But it also means that if you need to pull out the money before 5-10 years of savings, you'll be penalised more that with a Bank. So if know you'll be in CH for a short while only, you should consider the Bank option. If you think you might be here longer term, the Insurance-Company option might be more interesting. Ask your advisor for more details.

For more details about 3rd Pillar,
Contact the glocals agent at Allianz:

Mr Loic Genoud
076 615 52 75


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